January 24, 2006

Peja for Artest.: Pending league approval, the Indiana Pacers have finally dealt problem child Ron Artest to the Kings for Peja Stojakovic. Who wins?

posted by sashae to basketball at 03:43 PM - 32 comments

If Ron Artest doesn't cause any problems the Kings would get the better deal. Peja has consistently struggled in the playoffs.

posted by Red at 03:51 PM on January 24, 2006

Let me preface the ensuing posts by saying that the majority of postees will agree that the Kings get better if Artest lays off the crazy shrooms, remembers he is to rap labels what Master P is to basketball i.e. go with what you know, and Bibby or Miller remember to pass the ball to him at least 15 times a game so he doesn't feel as if he's getting Carlisled in Sacremento. Also Artest is on my fantasy team so I need this trade

posted by gradys_kitchen at 04:01 PM on January 24, 2006

My husband's nephew plays for the Kings, so we've been hearing about this since December. I totally agree with Red in that if Artest can keep his head on straight, the Kings have the far better deal. Rick Adelman has a way of "reforming" the bad seeds, so I'm hoping that this one is no different.

posted by Rino23 at 04:02 PM on January 24, 2006

I'm glad the Pacers got a deal done, but they need a guy that can rebound and play defense

posted by macfalcon69 at 04:03 PM on January 24, 2006

seems like a downgrade for the pacers, but they do clear peja's salary at the end of the year, so there's that part to factor in as well.

posted by ninjavshippo at 04:08 PM on January 24, 2006

Hooray! He's gone! Now maybe the Pacers can at least be a respectable team again.

posted by sportsmomma at 04:31 PM on January 24, 2006

The Kings win hands down! A true four tool player for a sweet shooting gunner, who cannot create his own offense. It will work for both teams. But as far as a winner in the Deal, the Kings Win! Attitudes aside.

posted by DA ASSX3N at 04:36 PM on January 24, 2006

As a Laker fan I must say, "This is now a different team that will be rejuvenated.Lakers beware."

posted by pepitothechihuahua at 04:45 PM on January 24, 2006

on second thought, i don't see how artest could be happy in sacramento. he complained in indiana that he wasn't getting enough touches (where he was getting 14.8 shots per game in 37.7 minutes). now he's replacing peja on the kings, who was only getting 13.7 shots per game in 37 minutes. therefore, if anything his offensive role gets reduced a little, unless he takes shots away from someone else. but who? pepito: they'll be better, but not enough to be relevant in the west. same would have been true if the lakers had been willing to give up bynum or odom for artest.

posted by ninjavshippo at 04:47 PM on January 24, 2006

lets see.... a trouble causing cry baby. for a team playing studd? Im a Kings fan from WAAAAAY back (KC) Artest is a piece of sh.....t. He has NEVER been a team player. And the Kings need more than 1 player that can score. Peja needed a leader in Sac. town. Now that he isn't the ONLY player, Indy will winn a LOT of games. Sac. is done for the season. They may finish well below .500. Stupid trade. Artest should have been treated like Owens and given the rest of the year off. Besides...........NBA sucks.

posted by wassup at 05:00 PM on January 24, 2006

Rick Adelman has a way of "reforming" the bad seeds, so I'm hoping that this one is no different. Overrated as a coach. Had the most talent in the league with the Kings last year and didn't win the championship as he failed to do with Portland a couple of times. Geoff Petrie has to decide if anyone is actually listening to coach Rick Adelman (defense, moving on offense, playing as if each moment of the game actually mattered), and if not, he'll find someone the starters and everyone else will follow. If you are talking about Sprewell, Hardaway, or Drexler, those guys weren't close to being tamed until long after they had left the Adelman Academy for Underachieving.

posted by irunfromclones at 05:05 PM on January 24, 2006

This isn't going to last long in Sac Town. Artest is going to be shipped to Golden State in a big hurry. You heard it here first. Unless you heard it from Steven A. before you read it here. But then again, the entire deal might fall through. Stay tuned to your local stations for updates. Artest is almost as bad as TO.

posted by dbt302 at 05:05 PM on January 24, 2006

i hadn't heard that rumor... who's involved dbt?

posted by ninjavshippo at 05:09 PM on January 24, 2006

I am a Kings fan and live in Sacramento! This trade is a shock to me. Peja was quoted in the Sacramento Bee today that he wants to finish his career in Sacramento. He has not been playing at his career level so not really surprised he's gone(if this is all real). Hope the Kings win no matter how this turns out.

posted by htwasser at 05:11 PM on January 24, 2006

Apparently the trade is now off. That was quick.

posted by Rino23 at 05:13 PM on January 24, 2006

The Kings have killed the deal because Artest didn't want to go to Sac Town. Is TO and Artest the same person or are they twins with the same problems?

posted by dbt302 at 05:16 PM on January 24, 2006

I'm beginning to wonder the same thing.

posted by Rino23 at 05:19 PM on January 24, 2006

now that you mention it.. i have never seen TO and artest in the same place at the same time. kind of like dee snyder and sara jessica parker. or condoleeza rice and lieutenant worf.

posted by ninjavshippo at 05:21 PM on January 24, 2006

i think he would like the kniks although i wish the rockets would try to get him

posted by Barry-from-H-town at 06:27 PM on January 24, 2006

Didn't Artest say at one point that he really wanted to go to the Knicks?

posted by Rino23 at 06:55 PM on January 24, 2006

It's over, there is no deal. Sorry about the yahoo post.

posted by skydivemom at 07:15 PM on January 24, 2006

Good, I was beginning to think someone in the Kings orginization had been abducted or blackmailed.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:03 PM on January 24, 2006

This article states.. a call from Artest's agent, Mark Stevens, to the Kings gave them second thoughts about pulling the trigger, and the deal was temporarily shelved. Also that Peja has this to say about it. "The way I was treated today, I was disappointed," Stojakovic told ESPN.com in Philadelphia. "I feel kind of disrespected with the way I found out. Thank God they have TVs here. I understand being traded, but this is situation is weird. I had already planned my flight back to Sacramento, and now everything is reversed. Now it looks as if Artest is just being a baby about the whole thing. It doesn't meet his standards or something. I don't think this guy will ever be happy and now someone else (Stojakovic) had to suffer needlessly today. Grow up Mr. Artest!

posted by skydivemom at 09:33 PM on January 24, 2006

I think that the kings wud benefit from the trade even though Artest is a hot head but Peja hasnt played great basketbell. Done get me wrong im a die hard kings fan and love Peja but hes just not gettin done this year. Maybe Artest will bring a new energy.

posted by keeperalltheway at 12:41 AM on January 25, 2006

I feel disrespected . . . WAAAAAAH! It's a business. If you do not perform or fit in, then you go. Period. If I have millions of dollars invested in you, I want to see a return in my investment. Ron Artest is a problem child and well, Peja is not what he used to be. Well actually he is in one respect . . . lack of defense. What ever team picks up Artest will be taking a big chance. Forget about his off court antics, the real issue will be his game.(23 games in 2 seasons) I don't think he will be much of an immediate imapct. Working out in the gym is not 30 minutes of court time. If he can get his act together he can help a team make a run. If Sac has a sack, then I would pursue this. You ain't got a chance as it sits. Peja, I believe, will make an immediate impact where ever he goes. Forget that crack about his defense, he can still rain. Indiana should pursue this as well. If Peja gets 2 ppg, that is 2 more than they are geting from Artest. Gotta go. I have to tell my daughter that scoring 81 points is a bad thing.

posted by Sailor at 12:56 AM on January 25, 2006

The Kings backed out of the trade Tuesday evening. The Kings are DESPARATE but NOT STUPID! Artest is overrated and above all, a HUGE pain in the ass. The Kings may look to Beantown or New Jersey for their shopping needs.

posted by LiveWithIt at 01:46 AM on January 25, 2006

Jesus, Artest never gets tired of screwing over the Pacers organization, does he? It would have been a nice trade for both clubs, Peja needed a change of scenery as well.

posted by sic at 02:37 AM on January 25, 2006

Artest is a piece of crap just like TO. If any NFL or NBA teams are listening out there let these guys sit and have to get real jobs. No teams need to pick them up they are problem childs. These guys have turned there backs on the teams and fans that support them and pay there salaries. LET THEM SIT FOREVER

posted by johnwalker821 at 08:57 AM on January 25, 2006

Remember, Artest changes his mind about things about every 30 minutes. This trade is still possible. This is definately the most balanced rumored trade for Artest that I have heard so far. Peja would be a good fit, Reggie was a good fit, and they are same type player. J O'Neal will get his chance in the finals. He's only like 26, and he's a veteran. Also, Brad Miller was quoted saying that he would like to take a paycut and go back to Indiana. He liked the atmosphere there, and he is now rich. So no matter what happens, Indiana will be good again soon. And I think Artest will make a HUGE difference at his next destination.

posted by Snikastyle at 10:24 AM on January 25, 2006

As you can see, my incredible ability to see the future has been proven. Anyhow, Ron Artest does agree to be traded, and pending Kings' executives decision, the deal should happen by this evening. Looks good for both teams. Congrats to both franchises for getting it over with... if it follows through.... we hope.

posted by Snikastyle at 04:04 PM on January 25, 2006

Here we go again. It's done. Personally I will believe it when we see them in their respective new uniforms.

posted by skydivemom at 10:07 PM on January 25, 2006

What are the chances that Artest will be happy enough in Sacto to do anyting productive? This could be disastrous for the Kings.

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 08:02 AM on January 26, 2006

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