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Tottenham Hotspur Clean House, Dump Coach Juande Ramos

For some reason, I like Harry. I think that he'll keep them up this season.

posted by blarp at 12:43 PM on October 26, 2008

NFL TV Distribution Maps

I recall seeing a similar thing a few years ago. It didn't use google maps, but it basically color-coded the US map in the same way.

posted by blarp at 09:45 PM on September 03, 2008

NBC to Stream NFL games live on the Internet this season.

yes fucking US only because the rest of you can watch "SOCCER" and tell us all how "that" is "real" FOOTBALL, Um, what?

posted by blarp at 10:19 AM on July 27, 2008

NBA Trademarks 6 Possible names for Oklahoma's team...

I agree it should be 'Marshals'.

posted by blarp at 10:54 PM on July 26, 2008

NBA Trademarks 6 Possible names for Oklahoma's team...

The Marshalls seems alright to me. Not great, but not painfully stupid like Thunder and Wind.

posted by blarp at 08:23 PM on July 26, 2008

Ring it up! Celtics crush Lakers for 17th title

Hell yeah!

posted by blarp at 08:57 AM on June 18, 2008

Junior Mint: The enduring popularity (and ubiquity) of the 1989 upper deck Ken Griffey Jr. Card

It's probably the most thinking Geideman ever did compiling a checklist, save for the 1992 Upper Deck set when he assigned numbers that ended in 69 to players with porn-star-sounding names. (Dick Schofield at No. 269, Heathcliff Slocumb at No. 569, and Dickie Thon at No. 769.) Awesome. It's too bad Rusty Kuntz wasn't playing in 1992.

posted by blarp at 11:03 PM on June 02, 2008

WuChess: Where hip-hop meets chess.

Interesting. I'd sign up for kicks, but there's no way I'm shelling out $48 to do so.

posted by blarp at 11:00 PM on June 02, 2008

Arsenal's Eduardo Da Silva injured in outrageous tackle, possibly ending his career.

Here is a picture from a few milliseconds later than the above picture. And here's a video of the tackle. Can't quite tell how bad it is from the video, but the snapshots at the end show the damage. Nasty stuff.

posted by blarp at 03:28 PM on February 23, 2008

Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Well, that sucks.

posted by blarp at 06:50 PM on February 14, 2008

Jason Kidd traded to the Mavs.

I can't believe nobody has mentioned the "thunder from down under". All hail Luc Longley!

posted by blarp at 12:22 PM on February 14, 2008

World Press Photos of the Year.


posted by blarp at 11:41 AM on February 09, 2008

I own part of a football team

See also this and this.

posted by blarp at 12:13 AM on February 02, 2008

Isiah Thomas found guilty in sexual harrassment case

Here's the Sports Guy's take on the matter. Some good reading in there..

posted by blarp at 01:19 PM on October 03, 2007

Mourinho Departs from Chelsea

Phooey. I liked him. I wonder who they'll replace him with.

posted by blarp at 09:18 PM on September 19, 2007

Stephen Ireland busted for lying.

Oh, no, he meant his divorced grandfather's partner had died. Umm, nope. So now it turns out he was spending time with his "lonely" girlfriend. LMAO. Gee, I can't imagine why he'd want to spend time with his "lonely" girlfriend after she had a miscarriage.

posted by blarp at 07:36 AM on September 15, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quarterback returns!

On second thought, I guess "returns" has to do with his current column title instead of his return to ESPN. Feel free to ignore me!

posted by blarp at 09:40 PM on August 07, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quarterback returns!

Not sure what you mean by "returns". He was writing his weekly column last year on page 2 (as can be seen in the archive).

posted by blarp at 09:35 PM on August 07, 2007

We bid you a fond Adu.

Adu could've gone to a European academy when he was 14.

posted by blarp at 09:51 AM on August 02, 2007

CONMEBOL not pleased with U.S.

I am sure that Everton would have been delighted for Howard to gain more international experience in preparation for the next EPL season. I disagree. Everton would be at a real disadvantage if he got injured in the 3+ games that he'd be playing in.. that far outweighs any experience he'd get.

posted by blarp at 03:55 PM on July 05, 2007

CONMEBOL not pleased with U.S.

The EPL season is over now. Howard would not need to be released to play, only during their season would he need permission. As far as I understand, you're wrong. Since this is not a regional tournament for the USA (as opposed to the Gold Cup, which was), the clubs are under no obligation to release their players, regardless of whether they're in season or not. For the European players, especially, their season ran for 9 months, and then they played in the Gold Cup. I think they deserve at least a little rest before getting back to training camp in the next few weeks.

posted by blarp at 02:33 PM on July 05, 2007

Thierry Henry Bound for Barcelona

I can't believe TH is leaving England. I always loved watching him play. I wonder who Arsenal will bring in as a replacement. Is Arsenal still part of the "big four" in England?

posted by blarp at 03:39 PM on June 23, 2007

Euro transfer speculation gathers pace

Looks like Bent has rejected the move to West Ham..

posted by blarp at 09:13 PM on June 14, 2007

Down in one

I thought I might get to see the video of the hole-in-one. Oh well.

posted by blarp at 04:13 PM on May 26, 2007

Chelsea Win Play Off For Third Place.

For what it's worth, the Liverpool v Milan game kicks off at 20:45 Central European Time on Wednesday. That's 2:45pm on the US east coast, so 1:45pm central.

posted by blarp at 12:15 PM on May 20, 2007

Gretna make history with third title in a row

From non-league to the top division in 5 years - that's quite impressive. It should be said that there has been quite a bit of money behind their success, but, still, it was spent wisely! I wonder where they'll play their home games next season. I believe that their ground isn't up to SPL standards..

posted by blarp at 02:51 PM on April 28, 2007

Newcastle wants England FA to pay more for Owen injuries.

I vaguely remember Mark Cuban making a bunch of noise (I know, shocking) about his players potentially getting hurt during some sort of international tournament a few summers ago.. (Maybe the olympics, maybe some other tournament, I don't recall.) Will the increasing costs help return international sports to amateur status? Would this be a good or bad thing? I haven't thought very much about this, but I never really understood the allure of amateurs competing internationally when there are better professionals around.

posted by blarp at 04:56 PM on April 20, 2007

Suspected Knee Ligament Damage for Beckham

Thanks, Texan. When I read it, I was actually thinking of Common, which yerfatma linked to.

posted by blarp at 10:12 AM on March 06, 2007

Suspected Knee Ligament Damage for Beckham

sap_basis, do you have any idea what you're talking about? Beckham has been playing well the past few weeks. And who the hell is "Common"?

posted by blarp at 06:38 AM on March 06, 2007

Suspected Knee Ligament Damage for Beckham

Seriously if this turns out to be serious it could derail the whole Galaxy deal. I don't understand. He's signed the contract, hasn't he? What could go wrong?

posted by blarp at 02:39 PM on March 05, 2007

Rugby: a hooligan's game played by gentlemen.

For what it's worth, here's the broadcast of the Chelsea/Arsenal skirmish.

posted by blarp at 04:06 PM on February 26, 2007

Chelsea does YouTube deal.

Sweet! As a football fan in general, this is great, and as a Chelsea fan, this is even better.

posted by blarp at 03:37 PM on February 16, 2007

Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season

I don't think you'll hear any complaints about this from Chicago, Minnesota, or Detroit... Killing his team's chances so that he can break some records? Nice.

posted by blarp at 04:24 PM on February 03, 2007

NFL Won't Let Church Show Game

Wow, my 61" TV is illegal to watch the Super Bowl on? How idiotic. Assuming that it's in your home, which is a private residence, then no. It's not.

posted by blarp at 12:23 PM on February 02, 2007

Legend, legacies at stake

I sure wonder how Manning will play...

posted by blarp at 01:09 PM on January 21, 2007

Final 3.

For what it's worth, "Final 3." is a pretty useless post title for my RSS feed..

posted by blarp at 10:51 AM on January 16, 2007

Beckham makes it official.

Here is an explanation of where the money's coming from, according to an editor at the BBC. $10 million salary per year, plus a stake in the club.

posted by blarp at 08:53 PM on January 11, 2007

Beckham makes it official.

The $250M isn't quite clear. It's not that LA is paying $250M per season. My understanding is that in Europe, Beckham didn't own his own image rights, whereas in the US, he will. So this $250M is likely counting endorsements and whatnot. And when it's viewed like that, it's much less ridiculous (but still somewhat ridiculous). This msnbc story lists the world's best paid athletes, counting salaries, winnings, and endorsements. For comparison, Tiger earned $87M last year.

posted by blarp at 02:22 PM on January 11, 2007

Laces OUT!

Grammatica signs up for sexual reassignment surgery I don't get it. Can someone explain?

posted by blarp at 08:26 AM on January 07, 2007

Freddie takes the first step toward the EPL.

I'd say he has a much better chance with ManU than he would with Chelsea.. (though I agree it's a very small chance) It'll be interesting to see.. people have been talking about Freddie going to Europe for a while. I think it's nice to see that it might actually happen.

posted by blarp at 11:16 AM on November 21, 2006

Club orders Bulgarian player to get married

He just needs to find a woman like Andrei Kirilenko's wife..

posted by blarp at 07:26 PM on October 29, 2006

Cech has skull surgery after in-match collision.

Leaving the question of intent aside, I'm surprised that Hunt didn't even get a yellow card for that. He was completely reckless.

posted by blarp at 11:58 AM on October 16, 2006

Court case to end international football?

I don't see how this could end international football. My understanding is that the English FA will compensate clubs for players who are injured while on international duty. I would have assumed that this was the case for other countries - apparently, it isn't. Perhaps that will change. But the end of international football? Pretty rash conclusion, if you ask me..

posted by blarp at 09:54 AM on October 13, 2006

Tiger Woods promotes his own video game

This is definitely one of Simmons' better columns of late. Too bad he didn't pitch the idea of "Black Caddyshack". I think Tiger would've liked it.

posted by blarp at 08:43 PM on October 12, 2006

Police Examine Barton's Backside.

trox - Thanks for the podcast link. Something new to listen to while I'm out and about.

posted by blarp at 07:11 PM on October 03, 2006

Madden Jinx?

BornIcon - What, exactly, does the "Madden jinx" do? Apparently, it's not a season-ending injury, because Eddie George was fine. But he was "never the same player again". That's what the "Madden jinx" does? Or, maybe, the Madden jinx is a complete coincidence. People are dying for there to be some connection. There isn't one that I can see. There's a correlation based on a very small sample (and the correlation is debatable because people keep changing the meaning of the "jinx"). And, as we all know, causation does not equal correlation. For you to say that I'm "not even close" is way off base.

posted by blarp at 09:59 PM on September 26, 2006

Madden Jinx?

Umm, what jinx? Ray Lewis did fine. Eddie George did fine.

posted by blarp at 08:41 AM on September 26, 2006

Ben Roethlisberger Action Figure

Damn, looking at that Malarchuk picture actually made me light-headed. Yikes.

posted by blarp at 04:03 PM on September 25, 2006

The Curse of the Orlando Magic

I swear, it seems like every year, before the season starts, there's talk about how Grant Hill is coming back, ready to shake off the injury that slowed him down last season. And then every year, around Christmas, he's injured and done for the season. It just has that SNL skit feel to it..

posted by blarp at 12:17 PM on September 21, 2006

NBA's Dirtiest players

Reggie Miller?

posted by blarp at 01:51 PM on September 14, 2006

If it quacks like a duck...

Blood alcohol level wasn't disclosed? According to the front page of, it was .233.

posted by blarp at 01:50 PM on September 14, 2006

How good can it get?

(Decided to erase my comment..)

posted by blarp at 03:43 PM on August 30, 2006

Patriots' About-Face Crafted By Owner

Branch didn't play nickel on D. You're thinking of Troy Brown.

posted by blarp at 02:38 PM on August 27, 2006

Liverpool Crouches to 2-1 Charity Shield Victory

Couldn't find anything on YouTube as of this writing. There's some stuff now: Match of the Day highlights. Hopefully Chelsea will find their feet soon! :)

posted by blarp at 09:48 AM on August 14, 2006


I was less than impressed with Rivaldo's antics against Turkey in the 2002 world cup.

posted by blarp at 07:47 AM on August 10, 2006

Cricket explained from an American perspective.

See also here, (including the first comment). :)

posted by blarp at 10:29 AM on August 04, 2006

NFL Refs

tieguy: That is terrifying. Perhaps I'll check it out again!

posted by blarp at 10:24 AM on August 04, 2006

NFL Refs

There's ""? And they really talk about uniforms? Wow.

posted by blarp at 10:00 AM on August 04, 2006

Tour de Fake?

Mmm.. moose burgers..

posted by blarp at 01:32 PM on July 27, 2006