April 29, 2006

Sources: White failed drug test: Revelation likely hurt running back's status for NFL draft.

posted by wingnut4life to football at 06:31 PM - 17 comments

Insert Ricky Williams joke here.

posted by drumdance at 07:27 PM on April 29, 2006

Insert Ricky Williams jokes? Ok lets get original....Why wasn't this pointed out at all today during the draft???????

posted by sgtcookzane at 08:00 PM on April 29, 2006

Because whatever happened, it's obviously not that big a deal. We would have known all about it otherwise. The Titans picked him up in the second round, so obviously it was no big deal for them. He's Vince Young's new roomie now.

posted by chicobangs at 09:33 PM on April 29, 2006

It'll be weird seeing a quarterback who is probably faster than the running back. Well, one not named Vick.

posted by igottheblues at 03:41 AM on April 30, 2006

Adam Schefter on the NFL network said all NFL teams were given a sheet with the names of players who had failed a drugs test on it. There were two names and White's wasn't one of them.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 07:21 AM on April 30, 2006

They all make to much money and the press eats up their chance for publicity. Many of these young College grads could not make it in a real job. grampsw

posted by grampsw at 07:47 AM on April 30, 2006

That's hillarious, grampsw, because you added nothing to this thread that was on-topic in any way, and so are guilty of typing in order to just see your name. Man, I'm laughing over here. As for this gossip piece, what chicobangs said.

posted by scully at 08:14 AM on April 30, 2006

how much does drugs truly effect a professional sports player. i believe that a young man early 20's will experiment with drugs because it's an unknown. after the fact they realize this is not for me and then they catch it on a damn drug test that marks them as abusers for the rest of their lives. this is not fair or correct they the player should be given the opportunity to admit their wrong and be assigned some community service work at say a AIDS home just so their drug use sinks into their heads. i don't appreciate how it's done now. respectfully yours, john busler magicbus1@sbcglobal.net (317)491-7042

posted by magicbus1 at 08:23 AM on April 30, 2006

Is anyone seeing what Tennessee did during the draft? They took two of the four best offensive players that took part in last year's Rose Bowl. Vince Young and LenDale White will become great players IFF (that's if and only if) they are not stubborn and headstrung in their ways... In other words..."Their skills mean...dick"

posted by chemwizBsquared at 08:35 AM on April 30, 2006

I think it's wierd that he didn't go until the second round but I don't believe it's drugs that would've been out in the sport pages and internet last week

posted by luther70 at 09:20 AM on April 30, 2006

I doubt the rumor. 1. The NFL has no power to test White because, until he signs a contract, he has no obligation to follow its rules. 2. The NCAA can't test him because, having announced for the draft, he is no longer a student athlete and therefore beyond its reach.

posted by apotropoxy at 09:46 AM on April 30, 2006

well put apotropoxy

posted by rockin_the_suburbs at 10:17 AM on April 30, 2006

Actually the NFl tests the top 30 players coming out for the draft. Until they leave school the NCAA can test them, even if they have announced they are goinbg for the draft. Once they announce their intention to be in the draft they fall under any and all NFL rules, which is why the NCAA can't test them unless they are still enrolled as a student.

posted by vetteman at 10:30 AM on April 30, 2006

So if i get hired by microsoft at 18 because i am a computer wiz and fail a manditory drug test I should know that people will look the other way, regardless of the right or wrong of it?? If so, when is the cuoff? 19, 20, 21? lets be real. I will admit to experimenting with drugs in my college years. I did so knwoing there was no $1,000,000 waiting for me with explicit instructions about a testing regiment.How much do drugs effect a pro sports player? Ask Ricky Williams or more somberly, Len Bias.

posted by wisportcheese at 06:20 PM on April 30, 2006

Wisportcheese your comparison is way off. Obviously White had off-field problems that lowered his draft status but he still was one of the best running backs in the draft. In the Rose Bowl, the USC running back that almost carried them to victory was not Reggie Bush. In addition, NFL teams won't pass on a player of LenDale White's talent unless he is an absolute nutcase. They hope that they can provide a healthy enviornment and keep him off drugs, something that I think will happen. Teams cannot just let talent like White's pass by (see Moss, Randy) because it will come back to haunt them. Is failing a drug test bad? Yes. But failing it won't derail his career yet.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:22 PM on April 30, 2006

It shouldn't derail his career, especially as he [b]didn't[/b] fail a test. "We got the results from all the testing at the combine," Fisher said, according to the Associated Press. "The [news] reports were false." -- Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher. I understand the White's lack of a 40 time hurt him and that there are questions about his work ethic, but this drug test story is a non-story. When we're done with it, can we talk about how Leinart fell to #10 because, according to unnamed sources, he likes to fuck goats?

posted by Mr Bismarck at 06:36 AM on May 01, 2006

The Titans made out like a bandit when they picked up White in the second round. Of USC's "Big Three", I think he's most likely to make the best pro player. Reggie Bush will soon find out that there are linebackers in the NFL who can cut off his angles and run him down. Leinart is probably just a big twat who'll probably fold like a cheap tent when he gets hit a couple of times. I question the durability of Bush and Leinert. White just seems tougher and may be the sort of guy who can lug the ball 20-25 times a game without much wear and tear.

posted by jm_mosier at 06:56 AM on May 01, 2006

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