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September 20, 2011

Being convicted of attempted murder helped a former NHL player save a life: Former NHL player Mike Danton was sent to prison for plotting to take a life. In his return to professional hockey, the skills he learned while incarcerated may well have saved one.

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July 22, 2011

Steve Spurrier arrested?: Earlier this spring, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was led away in handcuffs to make a point.

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July 14, 2011

Clemens trial ends abuptly: The judge presiding over Roger Clemens' perjury trial declared a mistrial over inadmissible evidence shown to jurors. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said Clemens could not be assured a fair trial after prosecutors showed jurors evidence against his orders in the second day of testimony.

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May 19, 2011

NBC Sports Chief Dick Ebersol resigns: Dick Ebersol has resigned as NBC Sports Group chairman, an industry giant who helped launch "Saturday Night Live" and built the network into the home of the Olympics.

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May 13, 2011

Casey has taken his final swing in his final at-bat and now waits for the game to end: One of the greatest homerun hitters has decided that he can no longer fight a losing battle. In a statement released jointly by the Minnesota Twins and the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Harmon Killebrew said "it is with profound sadness" that he will no longer receive treatment for the "awful disease."

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May 09, 2011

No Shirt No Service: High School Coach Jobless After Boys Track Team Goes Topless: Westwood High track coach Tom Davis was fired last week because one of his runners decided to whip off a shirt during training on a 75-degree day. This wasn't a girl, by the way. It was a boy.

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May 03, 2011

Where Title IX apparently doesn't apply both ways: "I'm sick of boys dominating the game,'' Gloucester field hockey coach and athletic director Kim Patience

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May 02, 2011

The first man to floor 'The Greatest' passed away: Henry Cooper fought Ali, who was then known as Cassius Clay, at London's Wembley Arena in 1963 and sent the American falling into the ropes with a fierce left hook in the fourth round.

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April 28, 2011

Yankees Accidentally Leak Personal Info Of 20,000 Season Ticket Holders: Precisely 21,466 season ticket plans are listed in the document, representing all of the "non-premium" seats that make up the vast majority of Yankee Stadium, excluding only the suites and the first few rows in the infield. UPDATE: The Yankees have responded with this email to all season ticket subscribers. The subject line was blank.

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April 20, 2011

Alleged Tree Poisoning Moron alleges he was attacked: Updyke told McKenzie exclusively that he went to the Tiger Express gas station to get a drink. When he was in the parking lot, someone attacked him and he fell to the ground. When he got up he asked a clerk for the nearest hospital and took himself to be treated.

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March 13, 2011

NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth rescued from floating restaurant: Kathy Kinane and her husband walked into the upscale Waterfront restaurant wearing snorkeling gear, a joking reference to the recent rain and rising water levels outside the eatery housed on a barge.

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March 01, 2011

Much like George W. Bush, Donald Sterling likes black people: In honor of Black History Month, Donald Sterling will admit 1,000 "underprivileged" kids and their parents in free for a Clippers-Rockets game on Wednesday, MARCH 2, 2011

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January 27, 2011

Lesbians in Athletics?: "He kept drilling that 'this would be a family,'" says the player, who asked not to be named. "'You should come here,' he said, 'because we're family-oriented.'"

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November 23, 2010

Boras is MLB's version of Josh Luchs?: “The money obligates them to the agent, gives the agent leverage, and coerces the athlete to do what the agent wants because of fear of foreclosure or other adverse consequences for the athlete or the athlete’s family,” said Mark S. Levinstein, a prominent sports lawyer who is a partner at the Washington law firm Williams & Connolly

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November 11, 2010

Another legend passes: While Dave Niehaus was not as well known as Scully, Buck and Gowdy, he was the voice that introduced the Pacific Northwest to Major League Baseball since the inception of the Seattle Mariners.

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November 03, 2010

Another baseball great turns out to be human afterall: Everybody dies someday, of course, but dementia is a form of torture not only for the sick person but also for family and friends. I've always imagined it as a mental form of ALS. Contemplating Sparky Anderson losing his sharp mind ... it's quite depressing.

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September 17, 2010

Will Auburn be investigated like USC?: "Let me tell you something, these agents are well known, and they've been giving kids money for 30 years, and I have no problem with it. Borrowing money from an agent ain't the same as a college paying you."

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July 21, 2010

How about them Survivors: Jimmy Johnson won a college football championship and two Super Bowls. But can he survive in the wilderness?

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July 02, 2010

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull according to the NBA's web store: A red LeBron James No. 6 Bulls Jersey briefly appeared on the store Thursday afternoon.

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June 15, 2010

Padres lead in the west isn't the only thing that is shaky: “That’s not a natural occurrence,” said Padres left fielder Scott Hairston. “Well, yes it is a natural occurrence. But it’s a little unsettling to go back on the field after something like that.”

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May 24, 2010

Because there is no crying in baseball, everyone should keep it together: Dottie Kamenshek, the female baseball player who served as inspiration for Geena Davis' character in "A League Of Their Own," died of natural causes in California last Monday. She was 84.

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April 29, 2010

The human equivalent to Zippy Chippy: Robert Dee knows he's not the world's best pro tennis player, but when a London newspaper wrote that he's the worst, he wanted the world to know it wasn't true.

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April 19, 2010

Volcano prevents runners from Boston Marathon: Boston Marathon officials say based on their database, more than 500 runners could be affected by the volcano that has grounded planes around Europe. On Sunday an elite runner who competed in the 10,000 meters in the Olympics confirmed that they would not arrive in time to compete. Other sports are having issues too, including a Japanese MotoGP event and the London Marathon.

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April 14, 2010

Everyone has a cousin in Miami, now they have a Marshall too: Brandon Marshall is heading to Miami for a second-round pick in next week's NFL draft and what league sources say is an additional second-round pick in 2011.

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December 31, 2009

Who Are You to Ban Townshend From Super Bowl?: Beware, a sicko with a guitar is coming to town! "Should The Who be banned from the Super Bowl?" If you're willing to be duped into a knee-jerk reaction, you'll probably say yes. If you bother to look into what The Who's legendary guitarist actually did, the answer is not nearly so cut-and-dried.

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