May 20, 2006

Hidden: MORE Bad News for Yankees: The Yankees can't catch a break lately. With a pitching staff that is old and stale, and an outfield full of AAA players, the Yankees are in serious trouble. Will Pavano ever pitch for the Yanks again??

posted by redsoxrgay to baseball at 02:09 PM - 4 comments

To bad for papa George. His millions still can not buy a pennant every year. Three cheers for the underdogs. grampsw

posted by grampsw at 02:45 PM on May 20, 2006

poor yankees.the love of money is the root of all evil

posted by jesusfreak at 03:08 PM on May 20, 2006

Who cares? Yankees bah.

posted by GoBirds at 03:13 PM on May 20, 2006

this what greed is going to have to buy another 50 million for players.He will try to buy pedro,maddoxand a catcher and three outfielders. The yankees can go you know where

posted by arturo at 04:06 PM on May 20, 2006

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