October 17, 2007

Former Dallas Cowboy Ron Springs has "no hope" of surviving.: Last Saturday, during a routine operation to remove a cyst from one of his arms, Springs fell into a coma. This happened seven months after Ron received a kidney from former teammate Everson Walls.

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For what it's worth, I spoke with a former colleague of mine earlier today and learned that his wife had been one of Ron's physical therapists. From what he said, Ron has been an amazingly positive person, and she's taking this unfortunate turn of events quite roughly. Obligatory link to Ron and Everson's Foundation here.

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I have met Shawn Springs on a few occasions. I have always been impressed with his spirituality and love for his family and friends. From all I have read and seen his father Ron is a great influence on that and I see where he got it all from. My best wishes go out to the entire Springs family, which includes the Walls family.

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I wish the best for Ron and I hope his family is blessed with peace and patience through these difficult time.

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At halftime of the Giants/Cowboys game that opened the season, Everson Walls and Ron Springs were interviewed about the kidney donation. Though I'm a fan of the Cowboys who followed their era with great interest (and went to the same high school as Walls a couple years later), I was unaware of the story. It's one of the most inspirational stories in sports. I hope Springs' family is right and there's still a chance for recovery. Springs had obvious physical difficulties in that halftime interview but still had a life ahead of him thanks to Walls' gift.

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Ron is an amazing guy. He played 1 year in 1975 at Coffeyville Kansas Community College here in my home town before moving on to Ohio State. I remember him eating dinner at our house when I was a kid. At that time local boosers were allowed to have players over for dinners. He was always a nice polite guy. Even though he only played one year he came back every year or two for the alumni fund raising events and even for many of the big games. We have had many future pros play here but none have supported the college afterwards as well as Ron. My thoughts are with his family and hopefully those saying he won;t recover are wrong.

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I'm a huge Cowboys fan but in retrospect, this is about more than football, this is about life. I just hope that Ron Springs isn't suffering and does recover. My thoughts & prayers are with his family and also Everson Walls for his unselfish act.

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God bless, Ron.

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What BornIcon said. He has been in my prayers. This trancends any team allegiance.

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My thoughts and prayers are with Ron Springs, and his family.

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It's also super-tough for Walls. When you donate, they make you talk to someone about dealing with potential emotions in case the kidney is rejected or something happens to the recipient.

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