December 07, 2009

Five players named Heisman finalists: The Heisman Trophy is all set to be handed out this Saturday in New York. The five players up for the 75th edition of the award are Florida's Tim Tebow, Texas' Colt McCoy, Standford's Toby Gerhart, Alabama's Mark Ingram and Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh. So, is it Tebow's award (again), or will McCoy finally get his due? Or could Suh become the first purely defensive player to take home the hardware.

posted by cletus7777 to football at 09:12 PM - 16 comments

I personally think the Heisman is no where near as credible as it was years ago.

posted by twgibsr at 09:37 PM on December 07, 2009

I got me a bad case of the Dan LeFevour fever!
Fire up Chips!

posted by NoMich at 10:21 PM on December 07, 2009

I like the way you think NoMich.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 10:28 PM on December 07, 2009

Are you going to school at Central Michigan, YYM?

posted by NoMich at 11:05 PM on December 07, 2009

I have a feeling it's going to McCoy as a Lifetime Achievement award more than anything else. If he'd won it previously, he wouldn't this year.

posted by jmd82 at 11:29 PM on December 07, 2009

I would love to see Suh win it. Defensive guys never get a sniff. He was dominate in the Big XII title game.

posted by cletus7777 at 11:38 PM on December 07, 2009

I think last year the voters gave it to Bradford because they were sure (incorrectly) that he was going pro and that McCoy would return for another chance. Question is whether he gets those votes this year that he might have otherwise received last year. He definitely deserved it more last year. Unless he is able to lead Texas past Alabama somehow.

Suh was a monster against Texas, but take that one game away, and he is not even near the top in defensive stats for the conference, let alone the nation. If Suh wins, it's almost like it is for one game. Of course, as jmd82 points out, if McCoy wins it's almost a lifetime achievement.

posted by graymatters at 11:58 PM on December 07, 2009

Are you going to school at Central Michigan, YYM?

Yep. This is my second year. Unfortunately I don't think a trip to Alabama will be in order next month.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 12:03 AM on December 08, 2009

If Stanford hadn't lost to Cal and Wake, and this was a few years back, Gerhart would be a reasonable choice for the award. He's the kind of back that the voters used to like. He's got a throwback style to him when he gets in gear. He runs more like a Penn State back or an Oklahoma wishbone fullback from the days of yore than a current era Pac 10 back. At least that's how it appears on TV.

Watching him run must be like home cooking for his head coach, being a Michigan man.

posted by beaverboard at 12:27 AM on December 08, 2009

Ingram wins, Alabama beats Texas, Roll Tide Roll, top of the world ma, we lose a bunch of seniors and sink into SEC mediocrity next year, Saban gets fired in three or four years after he loses to Auburn. I love Alabama football. I hate Alabama football boosters.

posted by BitterOldPunk at 01:47 AM on December 08, 2009

Yep. This is my second year. Unfortunately I don't think a trip to Alabama will be in order next month.

Awesome! That's where I "went" to school. I spent the first two years in Barnard Hall (that and Tate got knocked down for a parking lot. so sad.), but I fell in with the punk rock townies and ended up just living in Mt. Pleasant. I spent all my time at house parties (where various Michigan hardcore bands would play), the Bird and the Foolery (now Rubbles). Back then, the Bird had a burger and beer special for two whole dollars. They also had Old Milwaukee Dark on tap. That place, Pixie Burger and Taco Boy were my favorite eateries. I was back in Mt. Pleasant in August to have a reunion of sorts with all of my degenerate friends from back in those days and my, how the town and campus have changed since I arrived in 1984. Especially the campus. I could hardly recognize it! Nice looking library y'all have now.

posted by NoMich at 01:25 PM on December 08, 2009

Yeah the library is real nice. I don't recognize the restaurants other than Taco Boy. I'm still living in Barnes, it is an old building but the atmosphere is great.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 05:00 PM on December 08, 2009

Check out the Pixie whenever you get a chance. It's just a burger and coney joint; nothing fancy. It's up on N. Mission.

posted by NoMich at 07:55 PM on December 08, 2009

I suspect the season's ongoing anti-Tebow line gets solidified as conventional wisdom post-'bama. There are going to be people who have doubts about McCoy after A&M and Nebraska, and voters like backing winners. Gerhart's season ended a week early, and the Heisman hasn't been so good to west-coast players who don't get top TV billing on the east coast (i.e. USC in recent years). So Ingram's the one I'd tip, unless they're in "lifetime achievement" mode.

posted by etagloh at 08:07 PM on December 08, 2009

Right now Ingram's leading by 0.3% over Gerhart, according to And they've nailed it the last seven years. Suh is third, McCoy fourth, and Tebow last.

posted by cletus7777 at 09:01 PM on December 08, 2009

He was dominate in the Big XII title game

Yep. One game. An extra game that makes it pretty unfair for players in conferences that don't have a conference championship like Gerhart. I was at all of the Stanford home games, and that guy is really something to watch.

I'm glad he got a nomination but I don't think he has a chance of winning it for much the same reasons etagloh outlined above.

posted by irunfromclones at 02:29 PM on December 09, 2009

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