July 12, 2019

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle:

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Matt Cullen has hung up his skates. He was drafted in the second round by Anaheim in 1996 and won a Cup with the Hurricanes (huzzah!) and two with the Penguins. Here's a little ditty that might blow a mind or two:

Perhaps the most amazing stat about Cullen's longevity is the number of players he has played with and against. As of March 4, a total of 7,051 skaters, including Cullen, had played in at least one NHL game since the league formed in 1917. Since Cullen's debut, a total of 3,461 skaters have played at least one game, not including Cullen. Based off these numbers, it means that Cullen has overlapped 49.1% of all skaters to ever play an NHL game! Further, since Cullen's debut, 2,683 other players have made their NHL debut.

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Sam Presti is making Danny Ainge's old treasure trove of assets look meager. Chris Paul to OKC, Russ to Houston.

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Future box score news: Houston has two players that take 98% of the team's shots

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When the Thunder trade Paul, Presti will rake in even more. The question is who will be coaching OKC when the going gets good. Donovan will be long gone. He could walk right now and live comfortably until the ideal college situation opens up.

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