October 27, 2009

Scranton Caught Between New York and Philly: The towns of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., which are almost equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia, have another reason for their loyalties to be divided in the World Series. Known for Dunder-Mifflin and Archibald "Moonlight" Graham, the cities were a Phillies minor league affiliate from 1989 to 2006 and are now a Yankees affiliate. As many as 16 players in the series played for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons.

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Two towns? Pssh. Our entire state is divided.

posted by goddam at 01:25 PM on October 27, 2009

Semi-off topic, I never knew that there was a real Moonlight Graham. Next to The Natural and Bull Durham, Field of Dreams is my all time favorite baseball movie.

Thanks for the post rcade.

Two towns? Pssh. Our entire state is divided.

I live in Central Jersey and will be watching the World Series and could care less who wins ....as long as it's not the Phillies.

posted by BornIcon at 01:25 PM on October 27, 2009

Must suck for those to be your only two choices.

posted by Debo270 at 01:46 PM on October 27, 2009

PA also has Pirates (Pittsburgh) and the Cleveland Indians aren't to far off either on the Western edge...

For that matter I know folks near Allentown (Lehigh Valley) that are Mets fans... And Baltimore and DC are closer than Philly for parts of southern PA...

posted by myshtigo at 02:27 PM on October 27, 2009

My son, a lifelong Boston fan, is at Penn State. This is as close to the middle of PA as one can get. During football season he suffers between Eagles fans and Steelers fans. Now he will hear it from the Phillies fans and the Yankee fans. I think he'll secretly be rooting for the Phillies, because no self-respecting Red Sox fan can possibly root for anything New York.

posted by Howard_T at 04:00 PM on October 27, 2009

Most of my friends are NY Mets fans and seem to be rooting for the Yanks in the WS. I believe we will be seeing Ragnarok some time soon.

posted by HATER 187 at 12:17 AM on October 28, 2009

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