December 05, 2006

SpoFi NHL Fantasy League (FFS).: Two months in, and injuries are shaking things up.

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Lots of changes since last month. Props to skydivedad, wingnut, BullpenPro & ajaffe for climbing off the schneid and putting some points on the board while grum & garfield took the month kindasorta off. Ottawa finally getting things started has shook the table a bit (Peter Schaefer? Really? More than Spezza and Vermette? Like Johnny Rotten used to say, I don't understand this bit at all.) Anyway, I fully expect these standings to change radically over the next few months.

Team Points   Waiver   #Moves   Change
1. BhawksDown (skydivedad) 165.5 11 31 +7
2. Jagr Is A Tranny (WeedyMcsmokey)   145 16 12 0
3. Boarding School (wingnut4life) 1417 2 +6
4. Revenge-a-licious (grum) 139.5 12 13 -3
5. TBD (goddam) 137 2 8 +2
6. Fromage en Crottes (qbert72) 131.5 14 15 -2
7. McSorley's Sawdust (BullpenPro) 131 1 13 +6
8. Toothless Grin (willthrill72) 116.5 10 10 -5
9. Cherry Pickers (spitztengle) 112.5 3 5 +1
10. Crap City Craphawks (gspm) 104.5 9 5 +2
11. NY Golden Blades (chicobangs) 101.5 6 7 +3
12. ClevelandRobberBaron (ajaffe) 100.5 8 1 +6
13. Saskatoon Swordfish (HATER187) 99.5 5 4 +4
14. Brass Bonanza (YukonGold) 97 15 7 -8
15. TwitchyTriggerFinger (garfield) 96.5 13 28 -10
16. Barrie Platypuses (wfrazerjr) 90.5 4 2 -5
17. Puttin' on the foil! (cabuki) 84 17 6 -1
18. Les Coupes Longueuil (Succa) 58 18 10 -3
19. Pullet Tartare (The Black Hand) 38.5 19 24
(Thanks again, DrJohn, for the table you didn't know you lent me.)

posted by chicobangs at 10:28 AM on December 05, 2006

Oh, and I refuse to believe that garfield has quit anything, the same way I believe that Mister Hand's possum technique won't get him into the top 15. I've been wrong before, though. Many, many times. This week.

posted by chicobangs at 10:36 AM on December 05, 2006

while grum & garfield took the month kindasorta off Before everyone writes me off, they should take a look at the "Maximum Games Remaining" for each of those teams in front of me. This is FAR from over.

posted by grum@work at 11:35 AM on December 05, 2006

grum, if you keep reminding them about max games, we'll lose our edge. This thing is so far from over, it's not funny. However, I figure I'm one inevitable Jose Theodore implosion from total domination. I'm in second with lower penalty minutes than Sean Avery. I swear to god as soon as Boogaard gets healthy - he's going on my team. I've always wanted Boogaard on my hockey team. Every since I learned of his existence. Boooooooo-GAAAAAAARRRRD.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 12:11 PM on December 05, 2006

That's a neat table, chico. Where did—HEY!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:14 PM on December 05, 2006

they should take a look at the "Maximum Games Remaining" for each of those teams in front of me You're stealing my schtick. Note that if it wasn't for Roloson's shutout yesterday, I would have stood at -8.5 for the month, and been garf's companion instead of grum.

posted by qbert72 at 12:24 PM on December 05, 2006

On the bright side, I'm -40. Tucker, I can deal with. But Elias & Cheechoo? Fooooook!

posted by garfield at 12:30 PM on December 05, 2006

Oh come on, garfield, I picked you to win this thing. Wait, that was because your lineup looked a lot (if 5 players is a lot) like mine in the H2H league, so I shouldn't be surprised at where you are at. The good news is, Elias has 6 points in his last three games and Cheechoo is back in the lineup. I'm still kicking myself for jumping out of this league.

posted by MrFrisby at 01:15 PM on December 05, 2006

thanks, Fris, but it'll take a miracle for me to win this thing.

posted by garfield at 02:40 PM on December 05, 2006

This being said, let's answer a few questions. Who is your... 1. best draft pick? 2. worst draft pick? 3. best waiver pickup? 4. worst waiver drop? Me, I'll go with: 1. Frolov in 9th round (167 overall) 2. Zetterberg in 2nd round (24 overall) 3. Chris Higgins (if he can come back) 4. Niittymaki Seriously, if garfield can land Gaborik for Holmqvist, and skydivedad can land Lidstrom for CuJo, it means I could have landed some pretty solid offense if I had shopped Nitty around a little.

posted by qbert72 at 03:36 PM on December 05, 2006

Well, the Gaborik/Holmqvist deal involved a switch-off on the IR, so it's not as lopsided as if they were both healthy, but still. Alright, I'll play. 1. Teemu Selanne, 3rd round, 45th overall. By default. I figured he'd do well, but he's really kicked it up this year. 2. Spezza (7th overall), though hope springs eternal. Petr Prucha hasn't put it together this year yet either. Come on, people, chop chop. Daddy needs his medicine. 3. Dustin Brown. He saved me from the second division last year, and I'm hoping for the same this year. 4. None really yet, though I know that Brian Boucher is going to have to fill in and go on a streak just as I have to drop him, I just know it.

posted by chicobangs at 04:23 PM on December 05, 2006

(note: I wasn't at the draft, so it was auto picked from my 100+ player list) 1. my goalies - Brodeur and Turco say "Eat our dust, suckers!" 2. my defence - and there usually aren't many gems on the waiver wire 3. Corey Perry / Anzus Kopitar - not as valuable as they would be in a "perpetual league", they are still kicking ass 4. Danius Zubrus - I was happy to have him, then panicked when he wasn't leeching points from Ovechkin, and now I wish I had kept him

posted by grum@work at 04:27 PM on December 05, 2006

1. Nabby 13th Carle 14th Tucker 6th 2. Cheechoo 1st Elias 2nd 3. Wellwood 4. Penner, Kopitar, Ehroff & Walker -- though Penner's ice time was too low to justify keeping him at the time. Kopitar is playing great hockey in front of a sieve, and I already have three scorers doing that. Ehroff is the big mistake. Walker doesn't hurt if Gabby plays 40 games with Demitra.

posted by garfield at 04:40 PM on December 05, 2006

1. Chris Neil (8th Round) strictly for PIM all this scoring has been a huge bonus. 2. Scott Gomez (6th Round) has been a huge disappointment but I can't bring myself to write him off just yet. 3. Nikolai Khabibulin..... by far and having the sense to hang on to him after his injury even though I had to make a ton of moves to accommodate having him on IR. I picked him up off waivers Oct. 1st right after our league draft. I believe in you Nikolai...... 4. Letting Chris Kunitz go has hurt a lot, duh........ (I should have cut those schmucks I drafted for Defense) but I wanted Radulov badly and Nashville sent him down to the AHL after only 6 games in his 1st stint with the big team that cost me some extra aggravation and roster moves but he's back up now. The Preds can't keep this scoring machine off the Big Squad. It was a special treat to see him play in the Prospects and Rookie Tournament this summer. Honorable mention goes to Tim Thomas. I couldn't believe you guys left a starting Goalie in the FA Pool. Hey, there is still a ton of Hockey left to play and my position in 1st isn't secure by any means, however I believe I've proven myself as a competitive force in this league and I fully intend to mange this squad to a Championship. I've looked at the Max Games stat since day one of the season and it isn't a problem for my squad. It's right where I've planned it and barring a complete brain fart on my part isn't an issue.

posted by skydivedad at 05:19 PM on December 05, 2006

1. Best pick was probably Vanek in the 8th. But St, Louis in the 6th has worked out well, too. 2. Dude, I fucking drafted Frantisek Kaberle and that's not even my worst pick. That's an oversight, but he's a decent player in the 9th round and it was ignorance. No way- Pavel Datsyuk. 2nd pick - 21st overall.... 13 points heading into action tonight. Just a complete shit of the ol' bed. 3. Chris Kunitz in the first week. Turned into Yashin. Not bad. But I think Budaj might really pay off in the long run. 4. Dropping Vermette. Three weeks later I tried to trade for him back and was rejected.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 09:48 PM on December 05, 2006

1. best draft pick? I would definately have to say Malkin (5th round, 82nd overall). He's been a machine! 2. worst draft pick? I wouldn't say that he's my worst, but definately the most disappointing. Alfredsson (1st round, 6th overall). He's just not producing like I know he can. I think that he'll pick it up soon. 3. best waiver pickup? I haven't had a best one yet, I don't think. I picked up Aaron Ward, and he's just so-so. 4. worst waiver drop? Brad Stuart. I dropped him because he was hurt, and now my old nemesis sdd has him now. Curse you, Bhawksdown! I would like to thank grum for pointing out my max games played. I'm not use to limiting and managing my roster spots like that. I like it, though. It adds another dimension that should be there. So now that I'm aware of it, and I finesse my lineup to get everything back to normal, you all can blame grum when I bring home the championship. Moo hoo hah hah!

posted by wingnut4life at 07:51 AM on December 06, 2006

Wow, I've never had an arch nemesis before.....puffs up chest.....

posted by skydivedad at 12:08 PM on December 06, 2006

1. Best pick - Kolzig in the 12th round. He's leading the league in avg # of saves per start, and starts most games. 2. Worst pick - Forsberg in the 2nd round. Datsyukian stats so far, injury problems. I knew I was a risk and groaned when I picked him. 3, 4. Best/worst waiver move - presumably that also means FA pickups, and I've only had 5 moves, none have been that hot. I picked up Todd Marchant and he got two goals in one game, once.

posted by gspm at 01:34 PM on December 06, 2006

I was doing so well for awhile, but then injuries and a pitiful defense have caused my recent ruin. Best Pick (other than Hossa)- Slava Kozlov in the 7th round. He's having a damn fine season so far. Worst Pick-Marek Malick in the 3rd round. WTF was I thinking? Best waiver p/u-Yet to happen Worst waiver drop-Probably Damond Langkow. I've had issues at center all season. Had I kept Langkow he would be my fourth highest scorer with 23 points.

posted by willthrill72 at 09:37 AM on December 07, 2006

McSorley's Sawdust is finding that if you rub two sticks together, you can make fire. We are fantasy hockey's cavemen. And we're not 100% in love with your tone right now. 1. best draft pick? Martin Straka, 6th round. Easily. Okay, computer! 2. worst draft pick? Todd Bertuzzi, 3rd round. Bust. Thug. 3. best waiver pickup? Alexander Semin, for John LeClair. Yes, that was good. 4. worst waiver drop? Tim Thomas. He was killing me, just killing me early. It looked good to drop him at first, 'cause I really climbed in the % categories. Now? Well, not so good. I thought it would be easier to replace him, yet I'm forgiving myself because this is my first season of fantasy hockey. And you can't forgive others until you learn to forgive yourself. But I'm never forgiving Tim Thomas for sucking out the shoot. Never.

posted by BullpenPro at 03:31 PM on December 11, 2006

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