January 11, 2004

Week 2 of the SpoFi NFL pool is complete!
3 players scored a perfect 4-4 this weekend, two of whom are now in the lead. Four players have managed 7 of 8 correct picks so far through the first two weeks of play, with 4 more breathing down their necks with 6 points a piece. More results inside...

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These are the current rankings after week 2 (go ahead and check my math, with all the cutting and pasting, I may have made an error in there somewhere).

  • 3 players- NoMich, jeffmshaw, and goddam- all nailed it this week, with 4-4 picks.
  • 4 players- NoMich, jeffmshaw, trox, and jasonspaceman- all lead the pack with 7 of 8 points so far.
  • 4 more players- wfrazerjr, msacheson, danostuporstar, and yours truly- are right on the cusp, with 6 of 8 points so far.
Many others remain well within striking distance. SpoFi as a collective has been 65% accurate each week. Here's the results list; more complete info in my user profile, of course.
SpofiteWeek 1Week 2Total












































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Lastly, a question: with 3 games left with the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl itself, should we expand the picking at this stage to include not only the winners, but other aspects such as spread, etc? I believe someone suggested that...

posted by hincandenza at 09:20 PM on January 11, 2004

Coin toss winners!

posted by billsaysthis at 10:51 PM on January 11, 2004

darn, I was a GB win from a perfect week and tie for first, but I'm happy with 6 right now. The hard part will be overcoming leaders with only three games left. (link to last week's thread) I'll make my picks later in the week after I hear from the SportsGuy. (he's 8-0 picking winners, but not covering the spread, right?) p.s. I vote for making next week worth 2 pts. each and Superbowl worth 3 pts.

posted by msacheson at 11:20 PM on January 11, 2004

Well, my initial hypothesis was to make next week one point apiece with the SB running three points: winner, over/under and MVP. At this point, the Rams have pretty much knocked me out of the running so I'm up for anything. Objections?

posted by forksclovetofu at 12:00 AM on January 12, 2004

I like the escalating point value idea; the only problem is that with so many people so close at the top, you can't hope to win other than to just pick the opposite two teams of whatever the front-runners pick- which isn't really that fun. This would get me laughed out of Vegas, but perhaps the games should still be 1 point a piece, but have a couple, or 3, or 4 agreed upon in advance "funky" side gambles that can add to your point total, even if you pick the same team to win as other SpoFites. I mean, with 2 games next weekend, there's not exactly a lot of room for diverse choices. For example:

  • pick the point difference (one way or another- so if NE beats IND by 7, or IND beats NE by 7, you get a point for picking 7)
  • pick which QB this weekend will throw for the most yards
  • Pick which player will rush for the most yards
  • Pick which of the two games will be decided by the closest score
  • etc, etc
So if you pick the same two teams as another player, but pick the player with the most rushing yards and the QB with the most passing yards (well, everyone would just pick Manning), you could go up two more points than the other person. Or not- we could just keep it simple, a point a piece or two points a piece the entire rest of way. Not like there's money riding on this. :)

posted by hincandenza at 01:24 AM on January 12, 2004

i vote to K.I.S.S. and stick with FCT's "initial hypothesis." it isn't really fair to change the rules at this point. (at least) one of the current 7-pointers will go 2 for 2 next sunday. while it isn't good that most folks out of the running by super bowl sunday in the original scheme, the people that will have picked 9 of 10 playoff games truly deserve to be in the driver's seat come february 1. now, of course, i'm up for any and all side bets outside the scope of this little competition.

posted by danostuporstar at 07:39 AM on January 12, 2004

Much like last week, I started off hot and closed with a fizzle. This week Peyton Manning and Mike Sherman (along with his secondary) ruined my Sunday. It's too early for predictions, but I'll tell you I'm rooting for a Pats vs Cats Super Bowl. It has a nice ring to it and would keep the hated Eagles from the big game one more year. As for ideas... I'm up for whatever. I'll let those smarter than I decide how we do this thing.

posted by 86 at 08:16 AM on January 12, 2004

I agree it's unfair to change the rules at this point. Keep the system the way it is and have the sidebets as a lark.

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:39 AM on January 12, 2004

when do we start picking for this weekend?

posted by jerseygirl at 09:34 AM on January 12, 2004

if only i had pulled grum's costanza move last week.

posted by goddam at 09:43 AM on January 12, 2004

Yeah, after a night's sleep I agree. :) Making things complicated is a force of habit with me (but who are ya callin' stupid, dano!?). I believe what FCT had said was the unofficial setup at the start as well: still one point per game, with a chance to pull a late come-from-behind in the Superbowl with a 3-way pick. May as well start picking now, unless you want to wait [till Bill Simmons posts his next round of picks]. Feel free to throw in any explanations, or predictions about players/spreads, purely for bragging rights. :)

posted by hincandenza at 09:56 AM on January 12, 2004

no no, Hal, that last S. stands for SupremeTableMaintainer.

posted by danostuporstar at 10:19 AM on January 12, 2004

guess i'll start things off. Indy, Philly

posted by goddam at 11:19 AM on January 12, 2004

Blech. My costanza move netted me nothing. I hoped I'd go 0-4 or 4-0 just so it would be good for a laugh. 2-2 is boring.

posted by grum@work at 11:24 AM on January 12, 2004

My picks: Carolina and New England Not picking to be right, but that's the match up I want.

posted by corpse at 12:22 PM on January 12, 2004

I'm going for Pats and Cats I think.

posted by jerseygirl at 12:23 PM on January 12, 2004

I'm going with the road teams this week. Panthers over Philly because no matter how many times Carolina seems to throw the game, they find a way to win it. They've been winning fugly all season long and they will continue that great tradition this weekend. Indy over the Pats. Peyton can't be stopped right now and I don't care how cold it'll be. Manning could throw for 350+ at the North freakin' Pole.

posted by NoMich at 12:57 PM on January 12, 2004

Against better judgement, which means nearly nothing in my case, I will go ditto on jerseygirl and corpse so BillSaysCatsAndPats.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:26 PM on January 12, 2004

i'm not much of a NFL devotee, but i'll take the eagles and indy. d nabb is too much of a x-factor for carolina to deal with, and how can anyone argue with manning?

posted by garfield at 01:49 PM on January 12, 2004

I'll root against Peyton Manning the entire way. If Manning was playing against a combined NFL super team of Saddam Hussein, Bennifer, Donald Trump's toupee, Grady Little, the entire cast of the Scooby-Doo movie and Michael Jackson, I'd have to root for the latter. I just don't like him.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:54 PM on January 12, 2004

WTF did Scooby-Doo ever do to you?!?

posted by wfrazerjr at 02:00 PM on January 12, 2004

Scooby got swept up in the often ill-advised Hollywood 'comic' revolution. 5 TD passes, new NFL playoff record. Perfect QB rating, new NFL playoff record. Twice. In the age of NFL parity, one can only say 'holy fucking shit!?'

posted by garfield at 02:34 PM on January 12, 2004

Donald Trump's toupee I read there's a bidding war for that monster between the Chinese and Uruguyuan armies!

posted by billsaysthis at 03:38 PM on January 12, 2004

I just don't like him. You just have a crush on Tom Brady.

posted by rocketman at 04:06 PM on January 12, 2004

I don't like Peyton, either. Should I get a crush on Tom Brady to make up for it?

posted by jeffmshaw at 04:08 PM on January 12, 2004

horses and birds. final answer. =begin rant= Can I just tell you how PISSED that Saturday left me? I _badly_ injured my shoulder playing basketball this past Friday night and spent the entire weekend in bed with a heating pad applied, so I was STUCK in front of the screen with a lot of excess energy and frustration... you feel dumb when you hurt yourself bad enough that it's difficult to shower, you know? And then BOTH of my picks lose in close matches and MY team gets taken out, which means I can't do much but remember the Titans and that makes you feel like a disappointed father and a spurned lover for reasons perhaps best not explored. By Sunday I was just so disgusted with myself and the general state of sports (the PANTHERS? the freaking PANTHERS?) that I barely watched both of the other games out of the corner of my eye. And they were hella good games, but when I sneeze it feels like I've been shot. Gives me more respect for the quarterback. Still. Rrrrrrgh. /back from the doc, X Rays negative, 2 to 3 week initial prognosis, sling/rib wrap unnecessary, anti-inflammatory/muscle relaxers one per day with full meal and Tylenol as necessary, no diving after loose balls for awhile, 400 buck bill means no major retail therapy for quite awhile, probably going to supplant ballin' with water training and light upper body weight training and more lower body and running and DDRMAX2 for the PS2; thanks for asking. =end rant= Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

posted by forksclovetofu at 04:09 PM on January 12, 2004

My upcoming marriage to Tom Brady has nothing to do with it.

posted by jerseygirl at 04:12 PM on January 12, 2004

DDRMAX2? Is that kinda like Simon?

posted by garfield at 04:19 PM on January 12, 2004

BTW: Patriots and Eagles.

posted by jeffmshaw at 04:26 PM on January 12, 2004

I too have wanted to see Simon Simon Revolution. I'll also confirm that MAX2 kicks MAX(1)'s ass. I'll also take New England and Carolina, not that it matters.

posted by taupe at 04:49 PM on January 12, 2004

DDR is to Simon as Abe Lincoln is to Bush II.

posted by forksclovetofu at 05:10 PM on January 12, 2004

DDR is to Simon as Abe Lincoln is to Bush II. Wasn't that on the SAT?

posted by lilnemo at 05:13 PM on January 12, 2004

I was going to say Pats and Eagles, but that's boring so I'll go with those teams that I want to win... Pats and Cats.

posted by 86 at 05:35 PM on January 12, 2004

lilnemo: Pats, Cats and SATS seem to be the order of the day out here. I just can't see it.

posted by forksclovetofu at 06:03 PM on January 12, 2004


posted by lilnemo at 06:24 PM on January 12, 2004

Will this be the Freddy vs. Jason Super Bowl: Winner kills all?

posted by billsaysthis at 06:30 PM on January 12, 2004

my picks

posted by danostuporstar at 07:32 PM on January 12, 2004

I'm picking Horsies and Cats.

posted by grum@work at 08:23 PM on January 12, 2004

And I've liked Peyton ever since that commercial with the multi-sport kid and Gatorade and he says "Woah woah woah. That's my line." You can't find acting talent like that any more.

posted by grum@work at 08:24 PM on January 12, 2004

Dan, that's classic.

posted by forksclovetofu at 08:54 PM on January 12, 2004

Pats and Cats. It's become clear that I should go with my heart ever since I went with my heart and picked against Parcells. If I'd done that last week, I'd have been golden. So, this time, it's all about the terrifying Carolina Panthers. Also, Peyton Manning is named after a soap opera.

posted by Bryant at 10:23 PM on January 12, 2004

my picks Best prediction evah! And I believe that you owe me a new keyboard.

posted by NoMich at 11:05 PM on January 12, 2004

You can't find acting talent like that any more. Well, grum, we definitely knew Peyton could act. I mean, he acted like he was innocent and sorry for sitting on the face of a female trainer in college, right?

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:56 AM on January 13, 2004

My picks: I'm going Colts and Cats as well. I really want to root for Dungy, and every time I've gone against the emotional favorite, I've wound up conflicted. I haven't got much else to lose, so screw it. And I've gone against Carolina both weeks and wound up stymied. And I'm really starting to like that team.

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:10 AM on January 14, 2004

Pats and Eagles. Can I say I have a great explanation? No.

posted by smithers at 10:59 AM on January 14, 2004

Colts and Panthers. I don't think anyone (not even a seeming team of destiny like the Patriots) can knock Manning out of the zone right now. That said, the Panthers are starting to feel like one too.

posted by trox at 12:58 PM on January 14, 2004

Colts and Eagles.

posted by rocketman at 04:14 PM on January 14, 2004

Not making my picks yet (waiting till Simmons posts- why not?), but have finally updated my user page to contain the current pick list.

posted by hincandenza at 12:24 AM on January 15, 2004

Oh, I thought I made mine clear before. Horsies and Cats.

posted by grum@work at 07:15 AM on January 15, 2004

thanks again, hincandenza. it's interesting that the "both home teams" combo is the least popular pick. is just because "Pats and Feathers" is the least cool nickname?

posted by danostuporstar at 08:24 AM on January 15, 2004

Sorry grum- I'm doing this by hand, you gotta expect I'll make a few mistakes or omissions. :)

posted by hincandenza at 10:19 AM on January 15, 2004

No problem, Hal. I wasn't saying you are doing a bad job, I just noticed I had no pick listed and then realized that my simple regular font wasn't good enough any more and I had to resort to bolding my choices to get noticed among the others. And it really should be "Birdies" instead of "Feathers". Three animals and, uh, a Pat.

posted by grum@work at 11:13 AM on January 15, 2004

But I so like the idea of "Horses and Feathers".... :)

posted by hincandenza at 05:38 PM on January 15, 2004

Horse Feathers.
cool reference, Hal, but I'm not changing my picks, no matter what Bill Simmons says!

posted by jeffmshaw at 05:58 PM on January 15, 2004

Chico: "Who are you?" Groucho: "Im fine, thanks. Who are you?"

posted by forksclovetofu at 09:16 PM on January 15, 2004

Colts and .... That second pick is proving to be a bit hard for me ...

posted by jasonspaceman at 10:49 AM on January 16, 2004

Tough picks...I hope they are good games. Pats Eagles (fingers crossed)

posted by msacheson at 11:18 AM on January 16, 2004

That second pick is proving to be a bit hard for me ... you just know philly can't stop either Stephen Davis or DeShaun Foster. and, hell, you think there is a chance McNabb can beat the Panthers defense basically alone? hey, if jasonspaceman picks carolina, i have a chance, at least, of being tied for first come monday.

posted by danostuporstar at 12:38 PM on January 16, 2004

Pats & Cats for me. User page updated. Only wfrazerjr, vito90 and jacknose are missing so far.

posted by hincandenza at 01:07 AM on January 17, 2004

(like dano, my picks are not only what I hope and expect, but conveniently unique in that all the people ahead of me did not pick the same things!)

posted by hincandenza at 01:09 AM on January 17, 2004

I have to go with Patriots and the Panthers. Think that weakness against the run will catch up with the Eagles this week. That and the 4th and 26 to overcome the Irv Favre mojo called in all their markers. Poor Eagles, at least the Bills did this in the Super Bowl every year. Patriots because of the D, Belichek and home field.

posted by pivo at 03:13 AM on January 17, 2004

colts and eagles

posted by jasonspaceman at 07:38 AM on January 17, 2004

pats and eagles, baby!

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:58 AM on January 18, 2004

Lets. Get. It. On!!!

posted by vito90 at 01:07 PM on January 18, 2004


posted by jerseygirl at 01:44 PM on January 18, 2004

Can someone please explain to me Jim Nantz in that hat?

posted by smithers at 01:51 PM on January 18, 2004

sacks, interceptions, and patriots defense. oh my.

posted by jerseygirl at 04:11 PM on January 18, 2004

And another. Ty Law is killing Peyton. BTW Hal, you have me down for Indy on the "Big Board" instead of Pats.

posted by pivo at 04:29 PM on January 18, 2004

two holds on marcus pollard on 3 and 4th down to end the colts hopes (with interference to boot on 4th). it sucks when a good game is tarnished by bad calls. (not claiming the calls were the diff...but still.)

posted by danostuporstar at 05:04 PM on January 18, 2004


posted by forksclovetofu at 05:11 PM on January 18, 2004

3rd down no-call was kosher. 4th down one was a bit iffy, but the refs were consistent. They were letting the hand-play go all day. Colts should have adapted their game to the refs, IMO.

posted by pivo at 05:11 PM on January 18, 2004

and Jim Nantz is going for that gay detective look, I think.

posted by forksclovetofu at 05:12 PM on January 18, 2004


posted by jerseygirl at 05:14 PM on January 18, 2004

pivo: BTW Hal, you have me down for Indy on the "Big Board" instead of Pats. Dammit- weird again. There must be some fluke in copying from excel to wordpad to frontpage to notepad... I have you correct in my own copy of excel, but the one posted live is off. I've fixed... Go Pats! And go Eagles! I'm actually rooting for the Eagles, even though I picked the Panthers to win this one.

posted by hincandenza at 06:40 PM on January 18, 2004

It's cool Hal, appreciate the effort on the Big Board. Given your list of programs you are using to get it to the web, I am amazed it is even legible, let alone holding correct data ;) Congrats on being the only one of the 6-7 pointers to get em both this weekend (if this 14-3 holds up).

posted by pivo at 07:54 PM on January 18, 2004

the road to the superbowl goes through all of the applications on Hal's computer!

posted by jerseygirl at 07:56 PM on January 18, 2004

Damn. Pats and cats it is. Really not what I wanted, but that's the way the superbowl is for me. /Haven't watched the superbowl since 2000

posted by forksclovetofu at 08:12 PM on January 18, 2004

woo, i went 100% today. i pick patriots for superbowl.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:02 PM on January 18, 2004

Woot! Patriots will win the Super Bowl, Patriots will cover the spread, and Bill will get -- what? He's not eligible? Well, that's no good. That's just a parody of justice, is what that is. Ty Law woulda won MVP if this had been the Super Bowl, but nobody talks about Carolina's WRs so nobody will notice if Law shuts someone down. Thus, it's gonna be Tom Brady for the MVP. This is an incredibly boring set of picks and I'm tempted to pick Antowain Smith just because of that, but nah. Even when he breaks out, he doesn't break out, if you see what I mean.

posted by Bryant at 09:11 PM on January 18, 2004

w00t indeed! My picks were great, but I still wanted the Eagles to make it (shame they couldn't even finish with McNabb). I've created new thread for the results (since this one is about to scroll off the locker room main page)

posted by hincandenza at 09:52 PM on January 18, 2004

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