September 14, 2006

NBA's Dirtiest players: NBA analyst Charley Rosen breaks down the dirtiest players of all time.

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Not a big surprise, but my beloved Piston "Bad Boys" are given the dirtiest team of all time distinction. Despite their undisputed league-wide hatred at the time, I've had many non-Detroiters hesitantly admit that they enjoyed watching the bad boy era Pistons. There was a car wreck on the highway ghoulishness to it all even for Bulls fans.

posted by gradys_kitchen at 11:41 AM on September 14, 2006

Where's Karl?

posted by graymatters at 12:25 PM on September 14, 2006

they left Larry Bird off the list?

posted by Debo270 at 12:28 PM on September 14, 2006

Yea!.......where's Carl????

posted by bo_fan at 12:37 PM on September 14, 2006

He does make an appearance although it is in the latest news section on the left: Ex-NBA star Malone accused in lawsuit of offering bribe Still dirty after all these years.

posted by gradys_kitchen at 12:53 PM on September 14, 2006

Kobe never showers and he's not on the list?!?

posted by irunfromclones at 01:34 PM on September 14, 2006

Reggie Miller?

posted by blarp at 01:51 PM on September 14, 2006

....No Ron Artest? Stevie Francis??

posted by marinersrule12e at 02:53 PM on September 14, 2006

Im afraid to even go here.... but no MJ?

posted by Kendall at 03:38 PM on September 14, 2006

I'm kind of glad that he put the X-man and Anthony Mason in there, but neglected to mention Charles Oakley. Oakley was a rough physical presence, and he always fouled hard (sometimes very hard), but it was within reasonable parameters. I didn't know about Isiah's stepping on feet. That's not cool at all. Great post.

posted by psmealey at 04:50 PM on September 14, 2006

Charles Barkley????

posted by LaKeR4LiFe at 04:54 PM on September 14, 2006

I heard Nocionni stinks pretty bad. Did I miss the point?

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 04:58 PM on September 14, 2006

ah, kendall, how do you figure MJ was dirty? hard charging, and, yes, he got away with some no calls, but he didn't throw low blows, didn't trip others, didn't head butt, didn't throw any punches or bang chests and sure didn't play dirty. Maybe you should just stay in Cleveland.

posted by hoglegs69 at 08:15 PM on September 14, 2006

No Rick Mahorn ?

posted by Spike at 08:23 PM on September 14, 2006

Where does John Starks fit in?? I'm surprised Bill Cartwright hasn't been mentioned. Didn't seem to use elbows regularly, but at those key moments.... I think the only reason Anthony Mason and Xavier McDaniel lasted in the league as long as they did was for their thug antics.

posted by t money at 10:11 PM on September 14, 2006

Kermit Washington should never be forgiven for nearly ending Rudy Tomjanovich's life, not to mention his career! At least Rudy became a pretty good coach afterward.

posted by nflhou02 at 06:12 AM on September 15, 2006

No Rick Mahorn ? I think Mahorn would be included under the Bad Boys.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:33 AM on September 15, 2006

I'm just glad Stockton got mentioned. He was a dirty little bastard his whole career, one of the most underhanded skunks to ever play the pro game. I was also happy to see Isaiah's squirrely little ass put up there, too. The commentators of his day fawned over him like John Madden proclaiming his man-crush on Brett Favre, as if he could do nothing wrong, but he was a total crook on the floor.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:46 PM on September 15, 2006

No Shaq! I mean come on, the man runs over guys, pops em in the jaw and rarely gets called on it because the refs might get run over the next time he runs down the court!

posted by kidrayter2005 at 12:29 PM on September 16, 2006

Hoglegs69... MJ actually admitted to grabbing onto guys trunks, and often using other methods to get defenders out of his way. I don't know if I can get a clip of the moves being used, or the interview, but I believe it was on 60 Minutes, when they displayed MJ's bnasketball camp, and went inside the Air Jordan corporation. I never said that MJ wasn't a great player, or took away from his legacy, but he did get away with some things for many, many years. Maybe he's not list worthy, but he did get away with numerous dirty moves, and often got calls to go his way. About the going "back to Cleveland" thing, I really don't know how to respond. I think ill just ignore your stupidity for now- I don't really have time to argue with a moron. Besides, even if I did.... its really not worth my time.

posted by Kendall at 02:24 PM on September 16, 2006

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