December 03, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 6: In-Season Knockout Edition: This week's NBA Pickem begins with the quarterfinals of the inaugural In-Season Tournament on TNT. On Monday, it's Celtics/Pacers and Pelicans/Kings. On Tuesday, it's Knicks/Bucks and Suns/Lakers. After that there's a Wednesday doubleheader on ESPN. I'm leading the pickem by 20. Make your picks.

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Current Standings

There will be more games to pick this week once we know on Tuesday night which teams are playing in the In-Season Tournament semifinals on Thursday. I'll update the pickem and put up a new post.

posted by rcade at 07:06 PM on December 03, 2023

My picks:

Celtics by 14 (slam dunk)
Kings by 9 (slam dunk)
Bucks by 6 (slam dunk)
Lakers by 3
Timberwolves by 18 (slam dunk)
Nuggets by 7

Wouldn't mind seeing LeBron win this thing. The Lakers have already beaten the Suns twice this season.

posted by rcade at 07:28 PM on December 03, 2023

My picks:

Celtics by 8
Kings by 11
Bucks by 12 (slam dunk)
Suns by 4
Timberwolves by 9 (slam dunk)
Clippers by 5

The explanation of what would happen with the regular season games on the Celtics schedule marked 'TBD' ran about 3 paragraphs. These were marked for December 6 and 8, and are contingent on the In Season Tournament. If the Celtics continue to the final, there are 2 games that will need to be made up. The explanation told me only that I won't have to pay anything extra, and that's all that counts.

posted by Howard_T at 07:48 PM on December 03, 2023

My picks:

Celtics by 8
Kings by 8
Bucks by 6
Suns by 6
Timberwolves by 6
Nuggets by 6

posted by NoMich at 08:42 AM on December 04, 2023

My picks:

Celtics by 11 (slam dunk)
Kings by 7
Knicks by 6
Lakers by 4
Timberwolves by 11 (slam dunk)
Clippers by 9

If the knock-out games are remotely close they should be pretty fun.

posted by Ufez Jones at 05:40 PM on December 04, 2023

My picks:

Suns by 9
Timberwolves by 3
Nuggets by 11 (slam dunk)

posted by werty at 07:54 PM on December 05, 2023

My picks:

Nuggets by 20 (slam dunk)

posted by The_Black_Hand at 09:14 PM on December 06, 2023

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