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July 31, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight: Snapped this week: Winnipeg's winning streak, Jeremiah Masoli's ACL, Zach Collaros's streak of not being an Argo. Book your rehab and make your picks inside.

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Reds' Amir Garrett Fights Entire Pirates Team: There was an actual brawl during the Reds/Pirates game Tuesday night. After a season of bad blood between the teams, 6-foot-6 Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charged single-handedly into the entire Pirates team and began throwing haymakers; Reds manager David Bell came back from being ejected to participate, which doesn't happen often; and Yasiel Puig fought as news was breaking of his trade to the Cleveland Indians.

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July 30, 2019

Jill Ellis to Step Down as U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach: Ellis will depart as the first coach in history to win two Women’s World Cups (Italy’s Vittorio Pozzo did it over 80 years ago on the Men's side) after the team's five match Victory Tour this fall. Ellis has an overall record of 102-7-18, and won 13 World Cup matches, drew once and never lost with the USWNT.

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Robot umps now!: MLB to adopt in five years or less? (original WSJ paywalled article)

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July 29, 2019

July 28, 2019

July 27, 2019

July 26, 2019

July 25, 2019

July 24, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven: Toronto loses, of course, but this time they don't get the Most Embarrassing Loss of the Week Award. Progress! Take some baby steps and make your picks inside.

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July 23, 2019

July 22, 2019

July 21, 2019

July 20, 2019

July 19, 2019

Russian NHL Star Artemi Panarin Has Opinions: ...very strong opinions.

Artemi Panarin is one of the most dynamic hockey players in the world. Nicknamed Breadman (because of the similarity of his last name to the popular Panera Bread bakery chain) he also has a reputation of one of the most sincere, charismatic, likeable players in the NHL. Recently, Panarin has signed with the New York Rangers after refusing better deals from other teams. But earlier this week, Artemi did something truly unthinkable: he utterly trashed Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and his regime in an extremely candid interview with the Vsemu Golovin Youtube channel.

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July 18, 2019

"Missed call" lawsuit against NFL proceeds in Louisiana: A Louisiana state judge ruled a damage lawsuit against the NFL over a controversial "no call" late in the NFC Championship Game can proceed.

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Aaron Boone Expresses Concern for Umpire's Day: "I feel bad for ya," manager Aaron Boone told home plate umpire Brennan Miller after being ejected from today's Yankees/Rays game in the second inning. Along with a lot of other things.

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July 17, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Six: It's only July, but your Grey Cup matchup has already been decided: Winnipeg and Montreal. Why fight fate? Turn back your clocks and make your picks inside.

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July 16, 2019

July 15, 2019

Boxing great Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker killed after being hit by car: Retired boxer Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, who held world titles at four weight classes, has been killed after being hit by a car, Virginia Beach police said Monday.

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July 14, 2019

England win Cricket World Cup: This is a match that was all New Zealand behind their incredible bowling and ever better fielding, but England's bats did just enough to tie the match and force a super over where they put 15 runs. New Zealand chased it and it came down to needing 2 runs on the last ball. They literally fell just inches away from getting that many to win, but alas for them, they couldn't get it. Amazing match!

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July 13, 2019

Wimbledon Lists Women's Champions by Their Husband's Name: When Simona Halep won her first Wimbledon title Saturday, cameras showed her name being engraved on a board of champions going back decades, which reveals an archaic tradition of the event. Married women don't get their name on the board! Billie Jean King is there six times as "Mrs. L.W. King." Chris Evert goes from "Miss C.M. Evert" to "Mrs. J.M. Lloyd."

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Angels Throw No-Hitter on Night to Honor Skaggs: Dressed in 45 jerseys to honor pitcher Tyler Skaggs after his death 11 days earlier, the Los Angeles Angels threw a combined no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners Friday night. Taylor Cole and Felix Pena were the pitchers. It was the first combined no-hitter in the state of California since July 13, 1991, the day Skaggs was born.

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July 12, 2019

Only 12% of Men Think They Could Win a Point Off Serena Williams: A polling site asked British people, "Do you think if you were playing your very best tennis, you could win a point off Serena Williams." 74% of men said no, 14% didn't know and 12% said yes.

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Grayson Allen Doesn't Play Well With Others: In a game where his team trailed by 23, Grayson Allen of the Memphis Grizzlies committed two flagrant fouls in eight seconds to get ejected. Both were pretty flagrant attempts to retaliate outside the normal hard-nosed play of the NBA. Allen followed his ejection by making a face like Scut Farkus. The video is worth watching to hear broadcaster Dan Dakich tear into Allen at length.

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July 11, 2019

Marisnick Suspended 2 Games for Nose-Breaking Collision: MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre has suspended Houston Astros linebacker Jake Marisnick two games for blowing up Los Angeles Angels defenseless receiver Jonathan Lucroy. Torre said, "While I do not believe that Jake intended to injure Jonathan, the contact he initiated in his attempt to score violated Official Baseball Rule 6.01(i), which is designed to protect catchers from precisely this type of collision." Marisnick tweeted that he "felt awful" and mistakenly thought the tag-out play was moving to outside the plate when he committed to sliding in. St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was dropping expletives on Instagram about Marisnick after the play, sparking debate among players on social media about whether it was an accident.

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July 10, 2019

July 09, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Five: Montreal stuns Hamilton, and somewhere a logo designer sleeps a little more soundly. Grab your anchor points and make your picks inside.

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July 08, 2019

July 07, 2019

Jake Marisnick Clobbers Jonathan Lucroy at Home: A home plate collision between Jake Marisnick of the Los Angeles Angels and Jonathan Lucroy of the Houston Astros Sunday left Lucroy with a broken nose and possible concussion and Lucroy calling the devastating hit unintentional. Lucroy was originally awarded the run but was called out, leaving the game tied 10-10 in the eighth inning.

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USWNT blank Netherlands to claim second straight World Cup title: With driving force Rose Lavelle as player of the match and Megan Rapinhoe winning the Golden Boot, the US Women shut down the Netherlands to capture the 2019 WWC.

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July 06, 2019

L.A. Clippers Land Kawhi Leonard, Paul George: The NBA offseason continues to be monumental. Kawhi Leonard is signing with the Los Angeles Clippers and is bringing Paul George with him. The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded George to the Clippers, receiving their unprotected 2022, 2024 and 2026 picks, their unprotected 2021 and protected 2023 first-round picks (from Miami), the rights to exchange picks in 2023 and 2025, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari. This is a good year to be the second-most famous NBA team in your metropolitan area.

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July 05, 2019

July 04, 2019

July 03, 2019

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Four: The Argos are pretty darn bad, which is good news for those of us professionally employed in the field of James Franklin pun-crafting. All aboard that's going aboard; make your picks inside.

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July 02, 2019

July 01, 2019

Another Total Knick Move: After news broke that Kevin Durant was signing with the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks weren't content to quietly die on the inside. Instead word got out that the team "wasn't prepared" to offer Durant a max contract because of injury concerns. Now we learn Durant never met with the team. "The Knicks never even got the chance to show him how uninterested they were," lols Barry Petchesky.

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