March 23, 2009

Cubs Retire Number Worn by Two Greats in Combo Deal: The Cubs announced they will retire the number 31 worn by both Ferguson Jenkins and Greg Maddux, and will honor both of them in a ceremony later this year. I don't know how often a combo number retirement takes place.

It makes sense in one way, but it also seems a bit odd. I admire Maddux enormously, but I totally loved Jenkins, who seemed to be good for 20 wins a year throughout my entire youth. Strange to have two greats lumped into one combo footlong house special take-out deal rather than give each their individual due. But what else can they do? Both guys wore the same number. And it seems as though this is being done with full respect to both parties, who appear to be gracious about it and appreciative of it. I wonder what other unretired numbers could be enshrined in combo fashion like this?

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The Yankees retired number 8 in this fashion for Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey, both of whom caught for Yankees.

Are there others?

posted by dviking at 02:44 AM on March 24, 2009

StL Cardinals Robinson/Sutter

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Interesting that the Cubs are retiring Maddux's number. He is going in the HoF as a Brave, and I would guess that Atlanta will retire his number as well. Anyone know of any players (besides Robinson) whose number is retired by multiple teams? I thought Wade Boggs was (as I know his number was retired by Tampa Bay based on his late career stint there), but turns out the Red Sox did not retire his number.

And with respect to combo retired number, the Yankees will have another one once Mariano Rivera retires -- although, like the Cardinals, one of the players will be one who never played for the Yankees (Robinson).

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Wikipedia says eight players have had numbers retired by multiple teams. Nolan Ryan is the only player to have his number retired by three clubs.

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Number 25 for the Giants: Barry Bonds the arrogant roiding asshole, and Barry Bonds one of the best players in the history of the game.

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Denver Broncos: Go ahead and make a statement right now.

Retire # 6.

Bubby Brister and Jay Cutler.

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Boston Celtics retired #18 for Dave Cowens. Jim Loscutoff also wore the number, but his banner in the Garden says "Loscy", and does not carry a number.

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I don't quite see the point of a double retirement like this. If you're the first guy who wore the number and they didn't retire it when you retired, it's almost an insult for them to include you in the ceremony at the later retirement. If you're the second guy, it's like the team is saying the number would not have been retired if only you had worn it.

If neither player is considered individually good enough to have the number retired, then the retirement ceremony is honoring a number that's significant in the history of the team, not honoring the players.

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Does anyone think of Maddux as a Cub. When I think of him I think of him as an Atlanta Brave. It would be like the Calgary Flames retiring Brett Hull's # or the Toronto Raptors retiring Vince Carters.

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Does anyone think of Maddux as a Cub.

Not at all. When I think of Greg Maddux, the first thing that pops in my head is Serial Killer.

That's not a minor league team people.

posted by BornIcon at 01:28 PM on March 26, 2009

It took three days, but we finally have a "serial killer" comment in a Greg Maddux thread. I was beginning to worry.

posted by dyams at 10:14 AM on March 28, 2009

It took three days, but we finally have a "serial killer" comment in a Greg Maddux thread. I was beginning to worry.

My apologies. I would've commented sooner but unfortunately, I was burying a relative.

And no, Maddux played no role in the death..

posted by BornIcon at 03:28 PM on March 30, 2009

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