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Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty

Put him into the ring with a couple of the dogs he trained, that would be his trial. Grampsw

posted by grampsw at 03:12 PM on August 21, 2007

Curtis Martin Retires.

The NFL needs more Curtis Martin's. Nuff said.

posted by grampsw at 10:09 AM on July 26, 2007

Dallas Cowboys interview Jason Garrett for offensive coordinator

Until the Jones boys quit running the show, off & on the field Dallas will continue to be a 8 & 8 or 9 & 7 team. Turn the team over to Bill Cower & let him have total control, then we will see the real Cowboys.

posted by grampsw at 06:59 AM on January 25, 2007

Seattle edges Dallas in a wild, wild 4th quarter

Dallas needs a coaching change. Parsells is being passed up by many younger coaches, with new ideas. Example Sean Peyten at New Orleans. Also Dallas is in need of a new defensive coach. When you lose 5 of the last six by blowouts, where is the defense?? Parsells keeps calling on his past experience to carry him. These younger coaches have new ideas. I have been a Cowboy fan for over 40 years, but now I am ready for a change. A change for new ideas. I am tired of hearing about Superman (Parsells) great coaching ability. He needs to pack it in. Nuff said.

posted by grampsw at 06:01 AM on January 07, 2007

Michael Vick Passes the Buck

I agree with vipers-pit. Vick would make a good running back, but he makes to many bad calls as QB.

posted by grampsw at 01:01 PM on January 01, 2007

2006 Retrospective

With today's saleries, who gives a hoot about our so called super hero's. Those of you who worship these guys, PLEASE go to church and worship our real super hero Jesus. I can be honest in saying I used to be a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I did not even turn on the last two games. I am sick and tired of these overpaid guys complaining why they played bad and lost? Disgusted Grampsw

posted by grampsw at 11:08 AM on December 28, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Boot Vanderjagt

The man has lost it. The last kick that he made for Dallas, saw him coming off the field and putting his fingers together to show how close he came to missing this one. Why can't a pro adjust. 90% of his kicks was to the right. You can take a high school kicker and work with him on coreccting that type of mistake. I think no kicker is worth that much money. Jerry Jones you wasted many bucks here.

posted by grampsw at 04:49 AM on November 28, 2006

Coffins to Bear Logos of Baseball Teams

I guess if you are a "DIE HARD FAN" That would be appropiate final gift?? Old Gramps Not for me.

posted by grampsw at 01:45 PM on October 18, 2006

Talk about getting kicked in the teeth!

No Court. Just at least a 4-6 game suspension and a 100,000.00 fine. I will Bet if the NFL does not do enough Jeff Fisher will, because Jeff is a class guy.

posted by grampsw at 12:35 PM on October 02, 2006

Could Reggie be losing the heisman?

Arrest the agents for bribery. Ban them from further contact with college kids.

posted by grampsw at 02:50 PM on September 15, 2006

Greece celebrates stunning upset.

Looks like our overpaid NBA hot shots are not as good as they think they are. Maybe this will bring them back to earth. Signed: a 75 year old sports nut.

posted by grampsw at 02:40 PM on September 01, 2006

Putting high-priced golf out to pasture

I play with guys 8-10 years younger then me, I am 75. They all have thes drivers with Volkwagon size heads, and they only out hit me 5-10 yards. I still am using a slightly oversized driver that I have had for 23 years. Come on guys wake up. It is not how far you drive, it is how you arrive. Gramps (the ol self syled pro??)

posted by grampsw at 11:33 AM on July 31, 2006

Will Wie make history?

Miss Wie is recieving very bad advise. She would be wise to compete on the LPGA. She would do very well there. People like her that is always trying to prove a point, usally winds up hurting their career. She will not come close to qualifying for the open. NUFF SAId. Grampsw

posted by grampsw at 04:32 PM on June 04, 2006

MORE Bad News for Yankees

To bad for papa George. His millions still can not buy a pennant every year. Three cheers for the underdogs. grampsw

posted by grampsw at 02:45 PM on May 20, 2006

Houston tops losing largest halftime lead in NFL history, this time the NFL Draft


posted by grampsw at 03:14 PM on May 01, 2006