April 19, 2012

Is Robert Griffin III Overrated?: Two NFL scouts quoted anonymously by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel aren't sold on Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin III, expected to go first or second in the NFL Draft one week from today. "As much as is written about his athleticism, his athleticism under duress in the pocket isn't even close to Cam Newton's," a scout said. "This guy, the only way he gets big plays with his feet is if he's got a wide-open field and the sea opens for him."

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So he's an excellent passer who is as quick as anyone in the open field - seems like a pretty good fit for an NFL QB.

This list of NFL QB's who have ever guided their team to a Superbowl victory because of their rushing ability:



posted by cixelsyd at 12:52 PM on April 19, 2012

Trent Dilfer.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 01:36 PM on April 19, 2012

All a potential team needs to think is, "How marketable is this guy?" The answer will get him drafted in the top few spots. How many of his jerseys will sell? How many more season tickets will sell?

Think of Vick when he went to Falcons... Think of the Tebow affect in Denver and now NY.

He may never win a Superbowl and may not be, at the beginning or the end, of his NFL career a great NFL QB but he is marketable for sure.

posted by myshtigo at 01:53 PM on April 19, 2012

First, the fact that they need to speak anonymously is lame. There is zero accountability and no disincentive to talk shit when you speak anonymously. Second, Cam Newton was facing this same bullshit criticism this time last year. And, what of Luck? Has he no weaknesses in his game?

posted by bperk at 02:09 PM on April 19, 2012

Ha Ha Dilfer. I know it is childish, but there are a few names in sports that just makes me laugh when i hear them. So does Knuble and Pujols.

posted by Debo270 at 02:25 PM on April 19, 2012

I wonder if this is being spread by the Redskins to drive down his cost, another QBs agent to prop up their guy, a team hoping Griffin will drop, or who...

posted by drezdn at 02:53 PM on April 19, 2012

So does Knuble and Pujols.

Knaublach and Hamrlik, too.

posted by tahoemoj at 03:28 PM on April 19, 2012

I have no idea about Griffin's prospects. I've never seen him play a full game. But I'm discounting those scouting reports for one reason: who said the guy was Cam Newton? Everything I've read says he's more of a pocket passer. I've also heard he's not as good a runner as Michael Vick. Given the interviews I've seen and stuf I've read, you can't even see RGIII on the Character Chart from Vick's position.

If he's not a QB like Newton and he's not a QB like Vick, why is he being compared to them? Oh, right.

posted by yerfatma at 04:01 PM on April 19, 2012

If he's not a QB like Newton and he's not a QB like Vick, why is he being compared to them? Oh, right.

From what I understand, and from what (little) I've seen of him, I think that Roethlisberger is a better comparison. Although, I've heard that Griffin is a pretty smart guy, so maybe not.

As far as the "oh, right"?


posted by tahoemoj at 07:40 PM on April 19, 2012

Newton's three inches taller and ~40 lbs heavier than Griffin. It's not even a terribly apt comparison. Besides, Griffin is not very far removed from training as a potential Olympic Track & Field athlete and is probably still adjusting his physique from those days to full-time football player.

Also, Baylor was much more successful last season when Griffin was primarily a passer, and even better when he stayed in the pocket. The running aspect of his game is best used during broken plays, when there *will* be a a gaping hole downfield, and that's when he's a pretty incredible runner.

At this point in time, my primary concern will remain Shanahan crushing him early on.

posted by Ufez Jones at 08:39 PM on April 19, 2012

I wonder if this is being spread by the Redskins to drive down his cost...

The NFL has a rookie wage scale now, so that's not the reason.

posted by TheQatarian at 09:39 PM on April 19, 2012

Why would these NFL scouts who were quoted have to be annonymous? I hate when bullshit stories like this are based on annonymous sources. Lets see the track records of all the Hall of Famers these guys have scouted and help their teams draft.

posted by dyams at 06:07 AM on April 20, 2012

If I was RG3, I'd bribe scouts to talk down my skills so that I don't end up in Washington.

posted by rcade at 12:23 PM on April 20, 2012

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