September 15, 2008

Ohio State no match for Southern Cal: Southern Cal proved that they are the team to beat. Coach Tressel " i am pleased.....we fought hard"

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Ohio State is going to have a long season. People at the OSU and Ohio game said the players were lethargic and didn't seem to care. Hopefull we can take it out on Troy.

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Is this the thread where I off-handedly mention the obvious superiority of the SEC (five teams in the top ten) and ruminate over what would happen to USC if they actually had to play a challenging schedule, like teams in some other, superior conferences do?


OK, then.

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Is this the thread where I off-handedly mention the obvious superiority of the SEC (five teams in the top ten)

And 4 of the top 12 are Big XII teams. I think it's just a particularly weak year for both the PAC 10 (not to knock USC, they are quite studly - but the rest of the conference hardly seems to even belong in Division 1) and the Big 10 (which look, well, weak as hell, minus *maybe* Penn State).

I fully expect both TX Tech and UT to fall down a bit, but Missouri has a cakewalk of a schedule until the Big XII Championship, and I kind of expect OU (with a home game against Tech) to be able to run the board.

I'd be more worried about the SEC beating each other up, BOP. There's a lot of good teams there, and I don't think there's much doubt it's the strongest conference in the country this year, it's just a shame they have to play each other for the next 9-10 weeks.

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I'd be more worried about the SEC beating each other up

You mean tempered by the cleansing flame of quality competition? I agree.

(OK, Alabama played Western Kentucky last week, Tulane the week before, and lost to LA-Monroe last season, so there's that. There are plenty of cupcakes in an average SEC schedule. But they're non-conference games.)

And not only do SEC teams play each other all season, but also they then play a championship game! Harsh, dude! (Oh wait. So does the PAC-10. Never mind.)

When I was a kid, growing up in Alabama, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and lawn darts were family fun, it was widely acknowledged (at least among my father's more endrunkulated and opinionated friends, you know, the ones I grew up watching college football with) that the only college football team with a reputation and fan base to match our beloved Crimson Tide were the Ohio State Buckeyes.

(And Notre Dame, but they didn't count -- damn non-conference Catholics. Probly communiss pinkos.)

So the rise of USC seems somehow abhorrent to me, even as I cheer their alumni in the NFL and acknowledge Pete Carroll as the best college coach of his time. (Next in line for coronation: Sylvester Crooms. Worst mistake Alabama ever made, not hiring that guy. Except for Coach Fran, of course. They love Saban in Tuscaloosa, but he ain't gonna stay long enough to build a dynasty the way Crooms could have. Plus, private jet. WTF?)

So, in the same way that I root for whoever can beat Tennessee in the SEC, I root against USC reflexively.

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fire the defense coordinators for ohio state because we have talent that does not get used the right way and im tired of all the excuse its time the coodinators take the fall.

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USC may not have the toughest conference schedule, though there are years when as many as four or five of the schools are in the Top 25 for reasonable portions of the season, but there's not much the Trojans can do about that. Plus being the perennial conference champ means every other team gets up big time to try and make a statement.

OTOH we don't shy away from tough non-conference games, starting with Notre Dame every season for the last 80 years. Ohio State was easier than the proverbial baby candy stealing but how could Carroll have known that when the team made the BCS Championship the last two years and was ranked ahead of the Trojans in preseason polls.

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Just like all century, USC will be near, or most likely, at the top when it counts. At the end of the year the Trojans will be the National Champions again and prove the dynasty has not died. Their are a lot of good/great teams this year (OK, Mizzou/Fla/GA??) but at the end only one will stand-USC. The difference is USC is loaded at all positions. When one player graduates and goes on to the NFL another steps in. If a player gets injured (i.e. Beanie Wells) there will be no tears, just another great player ready to take over. When the Trojans go on to the NFL you will all cheer for them as they go to your hometown teams and they will continue to rebuild. Get used to it, it is not going to change anytime soon.

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Heck- USC is so deep that a QB that never started a game for them is starting in place of Tom Brady for the Patriots. Yes. Matt Cassel the USC benchwarmer is good enough to start for an NFL team, yet didn't even start for USC.

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Well since this seems to be a pep rally for your favorite team I'd like to take a moment to throw some love to those Wolverines. They're looking more and more like an NFL team every game. Or is looking like the Lions a bad thing?

Ohio State is garbage. I thought the link made some excellent points too. The funny thing is, lack of coaching innovation is the same criticism that many people had for Lloyd Carr. Unfortunately, there is a very good chance OSU will win out in the Big Ten which means that America will get to see them embarrassed on the big stage again. Or maybe that isn't so unfortunate after all.

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And that second paragraph could have been worded better, however the preview option still seems to disappear on me.

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And that second paragraph could have been worded better...

Nah, YYM - that second paragraph was worded beautifully ... for someone who is bitter that their team is really horrible and is jumping on the opportunity to revel in their rival's loss (to a completely unrelated team). And, comparing the Lions to UM is an insult to the Lions.

Just semi-messing with ya. OSU was pathetic. Fans can only hope that USC makes everyone look that bad (which is entirely likely) and that OSU isn't as bad as they looked (which doesn't excuse another horrible performance on the biggest stages). Something has to change - I'm not referring to coaching personnel, but rather some overall strategy and player personnel.

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At the end of the year the Trojans will be the National Champions again and prove the dynasty has not died


3. USC: Trojans have enough talent to direct a box-office smash hit movie and write an Emmy-award winning show; however, are not quite as good at football

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I just have to tell myself that this is a rebuilding year. Repeatedly.

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Matt Cassel the USC benchwarmer is good enough to start for an NFL team

Only when the real starter is hurt. I'm just sayin'.

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While some of you complain about the status of your college teams, I am estatic about the success of my beloved Minnesota Gophers.

We've improved 100% in just one year! With a good chance to go up 400% this week against Florida Atlantic.

I don't care if the three wins came against the powerhouse teams of: Northern Illinois, Bowling Green and Montana State. (keep in mind that Bowling Green beat a Top 25 team in Pittsburg)

That being said, the Big Ten sucks.

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It is funny to me that all these OSU fans are demanding change --but are afraid to say what might really be necessary, the firing of Coach Tressel.

I'm well aware of his record, and i wouldn't have the cohonas to fire him myself, but speaking as an outsider (Big 12 fan) it seems to me that the Tressel-led Buckeyes have hit a ceiling. They can't compete with top talent outside of the Big 10.

I know everyone wants to blame the coordinators, but last week on espn radio Tressel admitted that he's always been conservative and "never thought that was a bad thing." Well, when your playing a team as good as Florida, LSU, USC, etc etc, it is a bad thing. The coordinators can't be blamed when it is Tressel who is leading the way with his conservative philosophy. Ultimately, they do what they're told.

Further, i doubt you can recruit much better, given the fact that their are no beaches in sight. Even if you could, with tressel running a convservative game plan who cares who you get to run the 3 yard dive play?

All that said, it is hard to risk losing being a top tier team every year for a chance at perennial nat'l title success. I wouldn't fire him if i was the AD. Nevetheless, i wonder if such a risk is necessary to avoid consistent embarassment on the Nat'l stage.

You may all kill me now.

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Some decent points, brain. But, I'm not afraid of what might really be necessary. I just don't believe that firing Tressel is what IS necessary ... yet. Having said that - the play-calling was awful. And, when you're only apparent half-time adjustment is to stop alternating QBs - the ONE thing that was actually giving the team a little rhythm - definitely a head-scratcher. But more than all that, the individual play on the field was embarassing. Alex Boone is a supposed senior leader and quasi-All American. He played about the worst game I've ever seen by a o-lineman. Boeckman, who I've never liked, looked like a deer-in-headlights during warmups. And, I hate to say this cuz I love the kid, but I'm afraid Laurinaitis might be overrated. He has some games where he's all over the place - but other games, it's hard to find him making plays. Back to Tressel though, if we don't see a significant shift in style of play after getting Pryor established in the offense (even if that is next year), then he will have wasted one of the nation's top recruits, and THEN you'll be hearing more rumblings about Tressel specifically.

Augh, I typed that in about 90 seconds ... little pent-up angst, ya think?!

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