August 08, 2016

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight: Back on schedule! We've fired our accounting team, invested in a shiny new solar-powered calculator, and can confidently say that rcade's official point total is... 5318008? That doesn't sound right. Check your arithmetic and make your picks inside.

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After a big ol' rain delay, Winnipeg rushes out to a 34-0 lead and doesn't look back. Montreal hangs in there for a few quarters, but B.C.'s 15-point fourth seals the deal. Much the same story in Calgary, as the Stamps outscore the Riders 16-0 in the fourth to put it away. Things in Ottawa are a little more nerve-wracking as the Redblacks narrowly edge the Esks.

ResultWinnipeg by 26B.C. by 20Calgary by 20Ottawa by 3
Margin of Error18 to 3414 to 2614 to 262 to 4

Here's a trend: An Ottawa win puts rcade on top. Coincidence?

SpoFiteHAM @ WPGSBC @ MTLSSSK @ CGYSEDM @ OTTSPointsTotal Points
rcade B.C. Calgary20Ottawa4627
ic23b Calgary Ottawa 224
tommytrump B.C. Calgary19Ottawa 422
tahoemojWinnipeg B.C. Calgary20Ottawa 621
benderWinnipeg Ottawa 219
Howard_T B.C. Calgary Ottawa 318
MrFrisby B.C. Calgary18Ottawa 417
cixelsydWinnipeg B.C. Calgary14Ottawa 516
JPR Calgary 3215
jagsnumberone Calgary 114
argoal B.C. Calgary Ottawa4414
Reever B.C. Calgary 213
DrJohnEvans B.C. Calgary21Ottawa 412

[insert witty description of week here]


Montreal @ Edmonton (Thursday, August 11)
What a weird season for Edmonton - every game has been close, but they're still 2-4 and in a distant fourth place. Montreal hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire, but their defence is solid, and I'm not sure a low-scoring game plays in Edmonton's favour.

Winnipeg @ Toronto (Friday, August 12)
Winnipeg has been anything but consistent so far, and it's tough to make them a favourite. But I'm also not putting any money on Logan Kilgore—yet.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, August 13)
With a (relatively) healthy Darian Durant back at QB, Saskatchewan did not expect to be the division doormat for a second straight year. But they're 1-5 and hosting the division leaders. Wipe your feet before entering, I guess.

Hamilton @ B.C. (Saturday, August 13)
Rumour has it that Zach Collaros will make his much-anticipated return this week, which is good for the Ti-Cats, because Jeremiah Masoli ain't winning in Vancouver.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:23 PM on August 08, 2016

Ed by 9

W by 13

Calgary by 21

BC by 11

posted by cixelsyd at 05:35 PM on August 08, 2016

Edmonton by 5

Winnipeg by 10

Calgary by 13

B.C. by 22

posted by tahoemoj at 07:41 PM on August 08, 2016

2 Points, 2 Stinking points, this Canuck football is about as reliable as Billery Clinton.

Edmonton by 8

Toronto by 8

Calgary by 10, Roughriders you are not my favorite team anymore.

Hamilton by 8

posted by ic23b at 10:44 PM on August 08, 2016

Edmonton by 19

Toronto by 11

Calgary by 23

Hamilton by 3

posted by tommybiden at 08:28 AM on August 09, 2016

Montreal by 6
Toronto by 6
Saskatchewan by 3
B.C. by 4

posted by bender at 08:43 AM on August 09, 2016

Edmonton by 8 - a two-score pick!
Winnipeg by 10
Calgary by 21
Hamilton by 7

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:54 PM on August 09, 2016

Greetings from Halifax, NS. Wife and I are here after driving from NH through Maine and New Brunswick, along the Northumberland Coast of Nova Scotia, and spending 4 wonderful days on Cape Breton Island. If you've never been to Cape Breton Island, make it a point to go. The place is beautiful and it has a unique culture. The road signs are in 2 languages. No, not the English ad French you might expect in Canada, but in English and Gaelic. I have now acquired a taste for Celtic fiddle music. The place we stayed did not offer TV in its rooms, and the TV in the lounge was not working. My only news of any type has come via the internet, and when mobile 'phone service is as spotty as it is in the less traveled parts of Nova Scotia, it is easy to lose track of what is going on.

Speaking of travels, which of the visiting teams might have a chance this week? It's time to pick the winners.

Montreal at Edmonton: The little larks fly to meet the Eskimos. They are not worn out by the long trip. Montreal by 7

Winnipeg at Toronto: I think the Blue Bombers surprised even themselves after the downpour last week. Their trip east will provide a reality check. Toronto by 9

Calgary at Saskatchewan: The Riders will not get run down by the Stampede. Another visitor is able to do well on the road. Calgary by 16

Hamilton at BC: My 3 cats rarely fight, especially the 2 males. Once in a while the female - much smaller than either of the other 2 - will decide that the boys need to be taught some manners. This usually results in a good slap or 2, some yowling, and then it's time for them to make up. The cat fight in BC will not be as friendly. Tigercats will claw and scratch, but the Lions will rule the litter box. BC by 10

posted by Howard_T at 08:50 PM on August 09, 2016

Edmonton by 4

Toronto by 3

Calgary by 27

Hamilton by 7

posted by jagsnumberone at 01:20 AM on August 10, 2016

edy by 3

Argos by 2

cal by 11

p...cats by 3

posted by argoal at 10:32 AM on August 10, 2016

Montreal by 6

Toronto by 3

Calgary by 21

B.C. by 15

posted by MrFrisby at 01:14 PM on August 10, 2016

No Ottawa game this week, which should be illegal.

Edmonton by 9

Winnipeg by 3

Calgary by 13

British Columbia by 10

posted by rcade at 04:41 PM on August 11, 2016

Edmonton by 4

Calgary by 4

BC by 3

Winnipeg by 3

posted by JPR at 07:08 PM on August 11, 2016

Montreal by 3

Toronto by 5

Calgary by 8

BC by 4

posted by Reever at 07:10 PM on August 11, 2016

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