July 27, 2010

T.O to become a Bengal: And it seems that nobody is more excited about it than Ochocinco. He signed a one year deal worth $2 M guaranteed money and $2 M in possible incentives.

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Well on paper, with Jermaine Graham expected to do great things at tight end, that's one hell of a receiving corps. Carson Palmer must be champing at the bit to start camp.

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With a team that has offensive talent, like the Bengals, T.O. will do well. He doesn't have to be the main man, and with Ochocinco, Bryant, and him, Palmer has to be a happy quarterback.

posted by dyams at 07:55 PM on July 27, 2010

Teams are going to have a hell of a time trying to stop Ochocinco and T.O. If the Bengals can muster up a running game once again they will be a tough team to match up against. Except for the Jets of course.

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Good fit for TO. Johnson and Bryant are very good possession guys, TO can do his thing on the longer routes if he still has enough gas in the tank.

Still, he needs to accept his role, something he's proven unable to do with any team yet.

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So, on defense we get Odom back, add to that Carlos Dunlap and Tank Johnson etc.

At safety we have Ndukwe, Roy Williams, Crocker, Gibril Wilson etc.

At Corner, we have Hall, Joseph and Jones.

Linebacker? Maualuga, Rivers, Jones, M. Johnson etc.

On offense?

Benson, Scott and Leonard at RB.

WR? Ochocinco, Bryant, Owens, Shipley, Jones etc.

Gresham, Coffman and Kelly(?) at TE.

Andre Smith for all of training camp...

If our pass blocking improves...

I'm kind of like really looking forward to this season.

posted by tselson at 12:14 AM on July 28, 2010

As a KU fan, I want to remind Bengals fans of Kerry Meier. He was arguably the best receiver we've ever had (which isn't the best compliment i know, but still). You drafted him 4th-5th round i think. If he can upgrade his athleticism a tad, you will LOVE him. Has amazing hands, good with routes, former QB so has the brains. Could be a great slot guy.

The T.O. signing likely pushes him to the practice squad/out the door, so that makes me sad. Hopefully he can still make the team. You guys are lucky: your 6th or 7th string WR could end up being a great player.

posted by brainofdtrain at 01:35 AM on July 28, 2010

I think many people are getting too excited about this move, so let me play Devil's Advocate. Here are the ages of your consensus best 3 receivers: OchoCinco (32), T.O. (36), & Bryant (29). Bryant is coming off a year-long nagging knee injury which caused his production to go way down last year. T.O. numbers are down (& have been getting consecutively worse the past four years, so more than just the Buffalo offense is to blame), & both he & Bryant have been "let go" by numerous teams for the discord they create. Then, you've got Chad, the lovable "I will publicly admit that i didn't try for an entire season recently" guy.

So, to recap: They are old, injury-prone, & at best melodramatic personality-wise. There is alot more than pass-blocking to worry about here. I think there is a really good chance that Benson runs for 1,300 yards, the O-Line does a great job blocking, & the receiving core still stinks.

Related to all that: why draft 2 wide-outs & a pass-catching tight end (Gresham admittedly could be awesome) if you are going to make these moves (Bryant & T.O.)? It seems to me that Cincy has decided that they think they have enough to win it all, & decided to swing for the fences. I hope they are right for their fans sake, b/c this could impode on them, & they might end up sacrificing the long term development of their rooks to "get their popcorn ready."

Last thing: I am sure that my aforementioned love of Meier will make my take look like I am just whining that a sentimental favorite of mine just got demoted. Could be true honestly, but I don't think that makes the above wrong either.

posted by brainofdtrain at 01:52 AM on July 28, 2010

So when did Al Davis buy the Bengals?

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Five years ago, TO and Ocho on the same team was an unthinkable concept. How times have changed.

If the receiving corps can accept and handle their respective roles, the Bengals could challenge in the AFC this coming season, not just the North Division.

posted by NerfballPro at 08:48 AM on July 28, 2010

What is interesting is that all this roster excitement comes after the Bengals did well in 2009 with Benson developing into a go-to quality back and the game planning getting more conservative. They played better defense and were in a fair number of close games. Including some they never should have lost.

Still, they swept the Ravens and Steelers, and generally looked solid. Now, do they open up the offense a bit, or find a way to add the new receivers to what they were doing last year and keep playing more conservatively?

Whatever disruption Owens brings to the team is not going to be a big deal to these guys after what they went through last year with the deaths of Zimmer's wife and Chris Henry.

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brainofdtrain, those are valid points. I admit, and I think most Bengals fans would as well, that there is a possibility of these offseason moves backfiring. I think that possibility is a small one, and that the TO move will ultimately bring something that was a glaring shortcoming last season, a quality third receiver. Whether you put TO in the slot or Bryant, you have an experienced guy with a history of performing. Further, it provides something that it takes to win not only the AFC North, but the Super Bowl--Depth.

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First off, with regards to TOs numbers going down, I agree his days as a number one receiver are over. As far as his attitude, much of the problem still has to do with his issues with the Eagles, and McNabb in general. Granted TO is a personality that requires a lot of attention, but I blame the Philadelphia situation in large part on Drab McNabb. The one thing I've hated most about McNabb all these years is his lack of emotion and they way he seems to walk around like a wet rag. If the guy had a backbone he would have dealt head-on with TO and taken charge, seeing as how the Eagles were always viewed as his team. TO in Dallas had no chance when you get right down to it with Wade Phillips as head coach. That guy wouldn't deal with a issue directly if it landed on his fat head. For all the problems Buffalo had last year offensively, TO, for the most part, acted well and played hard. Cincinnati is in a much better position, and with Ocho lining up next to him, TO doesn't have to assume all the responsibility.

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dyams- are you saying it's not TO's fault he's a jerk because other people should have put him in his place? I'm confused what point you're making.

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I'm saying a player of McNabb's supposed stature should stand up for himself and to TO in order to keep the team going in the right direction. I'm tired of these teams signing the guy when they know full-well what they'll be up against, then everyone sits around and cries about what a mean guy TO is. My secondary point is that in the Eagles case, McNabb has always acted like he's sleep-walking, and I absolutely hate coaches that can't lay down the law with one freakin' player. Does this happen with teams like the Patriots? If not, why? I remember when Randy Moss was wearing out his welcome in various cities. Did he just turn over a new leaf? Or did a team with a strong organizational culture let him know what goes and what doesn't? Andy Reid doesn't set the world on fire, and Wade Phillips is Wade Phillips, which about says it all.

So, of course it's TOs fault he's often a jerk. It's the fault of entire organizations when they know what they'll be dealing with, yet can't find a way to deal with it. If a team is going to sign him, they should be able to put him in his place as soon as problems begin to surface.

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brainofdtrain, you know Meier was drafted by Atlanta, right?

As a Bengal fan, I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I'm a little concerned that a potentially good young receiver may not make the team but, really all the young guys except Shipley and Briscoe(the two receivers they did draft) had opportunities to show something last year and really didn't take advantage. Even Caldwell faded late in the season.

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Thank you-I flipped the two around, my bad. Briscoe has the athlete part down better, the brains, not so much.

re your main point: This makes some sense, but unless you draft a Calvin Johnson, most wide-outs don't kill it in the 1st year. It takes time, time some of them won't have now. Like I said before, nothing is wrong with this in & of itself, if you think that you got a real shot to win it all, swing for the fences man. Being a fan of teams that usually lose, I honestly really appreciate that the Bengals organization were willing to take a shot. That said, my point was that there is no way they haven't traded in the future abit for the here & now, or at best wasted some resources due to poor planning. Again, that's okay, but for your fans' sake, you better be right.

Best of luck to you guys, there is little doubt you will be better than my lowly Chiefs.

posted by brainofdtrain at 09:37 PM on July 28, 2010

As a life long fan of the Bungles, I find this move to be typical. The Cincy braintrust has historically made personnel decisions of this dubious nature.

With that said, this one could turn out to be sneaky good.

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Here are the ages of your consensus best 3 receivers: OchoCinco (32), T.O. (36), & Bryant (29).

Ocho is the same age as Reggie Wayne. Bryant is like 6 months older than Andre Johnson. T.O. is obviously getting up there in years yet he still averaged just over 15 yards a catch last year. It's a one year deal, little risk (on the field, mind you) possible big reward.

there is no way they haven't traded in the future abit for the here & now, or at best wasted some resources due to poor planning.

The future of Cincinnati's receiving corps isn't Caldwell, Simpson, Purify, Cosby, Brown, Jones etc.

Whether Shipley or Briscoe can help remains to be seen. So, I don't know what future we traded away.

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I guess you could call Ocho and Owens The Twin Sisters, which were a gift from Cincinnati to the fledgling Texas Army and did Cincinnati (and Texas) very proud. I suspect they'll make as much noise as the cannons did...

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