August 10, 2016

Longtime ESPN Broadcaster John Saunders Dies: John Saunders, a familiar face on ESPN for three decades who hosted SportsCenter, The Sports Reporters and coverage of college football and basketball, has died at age 61. No cause of death is given. Saunders had a book coming out with John Bacon next spring, Playing Hurt, whose blurb states that he "confesses his constant battle with depression and how it nearly cost him his life."

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Saunders was a great broadcaster, classy and subtle with a great sense of humor. I was a regular watcher of "The Sports Reporters" for years, in part for his steady hand. He will be missed.

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A lot of ESPN anchors aggravated me with their antics, but Saunders was solid. He'll be missed.

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Terrible news.

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Classy guy. RIP

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He was one of the few on ESPN who could be called fully professional in his work. R. I. P. John Saunders.

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Definitely will miss. Great voice, great demeanor.

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Good article here by John Feinstein at The Washington Post.

I do not think there are many other ESPN personalities this type of thing could be written about, particularly lines such as "Saunders was the opposite of someone who thinks being on TV makes you really important."

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