December 28, 2006

Hidden: David Beckham: Real Madrid's big mistake: Selling shirts isn't enough. It's time for the Spanish giants to send Becks packin

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Linking to self?

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 08:30 AM on December 28, 2006

And a lame link at that.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 08:31 AM on December 28, 2006

sportingo's big mistake.

posted by yerfatma at 08:53 AM on December 28, 2006

thanks for all the support people... and yeah, it is a pretty lame link

posted by sportingo at 10:02 AM on December 28, 2006

Self linking is strictly prohibited in the guidelines.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 10:05 AM on December 28, 2006

sportingo -- your website actually looks fairly interesting. It's just that the guidelines prohibit self-linking, which is a pretty sensible policy when you consider the opportunities for abuse otherwise. That said, I think it's generally considered acceptable (and correct me if I'm wrong, anyone else who knows) to throw in a pertinent link to your own site in the comments section where it is relevant to the discussion at hand (as you did in a recent cricket thread), although the unwritten rules of this site suggest that you acknowledge that you are linking to your won site ("As I wrote on my blog the other day...").

posted by holden at 10:29 AM on December 28, 2006

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