October 04, 2017

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Sixteen: Apparently it wasn't enough to have a new leader every week: we now have multiple players tied for first. Halve your Windsors and make your picks inside.

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Saskatchewan rides a big fourth quarter to edge the Redblacks at home. Calgary does their thing in a big way. It takes overtime, but Toronto finally puts a stop to Hamilton's little run, while Winnipeg guts out a tough one in Edmonton to solidify their second-place standing.

ResultSaskatchewan by 1Calgary by 48Toronto by 8Winnipeg by 9
Margin of Error1 to 134 to 626 to 106 to 12

That's three, count 'em, three players tied for first place.

SpoFiteEDM @ WPGSCGY @ HAMSOTT @ BCSTOR @ MTLSPointsTotal Points
jagsnumberoneSaskatchewan Calgary Winnipeg 356
Howard_T Calgary Toronto Winnipeg6456
ReeverSaskatchewan Calgary Toronto Winnipeg 456
ic23bSaskatchewan Calgary Winnipeg10454
jjzucalSaskatchewan Calgary Toronto7 453
tahoemoj Calgary Toronto8 Winnipeg10652
JPR Calgary Toronto Winnipeg 349
tommytrump Calgary Toronto 248
argoalSaskatchewan Calgary Winnipeg 346
DrJohnEvansSaskatchewan Calgary 9346
cixelsyd 044
rcade 043
bender Calgary Toronto Winnipeg8439

Grab your iced turkey, folks - it's Canadian Thanksgiving.


Hamilton @ Winnipeg (Friday, October 6)
Winnipeg's secured themselves a pretty good spot, while Hamilton's playoff odds are a real long shot. But sometimes those who have the least to lose are the most desparate?

Saskatchewan @ Toronto (Saturday, October 7)
Um! I can't figure out either of these teams. But if Toronto can hold down home turf, they'll emerge with a winning record: a true feat in the East.

Ottawa @ B.C. (Saturday, October 7)
I know I keep harping on this, but it's crazy. Ottawa's Pythagorean record is 8-7 and a comfy lead in the East. Their actual record is 5-9-1 and they can't seem to catch a break. Will it ever end?

Edmonton @ Montreal (Monday, October 9)
The Alouettes had a good little run there for a while, but they've been outscord 166-91 over their past 5 games. It was nice while it lasted.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:26 PM on October 04, 2017

Winnipeg by 10

Toronto by 6

BC by 3

Edmonton by 7

posted by jagsnumberone at 02:26 AM on October 05, 2017

Winnipeg by 7

Toronto by 4

BC by 10

Edmonton by 9

posted by cixelsyd at 12:08 PM on October 05, 2017

Winnipeg by 13

Toronto by 4

Ottawa by 7

Edmonton by 17

posted by tahoemoj at 01:59 PM on October 05, 2017

Winnipeg by 12

Toronto by a pair

BC by 5

Eddie by 6 to 26, okay ... 8

posted by argoal at 03:13 PM on October 05, 2017

Winnipeg by 13

Saskatchewan by 3

Ottawa by 6

Edmonton by 7

posted by ic23b at 04:32 PM on October 05, 2017

OK, I'm game ... Hamilton by 4

Toronto by 10

B.C. by 15

Edmonton by 18

posted by jjzucal at 04:34 PM on October 05, 2017

Winnipeg by 1
Saskatchewan by 13
B.C. by 11
Montreal by 6

posted by bender at 05:55 PM on October 05, 2017

A 3-way tie for the lead! "You can cover 'em with a handkerchief", says the track announcer. Let's see if we can stay in the bunch, or even better put a little daylight behind me>

Tigercats against the Blue Bombers. Only the Grumman F-4F Wildcat and F-6F Hellcat had feline success against bombers, and that was 75 years ago. Winnipeg by 10

The cavalry face the ancient sailors. The only thing that seems to make a difference here is the venue. Toronto by 6

Redblacks go to the Lions' den. Unless the Lions have been well fed, Redblacks might be devoured. They put up a good fight but... BC by 3

The team with the name that must not be mentioned goes to meet the little birds. Alouettes will not be able to fly in this one. Edmonton by 13

posted by Howard_T at 06:41 PM on October 05, 2017

Winnipeg by 12
Saskatchewan by 9
B.C. by 3
Edmonton by 27

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:20 AM on October 06, 2017

Winnipeg by 5

Toronto by 3

Ottawa by 6

Edmonton by 7

posted by Reever at 02:23 PM on October 06, 2017





posted by JPR at 02:24 PM on October 06, 2017

Winnipeg by 18

Saskatchewan by 19

Ottawa by 7

Edmonton by 20

posted by rcade at 05:49 PM on October 06, 2017

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