July 01, 2019

Another Total Knick Move: After news broke that Kevin Durant was signing with the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks weren't content to quietly die on the inside. Instead word got out that the team "wasn't prepared" to offer Durant a max contract because of injury concerns. Now we learn Durant never met with the team. "The Knicks never even got the chance to show him how uninterested they were," lols Barry Petchesky.

posted by rcade to basketball at 10:05 AM - 6 comments

How long until James Dolan goes missing?

posted by beaverboard at 08:46 AM on July 01, 2019

First stop for the investigators would be Steven A Smith's locker in the First Take studios. Hell, Smith may even trot the corpse out for the cameras to see just as a warning. Or put Dolan's head on a spike and put it in that white doofus's chair at the First Take table?

posted by NoMich at 09:38 AM on July 01, 2019

The Mavs getting Kristaps Porzingis made me pay more attention to the Knicks offseason. What a delight! Seeing James Dolan faceplant never gets old.

posted by rcade at 10:23 AM on July 01, 2019

I checked on the Ancestry website and found a distant family connection between the Dolans and the Hoffas. I understand James D and Jimmy H will share a common grave site.

posted by Howard_T at 11:00 AM on July 01, 2019

They will need to rent some heavy equipment if they want to lay Dolan next to Hoffa.

posted by beaverboard at 01:42 PM on July 01, 2019

Still plenty of room left in the Jersey Meadowlands.

Any day Little Jimmy Dolan gets royalty screwed is a good day. Add in Kyrie, and it's a better day.

Does this potentially make Brooklyn an Eastern Conference challenger in 2020-21?

posted by jjzucal at 10:54 AM on July 03, 2019

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