March 24, 2006

Blues' incredible streak is over: Last night, the St. Louis Blues officially ended a run of post-season appearances that began in the 1979-80 season. Oddly, a pretty extensive search revealed only this story about the Blues' sale to Dave Checketts, which mentions the streak in a footnote.

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This streak is amazing in so many ways, even in a league that puts an inordinate percentage of its teams into the post-season. The fact that the Blues won zero championships with all these opportunities must provide some consolation for teams like the Atlanta Braves and Buffalo Bills.

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They did run a piece on Sportscenter last night. Honestly, if I was a Blues fan, I'd welcome this. Their annual race to the middle had to be soul-numbingly repetitive, and if we've learned something in every (American) sport, it's that not only will people accept a couple of shite years if they know you're building to a true contender, that's also often the way to go about it. If the Blues take this opportunity to shed the deadweight and use the cap room to reload on talent & character, these couple of bad years could easily be followed by a decade of being an true NHL power. As it is, they've been bit-and-piecing it for my entire life: a Babych here, a Tkachuk there, an Osgood, a Macinnis, a Gretzky rental... from the outside it just gets numbing. You get the feeling they're aiming for eighth place in the Conference every year instead of first. And while they're not "original six," the Blues have built a genuine history in St. Louis, spanning generations and with fervent lifelong fans just like anywhere else.

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This just in. St. Louis fans 25 year streak of saying "This is definately our year!" comes to an end...

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If it's any consolation, the Blues played a lot better once they were out of it and after they got rid of their "talent" than they did with it. They haven't been tearing up the league, but it's enough to get some hope up for the future.

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The Bruins had a 30 year streak that ended around 1997. To me these streaks say more about the unimportance of the regular season.

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Yerfatma has a point in that besides the qualifying for the playoffs part (which is very important), success in the regular season doesn't mean much. This is especially true in the NHL where the last few years if a team gets a "hot" goalie (Kiprussoff, ect.) they can go very far. And as we've seen with the Blues, they haven't won a single Stanley Cup. As a Red Wings fan, I'm sort of disappointed because in the past years the Wings have always had a very tough, but exciting series with the Blues en route to the Stanley Cup. I'll never forget Yzerman scoring that goal in (double?) overtime to beat the Blues to advance. Even though I don't particulary like the Blues, I must say I hope they bounce back from this season.

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Ying Yang Mafia (double?) overtime. It was. With less than 2 minutes in that 5th period. St. Louis has been the playoffs in 35 of its 39 seasons, missing the post season during the 1973-74, 1977-78 and 1978-79 seasons and this year 2005-06. If you seen this stat. you would think the Blues would have won at least 3 or 4 Stanley Cups, but living in St. Louis SUCKS being a Hockey fan. They have never Won. They made it twice and lost 4 of 4 games both times back in the late 60's to Montreal. One good thing about this year. I didn't see one game, well I did see about 5 minutes and then I did what I always do when a Sport teams go's on strike. I strike them for 1 year. I did to Baseball and I will to any other sport that doesn't think there making enough money. Anyway being a Blues fan is like being a Cubs fan. I like Hockey, because they fight and only get a 2 minute penalty. You really have to live here to know how it feels. At least we have the Cardinals and (Phat) Albert. M--V--P, M--V--P, M--V--P !

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I did live there, Sandi, and I've been advocating the complete dismantling of the team for about 10 years now. The Blues have always gone out and tried to buy talent instead of developing it at home. What they got for their efforts is the same crap I've moved into here in Toronto -- an organization that values making the playoffs every season over winning a Stanley Cup. Let the Blues languish for a year or two, keep your high draft picks and grow from within.

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I'm glad to see they're out of it. They were the one team that scared the crap out of me every year in the post season against my Wings. Yes the AVS were always a pain too, but it seemed like the Wings were always more "up" to play them and it seems like year after year the Blues came the closest to knocking them out.

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In a way it is a dissapointment because even though they never won the stanley cup they were always a team to look forward to watching them play whoever you are rooting for, not because they would lose, but because they were usually a challenging team. I have to agree with cody I never liked to see the blues vs. the sharks in the playoffs because I was always worried that they would somehow break the "curse".... I guess it really isn't a curse but if it is it will be broken soon(it seems like all the other ones have been)

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Blues scared Red Wings blah blah blah. Whatever. Sorry guys & gals, while it was exciting, those years are way past . This team has been on the downward spiral and hasn't spooked my Wings in this century. Dallas, "the dumbest player in the league", (Scotty HockeyGod Bowman), Drake, Keith, "Too Many Doughnut's", (me), Tkachuck? These are not players too inspire confidence in a team. Let's hope that the change of ownership brings back a competetive team. Or not, their is enough good competition out there. Edmonton easily replaces St. Louis. Dallas is a tough competitor. And Nashville is quietly approaching Colorado as thee #1 nemesis for the Wings, and if not overtaking them this year, will by 06-07!

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I like Hockey, because they fight and only get a 2 minute penalty. Last time I checked it was a five minute major. Let the Blues languish for a year or two, keep your high draft picks and grow from within. Fraze, while top draft picks can often help teams (Crosby, Ovechkin) I think that high draft picks actually don't mean that much in the NHL, especially in the age of international scouting. Take the Red Wings for example, Henrik Zetterberg (round 7, pick 210) or Pavel Datsyuk (round 6, pick 171). Both were drafted low but now are among the best players in the league. I think the Blues future success, as with other teams, depends on scouting rather than draft posistion.

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YYM, excellant point(s), but it's not fair to compare most of the NHL's scouting originizations with the Wings. For a variety of reasons the Wing's scouts are head & shoulders above, and way ahead of the curve, of the rest, (thank goodness for us Wings fans). Also to note that just because one is rated highly does not mean they will preform such, remember Alexander "the Great" Daigle????

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By the way, St. Louis has now offically been sold to Dave Checketts and his group, pending league approval. Appropriate name for a hockey owner, eh? I'd say you have a hell of a lot better chance landing a franchise player in the first five picks of the draft than the seventh round, Ying. There are plenty of specific guys you can choose from, including Petr Prucha and Dennis Wideman going back-to-back in the eighth round in 2002, but as a whole, your blue-chippers are going to be high picks. Everyone knows who the Crosby and Ovechkins are, so you have to be at the top to get them. From my end, the argument is more about what you are getting when you ship out a first-round pick for an aging veteran. I see too many teams (St. Louis and Toronto) who have been willing to do this when they could have had a solid midle first-rounder, someone you can build your team around.

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Anyway being a Blues fan is like being a Cubs fan posted by St.Louis Sandi You've got to be kidding right..... right?

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Skydivedad just a random thing, you are the only person I've ever seen with more locker room comments than FPP comments. Of course, she does have a point except that the Cubs don't make the playoffs as consistantly as the Blues did. And fraze, I would have to agree what you're saying. I am not a fan of trading high draft picks in any league, because quite frankly, it doesn't seem to usually help much.

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I'm not a big hockey fan, but I have watched the blues over the years from time to time: you know...just trying to support my area teams. And the fact that they have made the playoff so many years running is disturbing. What is up with the NHL and there playoff scheme? STL has had some bad teams over the years and certainly some teams that didn't deserve to make the playoffs. Like this years team for instance. On a side note, I'm glad the streak has ended. A least this year we don't have to watch them choke in the playoffs... amen

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The first time I ever saw a hockey game, if you accidentally tripped someone, or punched them in the face, you got a 2 minute penalty. I know the rules have changed over the years. Maybe it's five minutes now, but it wasn't when I first started watching. A big fight yes, but not a few whacks at each other. I think there are too many teams who make the playoffs anyway. They need to cut it in half, but so much money with the extra games. If only 1/2 of the teams made it, the Blues would have missed 15 or 20 years of playoffs. We had one really bad coach back when Brendan Shanahan was traded. Mike Keenan was hired as both general manager and coach prior to the 1994-95 NHL season, lauded as the "playoff coach" that could cure the postseason turmoil Blues fans had endured for years. He instituted major changes, among them trades that sent away fan favorites like Brendan Shanahan. That was the worst move the Blues ever made. St. Louis hated Mike Keenan. I told my husband that Brendan was traded and he asked me "What team did we get for him?" Like I said "At least we have the Cardinals."

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sorry sandi but as much as i love shanahan even more now since hes in DETROIT but you have to realize even though no one and u know as much as i do (i live 10 minute for stl) no one like'd keenan for getting rid of him but I think Pronger has finished among the top D-Men quite a few times of his span in stl Norris and Hart trophy winner. how many awards did shanny get since leaving stl besides the Lord Stanleys

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how many awards did shanny get since leaving stl besides the Lord Stanleys Who cares how many Norris trophies you get. It's all about the Stanley Cup baby! Championships make a great team, not personal accolades.

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Great, now I gotta bust out some Shanny Stats. Shanahan has scored 558 goals and 1151 points in his 17 year NHL career so far. These totals, alongside his 7 All-Star Game and 3 All-Star Team nominations, as well as his 3 Stanley Cups, should mean that Shanahan will be elected to the Hall of Fame after he retires. Wikipedia page. Shanahan's unselfishness and his team-first attitude is his best stat, in my opinion. So let's hear the 'Irish Jig' one more time!

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Shanahan also got himself shipped out of St. Louis for putting one through the five hole of teammate Craig Janney's wife.

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Now that's what I call a power play goal!

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Shanahan's unselfishness and his team-first attitude is his best stat. Ditto! wingnut4life I wasn't there with Shanahan & Craig Janney's whore, but wouldn't that make it her fault? Yes. Women control the Sex. Everyone knows that. If a women wants to get it she does & you gays can't say know. Well, most of you.

posted by St.Louis Sandi at 09:52 AM on March 25, 2006

Gays can't say no when a woman wants to get it? One of the best typos ever, here. So when is Shanny coming out of the closet?

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"Next season we will move ahead and begin working toward the ultimate goal of a Stanley Cup championship. That's what I think is very possible and I want our fans clearly to know that." - Dave Checketts, who completed his purchase of the St. Louis Blues on Friday.

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You know I ment Guys.

posted by St.Louis Sandi at 05:25 PM on March 25, 2006

Actually, Sandi, your grammar and spelling, coupled with your inability to string together coherent thoughts, make it difficult to have any clue as to what you mean. I weep for the educational system in the St. Louis area.

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WOW, I never heard anything about shanny and janney's wife. SHOCKING dont that just show how much of a team player janney was maybe ill join whatever men's league team hes on!!!!! + i think personal awards are the only ones the blues will get as long as legace netminds for the WINGS SCC

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Sandi, is there any reason you're a member here?

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For anyone who backed me up, thank you. Wait, someone backed you up? I must have missed it. By the way, Sanford seems like he has the potential to be a good goalie which should be good for the Blues but they don't seem to have many quality scorers. Unless they get some of those I see mediocrity in the future.

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Wait, someone backed you up? I must have missed it. By the way, Sanford seems like he has the potential to be a good goalie which should be good for the Blues but they don't seem to have many quality scorers. Unless they get some of those I see mediocrity in the future.

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