January 04, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk...football?:

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Wonderful game, and my congrats to a very good Kansas team and fans. However, I still think Missouri got hosed in the BCS. But, Kansas did the Big 12 proud, not like the overrated and inept Sooners, who can find more ways to lose BCS games (and always beat the Mizzou Tigers) than any other team since the selection started.

posted by Nakeman at 10:38 AM on January 04, 2008

Nakeman, As a huge KU fan, i have to admit that Missouri probably should have been in that game. However, as Danny Manning said in 1988: "I don't call it luck, i call it opportunity." KU took advantage of a great opportunity. I'm pumped that they won. The exciting part is that we return 15-16 (depending on Talib coming out early) starters next year, including 10 on offense. Hopefully KU can become a perennial power in football as well as in basketball. It'll be tough to duplicate this record next year though. We'll have to see.

posted by brainofdtrain at 11:07 AM on January 04, 2008

Though the Sooners have lost 4 straight BCS games (including the one in New Orleans to LSU by 7), two have been for National Championships. The other two were pathetic. But, Virginia Tech has also lost four consecutive BCS games. So, lets spread the #$%@@ where it belongs. On both teams. I could give a crap about point spreads or how many you loose by, at the end a loss is a loss. As for beating MU, they are a fine program that took the Razorbacks to the woodshed. But, they lost twice this year and both times were to Stoops' Sooners. I believe that Stoops is now 4-5 in bowl games and that is his only really glaring weakness. But, the thread is about KU and kudos to them for an outstanding game and season. They make the Big 12 proud and I am glad they got in.

posted by Mickster at 11:40 AM on January 04, 2008

Mickster, It is really nice to hear an OU fan appreciate KU's football team. It is actually a bit surreal.

posted by brainofdtrain at 11:48 AM on January 04, 2008

Lets break it down a little further. Kansas and Missouri made the Big 12 North proud. This will do nothing but improve recruiting (which it has already done) for both schools. I think the North will compete well against the South for a long time Side note: Lawrence paper reports Talib and left OT Anthony Collins are holding a press conference Monday to reveal their futures. This can't be good. At the risk of being a homer, ROCK CHALK!

posted by hawkguy at 12:02 PM on January 04, 2008

My username is the address of Allen Field House Lawrence, KS. Great game last night for both teams: Either side could have walked away victorious after special teams, trickery and solid offense and defensive bursts. Dang Russ Grimm's kid hits hard! See you at the Orange Bowl in another 40 years.

posted by 1651 Naismith at 01:03 PM on January 04, 2008

Congratulations Jayhawks!! What a great season. I am a diehard Sooner and you all know of my pain, but hey, we beat Texas and Back to Back Big Twelve Championships isnt too bad. Again though - Great Job Jayhawks, You made the Big 12 proud!

posted by SoonerFan66 at 04:16 PM on January 04, 2008

Great game, and it makes me want a playoff even more. It would be awesome to see the top bowl winners play each other. Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, USC, Georgia, LSU/Ohio St, W.Virginia all would be fine in a playoff for me. I did love the shot of Mangino holding an orange...from the looks of him I doubt he ever ate one!

posted by dviking at 05:00 PM on January 04, 2008

I did love the shot of Mangino holding an orange...from the looks of him I doubt he ever ate one! From the looks of him I doubt that he's ever eaten one of anything. Hey Mickster....I heard a rumor that OU beat MU twice is that true? Isn't it also true that OU's lost 4 straight bowl games? My keyboard prevents me from typing the word congratulations in front of KU but it was a good game and they took advantage of their opportunities and that's what good teams do. Now I have to take a handful of Tylenol and lay down after saying that.

posted by budman13 at 05:09 PM on January 04, 2008

I think the Big 12 showed they have some new teams to contend with from now on. The powers are still there in Oklahoma and Texas but seeing the games MU and KU played hopefully will make the nation take notice. And the TTU game the other night was an awesome comback. Soonerfan66 the only time I ever rootfor the sooners is in the bowl games and NCAA tournaments so I did feel your pain the other night. BTW Did anyone notice the assistant coaches stopping the players from throwing the water on Mangino? I'm guessing they were concerned about the cold water hitting him. I mean he is a good coach and I love what he has done with my 'Hawks but he is a walking heart attack.

posted by scottypup at 05:12 PM on January 04, 2008

So, lets spread the #$%@@ where it belongs. On both teams. posted by Mickster at 11:40 AM CST on January 4 Your right Mickster, but dammit, I sick and tired losing to you guys. I'm getting up there in age and I don't have much in my life. What really hurts, is my wife has her grandchildren, so I don't really count. To make matters worse she a Oklahoma fan- her brother lives in Muskogee (is that spelled right). I didn't want to take away from Kansas' win. Which was great for all the Big 12 and I'm really glad to see them do great this year. Just wanted to touch base and say I'm sorry for trashing the Sooners.

posted by Nakeman at 05:19 PM on January 04, 2008

"Nakeman" ...........What?????

posted by Tinman at 05:32 PM on January 04, 2008

scotty, I'm with you on the assistant stopping the gaterade shower...cold water on that guy is just asking for a cardiac arrest.

posted by dviking at 06:31 PM on January 04, 2008

"Bring me a bucket", coach Mangino.

posted by budman13 at 06:50 PM on January 04, 2008

Instead of Gatoraid... Perhaps the kids should've tried to throw a bucket of chicken on Mangino. Just to see if any pieces hit the ground. ;-)

posted by Monkeyhawk at 09:10 PM on January 04, 2008

Hey Nakeman... the spelling is correct and I am very proud of Chase Daniels and the entire Tiger program. I think Maclin is a very special talent. I believe the Big 12 is really getting very strong with OU, Texas, TTU, and even Ok State. I am also very thrilled for the North programs like Missouri, Kansas and I believe that Colorado will be back to winning again as well as K-State. Very tough conference (except for Nebraska - ha). BTW - comment about the bucket of chicken - PRICELESS!!!!!

posted by Mickster at 11:43 PM on January 04, 2008

Yes, Kansas played a great game. Getting players to reach their full potential and play beyond their abilities is not an easy task. It's obvious that they're well coached. @#$%#$@!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to spit out some sour grapes...

posted by canstusdis at 12:31 AM on January 05, 2008

The Orange Bowl committee made their choice. That is how Kansas got there. Not everyone will agree with it, but we'll all live with it. The purpose of the BCS is to match up numbers 1 and 2, nothing more. Don't we all have something more important to worry about?

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Don't we all have something more important to worry about? I don't think most of us are on this site to worry about things; I think we're here to talk about sports. Kansas Jayhawk football and college bowl games fit nicely within the parameters of discussion here, and are certainly worthwhile subjects. If you'd like to hang out with people who worry about "more important things," there's always MetaFilter.

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Thanks, Hand. I do have more important to worry about. That's why I'm here...

posted by canstusdis at 03:10 PM on January 06, 2008

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