September 10, 2006

The Race For The Chase Begins Next Week: Kayne is in, Stewart is out. Check out the top10 for 2006

posted by texasred to auto racing at 07:21 AM - 13 comments

Poor Tony, I almost feel sorry for him.But my guy didn't make it either.I hope Jimmie Johnson can get his 1st championship.

posted by kckurtbusch at 10:00 AM on September 10, 2006

I'm not a big Stewart fan so I don't feel too bad for him. My daughter is a big Gordon fan, but I don't think he will make it to the top. My vote is for Mark Martin. This may be his last season, he is a great racer, he deserves it, & damnit I think he can do it.

posted by Psycho at 10:41 AM on September 10, 2006

Kasey has a lot of momentum right now. He ran very well last night and that usually means you'll run well at Loudon and Phoenix. There is Charlotte, Texas, and Atlanta coming up, that he has won at before. Talladega is a wildcard. Anything can happen there. I see Kasey running strong and in serious contention for the title.

posted by dbt302 at 11:04 AM on September 10, 2006

Kahne. Johnson really has an edge in my mind, no team is as consistent on 1.5 mile and restrictor plate tracks. If Johnson does well at New Hampshire next week, I think the Cup is his. Wasn't NBC's coverage god awful last night?

posted by machaus at 11:23 AM on September 10, 2006

Karma's a biatch, ain't it Tony? I say Johnson takes the whole thing.

posted by ShortyLongstrokin at 12:18 AM on September 11, 2006

Wasn't NBC's coverage god awful last night? NBC always sucks when they cover a NEXTEL race. Too many commercials. I would like to see Junior win a championship. That would be pretty cool.

posted by wingnut4life at 12:38 AM on September 11, 2006

Hey Shorty, you hit the nail on the head with Stewart! I was so glad to see he didn't make it. It would be nice to see Martin take it this year.

posted by Buckfever14 at 08:49 AM on September 11, 2006

I think Tony, even if he had made it, had no momentum so would not have done well. Jeff Gordon if he races like that every week will finish terribly bad, but he has been doing better and richmond has been his worst track the past 3 years. Harvick is my pick.

posted by hendrick5242548 at 10:33 AM on September 11, 2006

I'm not much of a Stewart fan so I am glad someone else got that spot. I do like Johnson, Busch and Harvick..BUT I am pulling for Mark Martin in this one, the old man has been nothing but class his entire career, he deserves a championship on his way out.

posted by T.C. at 12:00 PM on September 11, 2006

My husband is a Stewart fan and I'm a Kahne fan. Guess who has braggin' rights at our house right now? that's right ME!!!

posted by Jackiemama at 03:06 PM on September 11, 2006

I can take or leave Tony the Tiger. I glad Kasey got in there. If Matt Kenseth can keep up his top ten finishes along with a win or two, I think he will take it although it would be nice to see Mark Martin take it also.

posted by usroute17 at 03:20 PM on September 11, 2006

I see it coming down to Kenseth, Johnson, and Harvick. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this is the year that Happy finally lives up to the hype. I'm just glad the Rainbow Warrior made it back into the chase. Near the end of that Richmond race, with all the problems he was having, it was looking bad. As he said after the race, "Man, I'm glad Richmond isn't one of the last ten races!"

posted by The_Black_Hand at 06:23 AM on September 12, 2006

I would love to see Martin win But I think Matt Kenseth will pull it off. He has been very consistant and has a very good pitt crew

posted by Coop4KC at 09:12 PM on September 12, 2006

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