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David Beckham: Real Madrid's big mistake

thanks for all the support people... and yeah, it is a pretty lame link

posted by sportingo at 10:02 AM on December 28, 2006

2006 Retrospective

Great article. This really was a pathetically entartaining year in the world of American sports.

posted by sportingo at 04:14 AM on December 28, 2006

"World's Oldest Hockey Stick" goes for $2.2 million!

This is like when that guy spent $20,000 on the gum that Luis Gonzalez spit out as he was running down the 1st base line.

posted by sportingo at 04:10 AM on December 28, 2006

Yao will miss at least 6 weeks

Whats with these players today. I dont remember superstarts of the past succumbing to injuries at this rate. Jordan, Magic, Bird...those guys never missed games. Now, the only superstars 's able to avoid the bug are Nash and Lebron.

posted by sportingo at 03:55 AM on December 28, 2006

Ochoa completes golf's clean sweep

I would be a lot more impressed if she was African

posted by sportingo at 03:50 AM on December 28, 2006

Flex this!

Nothing like spending new year's eve watching a washed up QB playing against an overrated defense. Gotta love the NFC!

posted by sportingo at 03:46 AM on December 28, 2006

England's Plans Leaked:

Cheating has always been a part of sports. I say if you have a chance to get an intellectual edge, take advantage of it.

posted by sportingo at 03:41 AM on December 28, 2006

2007 NFL Draft.

Time for the Giants to rebuild, Manning has been a wash. Give us a black quarterback who runs trick plays and knows how to throw to the spot and not to the player.

posted by sportingo at 03:40 AM on December 28, 2006

English flags banned at the Emirates.

Arsenal anthem required, all tunes accepted 'Stand Up If You Hate Tottenham' is hardly an answer to 'Bubbles' or 'Walk Alone.' Arsenal need a song of their own.

posted by sportingo at 04:46 AM on December 24, 2006

Dream start for new Hammers boss.

West Ham and Pardew: where did the sentiment go? The sacked Hammers boss was a victim of managerial bloodlust, but the show must go on and Alan Curbishley is the man to replace him

posted by sportingo at 04:42 AM on December 24, 2006


After Martyn, Warne and McGrath, who'll quit cricket next? Many of the world's greatest players are retiring from the game, leaving the fans wanting more and reminiscing about past glories:

posted by sportingo at 04:39 AM on December 24, 2006

AI to Denver

I'm really really happy to see AI get out of Philly and play for a contender. However, having the top two scorers in the league on the same team will not be easy to manage. I dont see 'Melo taking a back seat to AI, he's convinced this is his breakout year, so the only way Denver will succeed is if AI concedes to 'Melo. If he can play Pippen to his Jordan for a few years, there is no stopping this team. And if I was Philly, I would lose the rest of this years games and hope for Oden in the draft.

posted by sportingo at 02:49 AM on December 20, 2006

Nuggets-Knicks brawl ends with 10 players ejected

this is a frustrated Knicks team. Its really been amazing that they havent been involved in a brawl before this one.

posted by sportingo at 10:00 AM on December 18, 2006

End of an era for Houston Baseball

It sucks to see these guys I grew up watching falling by the wayside.

posted by sportingo at 06:10 AM on December 18, 2006

Spit Happens

basketball players brawling and football players spitting. these guys are making millions of dollars playing a GAME, yet they still act like little children in a playground. if sports wasnt so goddam fun to watch, i would boycott them.

posted by sportingo at 06:04 AM on December 18, 2006