July 12, 2017

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Four: In the CFL, scoring is up. In our little pick 'em, scoring is down. The solution is clichéd yet practical: bet big or go home. Widen your spreads and make your picks inside.

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B.C. leans on their ground game to notch a solid win in Montreal, while Calgary's big second half ensures they remain undefeated. Speaking of big second halves, Toronto needed one after scoring only a rouge in the first, and boy did they get it. Out west, that Kevin Glenn magic has the Riders sitting pretty.

ResultB.C. by 7Calgary by 19Toronto by 1Saskatchewan by 17
Margin of Error5 to 913 to 251 to 112 to 22

A low-scoring week, but jjzucal notches three to move into a tie for first.

SpoFiteBC @ MTLSCGY @ WPGSTOR @ OTTSHAM @ SSKSPointsTotal Points
argoalB.C. 110
jjzucal Toronto Saskatchewan13310
JPR 08
tommytrump Toronto 18
jagsnumberoneB.C. Calgary 28
ic23bB.C. Calgary Saskatchewan 38
cixelsydB.C.7 Saskatchewan 48
Reever Saskatchewan 17
Howard_TB.C. Saskatchewan 27
tahoemoj Saskatchewan 16
rcade Calgary Saskatchewan 26
benderB.C. Saskatchewan1936
DrJohnEvansB.C. Calgary Saskatchewan 36

Three weeks of football in the books, and our narratives are finally beginning to sprout.


Toronto @ Winnipeg (Wednesday, July 13)
Here are two teams looking to establish a 2017 identity - this could be an opportunity for a big statement game. On the other hand, mosquitoes.

Calgary @ Montreal (Friday, July 14)
Montreal's showing signs of coming out of their multiyear funk, but Calgary's still coasting on last year's excellence. Odds are Calgary makes it to 4-0.

Ottawa @ Edmonton (Friday, July 14)
A tale of two Pythagoreans: Edmonton is 2-0 and +7. Ottawa is 0-2-1 and -5. Maybe this week starts to restore order for these teams.

B.C. @ Hamilton (Saturday, July 15)
It's early, but holy cow has Hamilton's offence been uninspiring. They'll need to be far better to beat the Lions.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:29 PM on July 12, 2017

Toronto by 3

Calgary by 16

Edmonton by 6

B.C. by 10

posted by ic23b at 02:31 PM on July 12, 2017

Toronto by 7

Calgary by 10

Edmonton by 7

BC by 17

posted by cixelsyd at 02:37 PM on July 12, 2017

Winnipeg by 5

Calgary by 10

Ottawa by 15

B.C. by 10

posted by tommybiden at 02:56 PM on July 12, 2017

Toronto by 10

Calgary by 13

Ottawa by 8

B.C. by 12

posted by tahoemoj at 03:39 PM on July 12, 2017

The CFL site has Toronto/Winnipeg playing tomorrow instead of today.

Winnipeg by 7

Calgary by 9

Ottawa by 3

British Columbia by 10

posted by rcade at 04:18 PM on July 12, 2017

Thursday it is.

posted by cixelsyd at 05:32 PM on July 12, 2017

No wonder today's flights to Winnipeg were so cheap.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:55 PM on July 12, 2017

Toronto by 4

Calgary by 10

Edmonton by 10

B.C. by 14

posted by jjzucal at 09:20 PM on July 12, 2017

Toronto by 6

Calgary by 11

Edmonton by 3

Hamilton by 2

posted by jagsnumberone at 10:32 PM on July 12, 2017

Winnipeg by 6
Calgary by 19
Ottawa by 6
B.C. by 9

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:39 AM on July 13, 2017

Winnipeg by 2
Montreal by 10
Edmonton by 18
B.C. by 1

posted by bender at 01:42 PM on July 13, 2017

ARGOS by three

Calgary by eight

Eddie by five

BC by four

posted by argoal at 04:21 PM on July 13, 2017

Once again we find ourselves in a slow spiral toward the bottom of the standings. No matter, there is always hope. I feel a bit like the birds that come to my backyard feeders. They peck away and peck away until they find exactly the right seed or nut for their taste. So it is with my picks; pecking away until I actually get one right.

Argonauts showed they might have something in holding off Ottawa, or did Ottawa show that they lacked something in losing to Toronto. I don't know, but I will give Argos credit for a bit of momentum. Toronto by 6

Alouettes need to be careful about allowing a group of rampaging quadrupeds into their stadium. Birdies get hurt. Calgary by 12

The color-confused group from Ottawa will find a tall order to fill in the land of the Eskimos. They will fall short. Edmonton by 9

Cat fights tend to be noisy, lots of yowling before the engagement, hissing and screaming during the very brief battle, and some muttering and licking of wounds afterward. The cat fight in Hamilton might be similar, although not as brief. Look for the striped cats to be licking their wounds while the tawny cats walk away with tails held high. BC by 3

posted by Howard_T at 06:08 PM on July 13, 2017

Winnipeg by 7

Calgary by 13

Edmonton by 3

BC by 8

posted by Reever at 07:13 PM on July 13, 2017

Win by 3; cal by 4; Edm by 3; bc by 3.

posted by JPR at 07:14 PM on July 13, 2017

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