December 30, 2003

NFL First round Predictions


  • Tennessee at Baltimore
  • Denver at Indianapolis
  • NFC:

  • Dallas at Carolina
  • Seattle at Green Bay
  • posted by billsaysthis to navel gazing at 08:57 PM - 40 comments

    My picks: Tennessee, Denver, Dallas, Green Bay. Wouldn't be surprised to see Baltimore advance if McNair goes out in the first half injured. And I have this vague, itch out of reach on my back feeling that the Boys have run their string for this year and the Nearly Invisibles (i.e., Carolina) may have one last win left. But I'm sticking with my four. Really!

    posted by billsaysthis at 09:02 PM on December 30, 2003

    billsaysthis, billsaysthis, billsaysthis...still hatin' on the Seahawks? How could you! Seattle, Dallas, Tennessee, Indianapolis. Bank it!

    posted by vito90 at 09:09 PM on December 30, 2003

    baltimore, denver, dallas, seattle. (i'll give seattle love vito. cause i gots family over there) i have no idea why i'm picking these teams. i suppose being drunk has something to do with it.

    posted by goddam at 09:27 PM on December 30, 2003

    Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay

    posted by jasonspaceman at 09:54 PM on December 30, 2003

    Sorry Vito, I thought about that but I just can't buy the Hawks on the road in cold weather against such a hot team that almost never loses at home in the playoffs.

    posted by billsaysthis at 10:03 PM on December 30, 2003

    Tennessee, Denver, Carolina, Seattle.

    posted by jerseygirl at 10:36 PM on December 30, 2003

    Well, since I stunk at almost everything football related this year, I might as well keep the streak alive. Here are my brain-dead picks: Baltimore Indianapolis Dallas Seattle If you are smart you'll rush over to your local bookie and bet the opposite, right now!

    posted by grum@work at 12:18 AM on December 31, 2003

    Tennesee - Especially if they get ahead early. McNair may be hurt, but a hurt McNair is twelve times better than anything Baltimore can put behind center. Denver - Run, run, and keep running. Plus, we all know Peyton can't win a playoff game. Carolina - This pick is mostly about hatred of the Cowboys. I also take the under. Green Bay - Seems to be fated these days that the Pack will make some noise in the playoffs. We'll see, of course, but with Seattle's record on the road and Favre's record at home in the cold, I don't see the Hawks pulling it off.

    posted by 86 at 07:22 AM on December 31, 2003

    I'll say: Baltimore - I don't like either team, but having to pick one, I'll go with the home squad. Denver - See Week 16 in primetime. Colts didn't show up, will they this time? I say no. Carolina - Dallas has been very shaky of late (at least offensively), and Carolina gets it done on defense and special teams. Green Bay - Seattle can't win on the road. Period.

    posted by bcb2k2 at 08:08 AM on December 31, 2003

    Baltimore, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay.....though I don't like that I've picked the home team in every game....too perfect, and it won't happen.

    posted by smithers at 09:06 AM on December 31, 2003

    Baltimore, Denver, Carolina, Seattle

    posted by corpse at 09:22 AM on December 31, 2003

    Baltimore Indianapolis Dallas Green Bay

    posted by rocketman at 09:27 AM on December 31, 2003

    I'm shocked that something like 5 of 9 so far have picked Seattle. I think Vito must be swaying votes. This is a team that won two games on the road all year. Now they're playing in one of the toughest stadiums for road teams, against a clutch QB, a solid running game and a storied history. And of you folks pickin' the Hawks no one has any reasons for it... Why people, why?

    posted by 86 at 09:29 AM on December 31, 2003

    All right, 86, I've had enough outta you! Care to wager a 6 pack of the local on the Cheeseheads? I'm on a roll!

    posted by vito90 at 09:34 AM on December 31, 2003

    AFC: Baltimore 23, Tennessee 20 Steve McNair gets the Titans going early, but Ray Lewis catches him in the second quarter and removes his spleen. Tennessee is forced to put Jeff Fischer under center, which, while still more effective than Neil O'Donnell, gives the Ravens time for a Jamal-led comeback. Indianapolis 29, Denver 13 The Colts win their first playoff game since Jesus was a small boy despite Peyton Manning crapping his pants twice and attempting to sit on the face of Suzy Kolber. NFC: Carolina 19, Dallas 16 The Cowboys fall short when Bill Parcells suddenly realizes Dallas doesn't have a single offensive player on the field that any other franchise would want. Carolina still barely outscores them. Green Bay 31, Seattle 17 Brett Favre throws 37 balls into double-coverage. Every stinking one is caught by a Packer. After the game, Seahawks owner Paul Allen announces that Mike Holmgren will return for another year, but now will be allowed only to call the coin toss, decide the gameday flavor of Gatorade and occasionally switch out the holder on kickoffs when it's windy.

    posted by wfrazerjr at 09:43 AM on December 31, 2003

    Vito, I'd love to, but I'm straight out no cash at the moment and I need to keep all those six-packs in house. Plus, I'm not that confident in the Pack, just not sold by the Hawks on the road. Frankly, if Green Bay wasn't my Dad's team, I'd be rooting for Seattle. I doubt you'd want the "local" swill from my neck of the woods anyway. And last, I'd hate to wager and not pay off on the bet... like someone else around here. *cough*Sammy*cough*

    posted by 86 at 12:01 PM on December 31, 2003

    The 'Hawks cannot win on the road, especially in Green Bay. I'll be you that sixer if you want, vito, especially if it's from Pike's. So, Green Bay, Indy, a tentative Titans (although that will definitely be the most exciting game to watch, even if McNair goes out, O'Donnell has experience and can pull some shit), and the Cowboys, b/c I think that Carolina is the only team in the playoffs that the 'boys can beat.

    posted by Ufez Jones at 12:25 PM on December 31, 2003

    Ufez, can you put up a sixer of Celis White against the Pike?

    posted by vito90 at 12:30 PM on December 31, 2003

    i picked seattle because i am still holding on to the pats superbowl loss to the pack like a hundred years ago.

    posted by jerseygirl at 12:38 PM on December 31, 2003

    Celis is from Michigan, vito. I could probably find some, but it wouldn't be local. If you want something Texan, I can pick up any of the Shiner varieties (they're winter is out right now), or any of the St. Arnold's stuff, which is quite tasty and from Houston. I'll even toss in a copy of my most recent mix CD if I have to eat the humble pie.

    posted by Ufez Jones at 01:18 PM on December 31, 2003

    I shoulda linked St. Arnold's, and um they're = their. Boss is out, I'm lazy today.

    posted by Ufez Jones at 01:21 PM on December 31, 2003

    Boss is out, I'm lazy today. Lucky. Boss & I are the only ones in.

    posted by lilnemo at 02:02 PM on December 31, 2003

    Baltimore beats Tennessee; the defense will pound an injured McNair. Indy will beat Denver, because it's about time Manning proved himself. Carolina will beat Dallas, because I hate Parcells. (I'm wrong about this, by the way; I know Dallas will win but I can't bring myself to predict it.) Green Bay beats Seattle.

    posted by Bryant at 02:25 PM on December 31, 2003

    Alright Ufez, St. Arnolds sounds good. Upon googling I see that Celis did indeed move to Michigan. I thought that water in Austin was the only place that had a ph balance like you find in Belgium? I'm shocked, just shocked to find out that beer marketing could contain such falseties. Oh, and, I'll take the pils, because I hear that's what Favre likes to drown his sorrows in.

    posted by vito90 at 03:38 PM on December 31, 2003

    Titans - actually, I don't really give a crap who wins this game 'cause I couldn't care less about either team. Colts - best team in the NFL (yeah, you laugh, but they'll be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this year. and yes, the weed is really good. why do you ask?). Cowgirls - both teams will be playing like they have no business being there, but in the end, this snoozer will be "won" by Dallas. (just so you know, I hate Dallas and am a Panther fan) Packers - still running on Brett's emotions.

    posted by NoMich at 03:44 PM on December 31, 2003

    Tennessee holds the run and McNair picks apart the secondary. Indy in an old fashioned horse race. Dallas as the underdog. Green Bay as the overdog. We're gonna have a followup post on Monday to see how we did, right?

    posted by forksclovetofu at 04:41 PM on December 31, 2003

    Tennessee, Indianapolis, Carolina, Seattle. Seattle will win because Green Bay will be utterly emotionally exhausted after the last two weeks: death of Favre's dad, getting into the playoffs against all odds -- they've gotta be spent. Also, everyone's pointing to the Sea Chickens' abysmal road record, and GB beat them earlier this season handily. All those things point to the classic NFL "trap" game where the team that ostensibly should win will not.

    posted by jeffmshaw at 05:00 PM on December 31, 2003

    Plus: 1. the 'Hawks have been right there in almost every road loss. Two of the road losses were the "Refs forgot to start the clock in Baltimore" game and the "Refs tripped Bobby Engram" game in St. Louis. Turn those the other way, and they're 4-4 on the road. And
    2. Favre and the Pack are the top story on right now, a sure jinx.

    posted by jeffmshaw at 05:05 PM on December 31, 2003

    Colts - best team in the NFL (yeah, you laugh, but they'll be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this year. and yes, the weed is really good. why do you ask?). When Denver wins this game, can you send me some of that stash?

    posted by billsaysthis at 05:15 PM on December 31, 2003

    When Denver wins this game, can you send me some of that stash? Are you sure you want some of this? I mean, look what it made me type.

    posted by NoMich at 06:29 PM on December 31, 2003

    Are you sure you want some of this? I mean, look what it made me type. I'll save it for the NHL playoffs.

    posted by billsaysthis at 07:42 PM on December 31, 2003

    Pils it is, vito. Enjoy the game.

    posted by Ufez Jones at 12:52 PM on January 01, 2004

    Thanks for picking up my slack Ufez.

    posted by 86 at 06:52 PM on January 01, 2004

    For the record, my picks: Tennessee, Indy, Carolina, Green Bay.

    posted by trox at 07:39 AM on January 02, 2004

    Baltimore, Denver, Dallas, Green Bay.

    posted by taupe at 07:47 PM on January 02, 2004

    My picks, for the record (hey, first kickoff hasn't come yet- check the clock!): Tennessee over Baltimore, @Baltimore Baltimore got embarassed by the Steelers last week, though they won that game. McNair is looking healthy(er), and will hobble his way to victory. Didn't I see this guy guarding a bridge in a Monty Python movie? The Ravens running game and Lewis will be shut down, forcing Baltimore into passing more than they'd like- and we know how well that will work. Indianapolis over Denver, @Indianapolis Tough call, gonna be a close one- I think Week 17 was an aberration. Manning's due, and has been lights out this year. If the Colts defense can keep Denver even somewhat muted, Manning will have the breathing room and opportunity to put 30+ on the board. Carolina over Dallas, @Charlotte This is a tough call, but I'm not liking Dallas on the road right now. Both teams have lousy QBs, so it's gonna be a running game. I think Carolina takes this one at home. Seattle over Green Bay, @Green Bay I can't believe I'm picking Seattle, or betting against Brett Favrerere, but hey they're the local team playing against the odds, I need an upset pick, and outside of you crazy SpoFi-ers, everyone's picking Green Bay. Besides, something in my gut says that the GB magic is wearing out and won't carry them through a third game, and that the Hawks have gotten over their roadgame jitters in that clinching final game. Plus, I think if there's going to be a first-round surprise, this is it. That said, I now fully expect Favrerererere to prove me wrong and launch 8,000 yards or something. In the divisionals, I pick: New England over Tennessee Indianapolis over the Chiefs St Louis over Carolina Philadelphia over Seattle Conference championships: New England over Indianapolis St. Louis over Philadelphia Superbowl: That's right, a rematch of the 2002 superbowl, with similar results. Go Pats! :)

    posted by hincandenza at 03:32 PM on January 03, 2004

    Hal, will Vinatieri be the SB MVP?

    posted by billsaysthis at 04:00 PM on January 03, 2004

    no, Tedy Bruschi! :)

    posted by jerseygirl at 04:49 PM on January 03, 2004

    Ohhhh, he's dreeeeeeammmmmmyyyyyyy! I'd like to point something out here. In the Ravens/Titans game Saturday, with about 35 seconds to go in the first half, Ray Lewis made a nice play to hold Tennessee on third down. Then, instead of immediately calling the time out, Lewis chose to jump up and act like he'd just nailed Paris Hilton, or perhaps beaten a murder rap. Meanwhile, around 6-7 seconds ran off the clock. Why didn't anyone on the broadcast point out on the ensuing Baltimore possession that Lewis had cost the offense a play? Had Ray called the timeout immediately, and the Ravens then had Anthony Wright run in circles for 15 seconds, they still would have had seven seconds left instead of one, giving them time to attempt a 20-yard out. Maybe it's nitpicky. but when a guy spends as much time as Lewis does talking about his leadership and his intelligence, it's fair to point out his stupidity and selfishness also.

    posted by wfrazerjr at 02:07 PM on January 04, 2004

    wfrazerjr: agreed. I respect Lewis' game (what, 16 or 17 tackles?), but I DON'T like him personally and his whole "I am the heart and soul of football/best player who ever lived/unstoppable/team leader/are-my-dogs-in-the-house" schtick is REEEEEEEEAL old. Seeing him do sheepish media interviews afterward with the towel over the head and his "who knew?" attitude was fun for me and the entire state of Tennessee. We kept the Lewis bros. at bay and it won us the game. Watching Eddie finally get back a little bit of dignity at Ray's expense was deeply gratifying. How about that face plant? WOOT!

    posted by forksclovetofu at 05:43 PM on January 04, 2004

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