December 06, 2010

"Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over": Don Meredith has died at age 72. Most known as one of the original broadcast team on Monday Night Football, he was also the second player placed on the Texas Stadium Ring of Fame.

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R.I.P. Dandy Don


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Growing up in the late 70s, Dandy Don made Howard tolerable for me on MNF. R.I.P

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As thousands of people around the planet spread the news of Dandy Don's demise with the same sentence, it makes me wonder what other celebrities deserve a spot in the Wrote-Their-Own-Epitaph Hall of Fame. Meridith's is right up there with W.C. Fields' "All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

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The video that goes with the post is nice because it shows Meredith at his finest, including singing the verses he (and Willie Nelson, of course) made so famous. He was a funny guy, entertaining to watch and listen to, and it actually appeared Cosell really liked the guy.

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Cosell and Meredith were one of those partnerships where regardless of personal feelings of like or dislike, each knew that he would be far less successful without the other. I don't remember either saying anything about his personal feelings about the other, but I don't think they could have stayed together for as long as they did had they truly disliked one another. I think I was with the majority of MNF watchers who thought Cosell an insufferable boor and Meredith as a likable country bumpkin. The truth is that neither entirely fit the stereotype. Their names will always be linked.

RIP Dandy Don.

On a personal note, I had the privilege of meeting Frank Gifford after a performance of Lombardi last month. We had been chatting with Dan Lauria, a friend of a friend, and he introduced us to Mr. Gifford. Quite a pleasant experience.

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Dandy Don. You were a big part of why I'm an NFL fan today.

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Joe Posnanski on Meredith

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Gifford broke down talking about Meredith. I'm sorry I missed all those games; they sound like they really had a good time.

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Although it will sound like viewing the past through rose colored glasses, I think MNF was just never the same or as much fun after those three guys talked me through the games. My dad and brother-in-law would sing along with Joe Don at the deciding moment of a Monday night blowout. Much fun for an 8 year old kid.

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