March 11, 2010

Rams Great Merlin Olsen Dies: Pro Football Hall of Famer and television actor Merlin Olsen has died at age 69 after being diagnosed last year with mesothelioma. Olsen, drafted in the first round out of Utah State in 1962, became part of the Los Angeles Rams' "Fearsome Foursome." He remains the Rams all-time tackle leader with 915 and has the Utah State football field named in his honor.

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Here's an old SI profile of him.

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RIP Merlin O.

The news of his passing should be moved up to the front page.

With his stints as an FTD pitchman and as Father Murphy, he guaranteed himself a good funeral service 30 years ago.

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Just a hell of a nice man too.....

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What a great player...14 consecutive Pro Bowls!!! Match that, present day players. He and Dick Enberg were an excellent broadcasting team, too. And just as admirable off the field as on. We don't see many of his ilk anymore, thats for sure.

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One of the best ever. He and Enberg were a good broadcast team for a long time. A guy who dominated in the sport, then was successful and talented in the broadcast booth and on TV.

Big Ben could have taken some lessons in how to act as an adult from a guy like Merlin Olsen.

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I could use a Pick-Me-Up Bouquet today

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I'm old enough to remember seeing Merlin play on TV. My dad greatly admired his play and how he comported himself off the field. I was probably too young to really appreciate what it was I was seeing but I do remember getting the impression that the caliber of player after his tenure not quite reaching the same level as what I had previously seen. His association with Michael Landon and the roles he played as an actor only further cemented his reputation as a real stand up guy and someone to emulate. He didn't seem to shy away from the positive role model and influence that many players nowdays don't want to have any part of. We have lost a good one.


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