April 27, 2006

Let the endless hockey chatter continue: I'd like to see everyones pick for one of my favorite hockey customs: The end of the year awards. Let's get 'em before the playoffs really skew our view of who deserves what.

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For the ones that are voted upon... Hart: Thorton Vezina: Kiprusoff Calder: Ovechkin Norris: Lidstrom Adams: Laviolette Selke: Morrow Byng: Marleau Pearson: Thorton I have no clue as to who would even be nominated for the Masterton, Patrick or Clancy awards. The Byng and Selke trophies are usually a crapshoot to guess on before the nominations are revealed.

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Hart: Thornton Vezina: Kiprusoff Calder: Ovechkin Norris: I think Lidstrom will win it, but Zubov and Niedermayer are deserving too Adams: I'd like to see Lindy Ruff get it, but I think Laviolette is prefered. It might depend on who survives the first round, though. Selke: no idea. Guess Morrow is a good pick, but I'll go and choose... Gagne Byng: Brad Richards Pearson: Thornton Clancy? No idea. Robitaille maybe. Masterson? Jiri Fischer? Or is it too early to award that?

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Hart: Thorton Vezina: Kiprusoff Calder: Ovechkin Norris: T.Kaberle (homer) Adams: Ruff Selke: Brind'Amour Byng: Avery

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Hart: Thorton Vezina: Kipper Calder: OOOOOOOOOOOOO-vechkin Norris: Lidstrom Adams: Babcock Selke: Rod the Bod Brind'Amour Byng: Datsyuk/Marleau/who cares

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Hart: I suspect it may go to Jagr, even though Thornton deserves it. Vezina: Kiprusoff? Yeah, probably. Turco & Lundqvist will get some votes, though. Calder: Ovechkin's a cinch. Crosby, Phaneuf & Lundqvist all would have won in most other years, but Alex is on a team that the League wants to send as much extra love as possible this off-season, and he already has a sick highlight reel. Norris: Lidstrom is auto-shortlisted for this every year, but Zdeno Chara is probably going to get some votes. Dion Phaneuf deserves honorable mention for this too. Adams: It's gotta be Lindy Ruff or Peter Laviolette, playoffs or not (they choose these things before the playoffs start, don't they?) Selke: Brendan Morrow's a fine choice, but I'd like to see Anson Carter get this. Byng: (Avery - ha!) For reasons that frankly elude me, the two names that come to mind are PJ Axelsson and Milan Hejduk. I'm blanking past that, though. (You know, Pavel Datsyuk..? Maybe?) Clancy: This might be the kind of award you could throw to Steve Yzerman, as a kind of lifetime-achievement thing. Not that he doesn't deserve it this year anyways. Masterton: I've actually heard Dany Heatley's name bandied about for this. Locally, I could see Steve Rucchin being nominated, but I don't know about league-wide.

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Axelsson would've been a top 3 for the Selke if he wouldn't have gotten hurt. Sammy relayed a story of PJ blanketing Jagr in a game earlier this year. Based on that story alone, PJ would've got my vote.

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garfield, there was more to the story. The game after covering Jagr, Axelsson shut out Ovechkin. And the next game he kept Kovalchuk to a single assist (and scored the game-winner).

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Hart: Arguments can be made for Jagr but no one has had as big of an impact on their team than Joe Thorton. Vezina: Kiprusoff Calder: Crosby was amazing but Ovechkin just happened to be better. Norris: If anyone instead of Lindstrom wins this it should be a crime punishable by death. Adams: Laviolette is a very popular choice but Babcock also deserves it, especially since most people said the Wings would be mediocre this year.

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I'm a homer, but I think Jagr deserves the Hart. Thorton's second-half was fantastic, but the Sharks were pre-season playoff contenders and still could have made a run at the post-season without him. Without Jagr the Rangers would be drafting in the top 3 this year. He took a 25-win team on his back and carried them to the playoffs. In the end, be it Jagr or Thornton, the winner deserves it.

posted by 86 at 02:21 PM on April 28, 2006

Two things: One - When Thornton joined San Jose they were in the midst of a ten game losing streak, and Cheechoo had nine goals. After the trade the Sharks went 30-9-4 and Cheecho won the lottery. That, plus leading the league in points I think gets him the gold. Two - Brind'Amour will be practically a unanimous Selke winner. He had 70 points and played a ridiculous 24+ minutes a night against the oppositions best. He also had one of the best faceoff percentages in the L. (and this will be the Hurricanes award for their remarkable season, with Laviolette having an outside shot at the Adams.) Side note: the Selke never goes to the leagues best defensive forward - hasn't since Guy Carbonneau retired. It goes to an offensive player on a winning team that best meets the critera of offense, defense and special teams. Axelsson - while one of the true best defensive forwards, just plain doesn't score enough. Thems the way I sees it.

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How about Eric Staal as a Hart winner? Leads his team in just about every category, and turned the Canes concession upside down. He doesn't have the benefit of his team having sucked for a third of the season before he came in as the saviour, though.

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I agree that Jagr will probably get the Hart but Thornton deserves it. 86, before Joe showed up here in Silicon Valley it was painfully obvious the Sharks' season was headed for the crapper and then--WHAM! Jagr has the big advantage of being on TV when most sportswriters and such can actually watch the games though, so that's why I think he'll win.

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I stated very plainly that a case can be made for Joe or JJ. Either can win it and I'll be perfectly pleased. I'm rooting for Jaromir, but it would be far from a travesty if he didn't get it. Trust me, I understand that the Sharks were bad before Thornton, but the fact is the Rangers would have been a signifcant magnitude worse than the pre-Joe Sharks if they didn't have Jagr. Thornton's big advantage seems to be that he can prove how much of a difference he made. And for the record, I think Thornton will win the Hart for that exact reason.

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qbert, Staal had a great year and he may win a Hart down the road, but I think he's just a tick or two below this time around. There is no shame in where he ended up though... A break-out year for sure.

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Thornton's big advantage seems to be that he can prove how much of a difference he made. I hear what you're saying, 86. The stat they like to show to play up that kind of thing is: Team A w/ Player A in the lineup W-L-OTL Team A w/o Player A in the lineup W-L-OTL Being that Jagr didn't miss any time during the season, we don't have those stats to compare. You have convinced me that Thornton will win the Hart. Based on stats, I'm giving the Norris to Mathieu Schneider because he played 72 games, scored 59 pts and is a +33. Its hard to judge the Vezina winner based purely on stats because you don't know what kind of team he was playing behind. But I do know Marty B probably won't win it this year. Calder: Ovechkin of course. I think we already discussed why. Selke: My vote goes to Rod B. I don't have a clue about the Lady Byng but I'll pull a homer and say Elias because he has skill and I can't remember seeing him loosing his temper and taking a stupid/bad penalty.

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Side question, inspired by the Buffalo/Philly game tonight: How long before they let the goal judges go? They were necessary in the 1950's before instant replay, but their opinion literally doesn't count at all anymore. The referees override them constantly, and with multi-angle instant replay confirming everything that needs confirming, it's just an iso-booth version of the game from the worst seat in the house.

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Hart: Mo-Joe Thornton Vezina: Miikka Kiprusoff Calder: Alexander The Gr8 Norris: Nicklas Lidstrom Adams: Lindy Ruff Selke: Daniel Alfredsson Byng: Trevor Linden Masterton: Chris Chelios

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For anyone not sure of what all the awards are for, this is the best I can find, and it lists past winners.

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Hart-Joe Thorton, when it comes to Thorton my ass is all wet Vezina-Mikka Kipprusoff, if he never left SJ he would have been a career back up, kind of makes you think Calder-Sidney Crosby, just because I've said it all year Norris-Mathieu Schneider, see Njsk8r three comments above Adams-Peter Laviolette, never ever would anyone besides NoMich pick the 'Canes second overall in the East Selke-Rod Brind'amour, this award was made for guys like him Byng-I hate good guy awards

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Hart: Jagr - sorry Joe fans, but the Rangers were expected to be a draft lottery team this year. The bad end to the season shouldn't spoil JJ's accomplishment. Vezina: Kiprusoff Calder: AO Norris: Lidstrom Adams: Lindy Ruff Selke: Brind'Amour Byng: I don't know what the criteria are for this, so I'm gonna say Brian Campbell, who had 18 PIM in 79 games this year, and still hit the hell out of RJ Umberger the other night. Or Sami Kapanen, with 12 PIM in 58 games. Masterton: Whatever.

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