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I kept holding out because I thought I was right

Thanks for the post! Other great lines in that first link:

"Not because I had changed my mind about [what] I was entitled to but because the game gets into your blood."

"You see, baseball does things to you, and when spring comes, the sun shines, and you read about scores, you forget dough and grab yourself a bat."

I haven't felt that way about baseball in a very, very long time, unfortunately.

posted by redsnare at 02:24 PM on November 08, 2007

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week Nine

One of The Hoserís staff writers came to our Halloween party in a big Massengill box. He was almost disqualified from our football-themed costume contest until he explained he was dressed as Jon Kitna. Ha! Great article as usual, wfrazerjr. Re the showdown between the undefeateds: I can't imagine the Patriots losing to anyone right now; if they continue playing like they have through the first half of the season. I'm totally buying into the hype surrounding this game (unfortunately?) which leads me to believe it will be closer than even Vegas thinks. There's just enough mystique around the Colts playing at home in the RCA Dome with Adam Vinatieri, though, which is why I'll be keeping my pick to myself.

posted by redsnare at 05:44 PM on November 02, 2007

2006 NFL TV distribution maps.

See here for more info on NFL television coverage.

Thanks for the link, Ufez; I've always been interested to find out which parts of the country see which games (outside of their local game(s), of course).

posted by redsnare at 11:52 AM on November 16, 2006

University of Phoenix gets naming rights to Cardinals stadium

I be extremely ticked off if I were paying tuition for a child to go to this school.

Don't send your child to that school then.

Not to derail this already precariously perched thread, but what exactly would exclude them from being a "true" university? Or did the Snarkosaur just go flying right over my head?

On preview: dbt302 - HA!

posted by redsnare at 03:16 PM on September 27, 2006

It doesn't pay to punt

Thanks for the link, lex -- I've missed Easterbrook.

posted by redsnare at 12:25 PM on September 27, 2006

The Hoserís NFL Picks, Week One

All in all, damn glad to have the Hoser Picks back...

Ditto. One of the first things I did when I signed up here was go through the archives reading the Hoser picks. Excellent stuff!

...and thank god its football season again!

Yes, now I can justify my heavy drinking on Sunday.

posted by redsnare at 02:06 PM on September 08, 2006

Speaking of needing one more team....

Woot! Just signed up under countryroadsisoverhyped. First foray into fantasy in about 3 or 4 years after a dreadfully sleepy NFL league. Also, first time back at SpoFi in (checks user-page) over 2 months.

posted by redsnare at 10:24 AM on September 01, 2006

First In War, First In PeaceÖ

Great stuff. Thanks, BullpenPro! Why not submit it to the WaPost or Times to see if they'll run it?

posted by redsnare at 10:42 AM on June 23, 2006

Miami's in Heat

"Has there ever been another city who's reputation to outsiders has been so affected by flim and TV?"


Drallig9399 - Whatever you're on, hook me up.

posted by redsnare at 09:55 AM on June 23, 2006

USA-Soccer's Tin Man? Bruce Arena-Sore Loser?

"As for Arena, the 4-5-1 is fine, but not in the second half of a game you're losing, where only a win is good enough."

Not to be a stickler but couldn't you argue that all 3 matches were this way? Group of death and whatnot.

I was actually pretty happy with how he publically called out the players after the Czech match, however, coupled with his words and attitude after the Ghana match made me sick. I've known he's arrogant ever since I went to his soccer camp as a kid but I never thought he was a complete prick.

posted by redsnare at 09:46 AM on June 23, 2006

Three finalists for 2014 Winter Olympics

So the asterisk in the second link means that Pyeongchang was selected over Borjomi based on picking straws?! Seems odd to me; why not just have four cities downselected? Or two? Or, I'm reading it completely wrong.

Looks like the first link is broken.

posted by redsnare at 12:10 PM on June 22, 2006

No World Cup love for Team USA

Pretty bummed out on the intensity the US showed during this Cup except for a few minutes in the second halves of the last two games. I hate to say it's time for Arena to go since he's accomplished so much for the sport in the US but he really disappointed me.

romakimmy, please keep us posted on the outcome of the bribing situation since I'll be too lazy at work to go searching for info.

posted by redsnare at 12:03 PM on June 22, 2006

NBA Draft Lottery Projections

I would love to see the headline read "Utah's man is Gay". Ha ha!

I don't think McNamara will go in the first round or even early second round but there's no doubt in my mind that he could pull off a Steve Blake and turn into a regular starter - thanks to his hustle and heart.

posted by redsnare at 02:15 PM on May 25, 2006

A Timeout To Kill

I couldn't agree more; the NBA sickens me, and has, for a long time. I've always enjoyed soccer but now with the WC coming up it's at the front of my mind.

Quick side-note: Is it just me or has Slate increasingly (over the past 1-2 years) become a better and better resource for sports news/analysis/opinions?

posted by redsnare at 01:13 PM on May 25, 2006

An economist's take on NFL coaches

Well, dammit, that's what I get for visiting SpoFi irregularly. Sorry about that DJE. Mods, please delete.

posted by redsnare at 12:18 PM on May 05, 2006

An economist's take on NFL coaches

A couple of other good links within that synopsis post, too. I liken this to playing Madden and never, ever, punting while playing against friends for fear of ostracism. Even when you're winning and on your own goal-line.

posted by redsnare at 11:20 AM on May 05, 2006

The Young Is The Restless

How about bannination from baseball for life? Sustained injuries to the referee aside, the intent in this scenario is the same.

posted by redsnare at 08:31 AM on April 28, 2006

How to build a winner.

From the FPP: Some say no

Hear, hear.

Divisional rivalries aside, great FPP rocketman.

posted by redsnare at 09:07 PM on April 14, 2006

Randel El to Washington NFL team

"and I trust Joe Gibbs to know better than anybody how to put a team together."

And I trust Dan Snyder to know better than anybody how to ruin a team by overpaying underperforming players.

Randle El commanded a lot of respect in the FA market and with the new CBA in place - greatly increasing cap room - I'm not surprised he went to the Foreskins for that much money. He does fill the punt returner position they've been struggling with ever since Brian Mitchell left, however, it's a steep price to pay for a special teams player. Bears could've used him but I think they're better off spending their loot somewhere else.

posted by redsnare at 11:50 AM on March 13, 2006

Unranked Syracuse Upsets #1 UConn, 86-84

with GW's loss there's an additional bubble team knocked off

Yukon, are you saying GW is a bubble-team? If so, and no offense, I actually have to question your understanding/following of college basketball. Granted, they're in the A-10, however, other than this loss, they've completely owned every team in that conference this year. I'm no GW fan, however, they'll easily make it to the dance. Yes, I'll readily eat my words if they don't make it.

Cuse, especially after tonight's win against G-town...grumble....grumble...will make it in, as well. The win against UConn pretty much guaranteed it and killed a number of other bubble teams' chances.

On a larger note, I agree that the Big East certainly won't send a record 9 teams and most likely won't send 8 to the Big Dance, either.

posted by redsnare at 09:33 PM on March 10, 2006

Vikings not passing up Culpepper trade

Culpepper and Moss didn't get along in Minnesota

Well, as kirk alluded to I don't think the stats really show that, at all. Culpepper to Moss was one of the most feared tandems in the NFL.

/Obvious disregard of any off-the-field dissension.

posted by redsnare at 09:18 PM on March 10, 2006

Men's Hockey Olympicks Wrap-up.

Wow! Holy, um, crap-shoot. My lack of hockey knowledge putting me at a severe disadvantage to the SpoFi collective I resorted to the one thing that can win pick'ems and piss off those who know more than you; yes, not-so-random guessing. A close-your-eyes-and-pick-a-team (excluding those teams *ahem*Italy*cough*Latvia* who were locks for the basement), random selection based on average annual temperature by capital city.


Sidenote: It's been a helluva month what-with an acquisition at work and my hard drive at home deciding to crash on me after a power-outage during an early February snow storm (which deleted my somewhat labored-over Olympic biathlon article, unfortunately).

So, I feel like a dick because I didn't get a chance to cover my event of the Olympics, let alone see much of any of the Olympics. I'm trying to watch some stuff off the DVR but it's kind of ridiculous at this point already knowing the outcome.

posted by redsnare at 09:06 PM on March 10, 2006

There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.

I have a MUCH better definition of 'spinner' for ya.

Dammit, sfts2, you beat me to it; running joke with my buddies when we head out to the bars.

posted by redsnare at 04:12 PM on February 09, 2006

Mark Cuban: I Own Phil Jackson

Hilarious! Thanks for the link Lumbergh!

posted by redsnare at 02:18 PM on February 09, 2006

ESPN names new MNF broadcast team.

"There, I fixed that for you."

Ha! Mr. Frazer, you are my hero. Thank you.

posted by redsnare at 09:52 AM on February 09, 2006

How about a Men's Olympic Hockey pool.

Well, this should at least get me in front of the TV for some hockey games, although, my lack of hockey-knowledge may net me the Costanza award. 12 - Russia 11 - Finland 10 - Canada 9 - Sweden 8 - Czech Republic 7 - USA 6 - Germany 5 - Slovakia 4 - Switzerland 3 - Kazakhstan 2 - Latvia 1 - Italy 15 goals in medal round

posted by redsnare at 11:56 AM on February 08, 2006

ESPN names new MNF broadcast team.

Ditto on the Theeeesman comments: Pompous. Jackass.

they do fine when Wilbon is on the road

How about when/if both of them are out of the studio, though? I don't recall seeing it happen before, however, the chemistry when Wilbon alone isn't present is a tad off; will it be double the trouble if neither are in-house, so to speak. Don't get me started on the PTI stand-ins.

posted by redsnare at 11:21 AM on February 08, 2006

Slip Sliding Away: A quick and dirty preview of Olympic luge

Well written article, rainbaby. BTW, caught some of the luge World Cup on Sunday during commercial breaks of the Georgetown game. Coupled with your article I'm now very excited to watch some Olympic events.

posted by redsnare at 10:19 AM on February 07, 2006

How about a Men's Olympic Hockey pool.

Confidence pool. Sweet. Will points remain the same when the quarters, semis, and medal-rounds come about? Or will there be an opportunity to "re-pick" teams?

posted by redsnare at 10:09 AM on February 07, 2006

Reliving near misses

T.O.? No, no, no, not that T.O.

runs and hides from likely onslaught of that T.O. comments.

posted by redsnare at 04:45 PM on February 06, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick 'Em Playoffs, FINAL RESULTS

FoxSoccerChannel was the primary source

Yep, although, I sometimes catch trimmed-down games on, I believe, the MHz network which, amazingly, now has two channels on my cable provider. Still no ESPN2 in HD, though :-(.

posted by redsnare at 04:24 PM on February 06, 2006

Most Valuable Players Wanted More Valuable Paycheck

miller, I long to live in your utopian fantasy-land where cost-to-income ratios remain static over the course of a lifetime(s). Also, your aspirations in life are admirable; please send me your resume (I kid -- I'm sorry).

All joking aside, though, my personal feelings on this post are about as luke-warm as the game I watched and the beer I was drinking during it. Snooze.

Yeah, Big D, I had a FPP edited before because of general editorialization/snarkiness and I've seen others changed for just a lack of "meat". Thanks; the post was good.

posted by redsnare at 04:18 PM on February 06, 2006

A glove affair: New methods shed light on evaluating defense

Both interesting articles, justgary and sandman. While I mostly dislike Jeter for other inexplicable reasons, I've always had the impression that his on-field acrobatics were more fluff than actual necessity. Granted, sometimes a baserunner sliding into second with cleats-up necessitates a triple-axle back-handspring with a twist of lemon but, for me, the over-all range and consistency of a fielder is much more important. That's why I liked Ryne Sandberg over that splits-loving Mark Grace.

posted by redsnare at 10:14 AM on February 06, 2006

The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

" 05 Colts - are you serious?!"

Uh, s-unit, Super Bowl teams - - as if it hasn't been mentioned enough.

posted by redsnare at 11:34 AM on February 03, 2006

Newcastle chop Souey

That tripod link of texan's is most likely a permmullet (according to Not a definite but pretty damn close.

posted by redsnare at 03:53 PM on February 02, 2006

The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

You told me and I still didn't do it.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

It wasn't directed at you, although, I imagine those it was directed at won't read them. You are a rebel, though.

And, commander cody, I agree.

posted by redsnare at 03:33 PM on February 02, 2006

The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

As a Bears fan, sure, why not. Although, I fear I may have opened the flood-gates.

via Fark Sports

posted by redsnare at 03:07 PM on February 02, 2006

My Lunch With Tyson Tomko

"I had lunch with Stone Cold Steve Austin and he stunned the entire restruant."

I read this as he gave the whole restaurant the "Stunner". Damn, bartender, throw that man a cold one.

*cough* umm, heh, no, uh, no, I don't watch that pro-wrestling garbage, pssshhh, that's crazy-talk...

posted by redsnare at 06:15 PM on February 01, 2006

U. of Ill. Appeals to Keep Indian Mascot

I know this subject has been beat to death here so I'm going to keep my mouth shut

posted by redsnare at 12:14 PM on January 31, 2006

Homeowner has 'super' find for a Steelers fan.

"As far as Pennsylvania beers are concerned I prefer Rolling Rock."

What about Yuengling? I agree IC is horrendous, though, and am slightly amazed at the author's assumption that there is a lucrative market for commemorative 25 year-old beer cans.

posted by redsnare at 11:17 AM on January 31, 2006

The Essence of Offense

Not "who", yerfatma, but "where".

posted by redsnare at 01:55 PM on January 30, 2006

Nikolay Valuev - The Real Giant

Ha! Good call, skydivedad.

posted by redsnare at 09:10 AM on January 30, 2006

Seven players

Hey, yerfatma, what's going on with Ryan Gomes? Any reason why they don't list his salary on HoopsHype? Doesn't look like he's played much at all this season, either.

posted by redsnare at 03:29 PM on January 27, 2006

Bode Miller is at it again

"Amateur says he has pressure.....what pressure? This chump is a nobody."

And as a follow-up to Amateur's reply to this insightful comment, this link provides some of this "nobody's" achievements on the slopes.

posted by redsnare at 12:10 PM on January 27, 2006

Seven players

Blount signed a six year $42M deal in 2004, so, yeah, you might want to call those shackles, not handcuffs. Here's Boston's salaries and Minnesota's.

posted by redsnare at 11:11 AM on January 27, 2006

TV Commentator Awards

"Tony Siragusa, is actually the one providing insight (or something) from the sideline."

I actually heard him a couple years ago ask the guys in the booth to throw down some hot dogs and a beer. I guess that falls in the "something" category.

I'm surprised this was pretty spot-on analysis of the announcers, you know, coming from Dr. Z and all. On preview: yes, terrapin, the radio is much better than listening to the TV announcers when at home.

posted by redsnare at 04:10 PM on January 26, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes


Please watch your caps lock. Thank you.

And, in reply to your comment; ahem.

posted by redsnare at 03:45 PM on January 26, 2006

the best play in sports history???

This thread is going to be gone shortly but, siouxhocky, if you wanted to hear everyone's opinion on this you could have done some googling to at least find a related list (which took no time at all) and maybe could have put a little effort into finding some other related articles. Just a suggestion. Or, on preview, what chico said.

posted by redsnare at 03:40 PM on January 26, 2006

Who cares what YOU believe, Mikey?

Exactly, fabulon7 (not that I think this particular situation actually was an accident). Double-edged sword, man.

posted by redsnare at 12:26 PM on January 26, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

Mickelson's no saint but I always thought Vijay was the biggest jackass in the PGA.

Danny Fortson as an honorable mention?! Who the fuck is Danny Fortson? Career averages of 20 min/game, 7 reb/game, and 8 pts/game should make you ineligible for a list of this sort.

posted by redsnare at 11:39 AM on January 25, 2006

Fans Storm Court After Hoyas Stop Duke

Great game by the Hoyas! I was in San Fran at the time on the way to wine country so I missed the game. Saw the highlights on the flight home and was impressed by the Hoyas use of JT III's Princeton-style offense (or is it un-impressed by Duke's defense?). Jeff Green shut down Sheldon Williams in the paint which forced Reddick to carry the team. Kind of disappointed to see all the unbeatens fall, though.

posted by redsnare at 09:55 AM on January 24, 2006

NBA brawl in the stands repeated

"Again a confontation between players and fans starts with alchol. When will the league learn that it needs to be limited during games?"

Banned (as Bill said) maybe, but "limited"? It's not as if the folks working the concession stand are experienced bartenders; they can barely count out change let alone be able to tell if someone's had too much to drink (apologies to any concession stand workers - it's just a joke). Plus, alcohol bannination woule be a revenue killer for owners (+$6 beers!), which we all know is a big no-no.

On preview, rcade, agreed and, yeah, what imsonyuk said.

posted by redsnare at 08:47 AM on January 19, 2006

Panthers Bury Bears

"popular belief 'Windy City' referred to the blowhard politicians"

Likewise, until a couple years ago when I saw something about it in the Straight Dope or some-such. Stupid urban legends. In defense of the public misperception, though, the wind coming off the lake can be brutal.

posted by redsnare at 04:56 PM on January 17, 2006

The debate continues over Europe's greatest soccer players.

" Where's Henry?"

FYI - at the bottom of each page in the Full Results section is a list of all candidates for that particular position and the amount of votes they received. Henry ended up with 17.3% of votes closely behind Shevchenko with 17.77%.

posted by redsnare at 04:33 PM on January 17, 2006

NFL Record & Fact Book

Aaaaand saved. Most excellent. Thanks, kirkaracha!

posted by redsnare at 04:20 PM on January 17, 2006

Panthers Bury Bears

Good call lbb on the Windy City nickname which some contest actually has to do with "boosterism".

posted by redsnare at 09:50 AM on January 17, 2006

Panthers Bury Bears

Smith did have over 150 yards receiving in that first meeting, though. Yes, YYM, Steve Smith is an amazing wide receiver and deserves the respect and admiration that goes along with that ability. Anybody seen a stat on how many dropped passes Moose had yesterday? He's been pissing me off with that recently.

posted by redsnare at 04:35 PM on January 16, 2006

USC leads the way in underclassmen declairing for draft

I counted 6 that are pretty much guaranteed 1st rounders. Odd -- all six of the sophomores are from NC State or South Carolina (and no juniors at all from SC). I think they'll probably fall to day two.

posted by redsnare at 04:19 PM on January 16, 2006

Panthers Bury Bears

"are you trying to say the Bears defense was not overrated?"

Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying as are others in this thread. I agree, the Bears should have double-teamed Steve Smith on nearly every play, however, the cover 2 scheme the Bears use is intended to have the safeties act as the double-team on the deep routes. The safeties, and cornerbacks, blew their defensive roles, though.

"Trying to deny that weather in Chicago does not inhibit offenses is a little crazy."

Well, now I know why the Bears offense was so stagnant.

"I do not know the Bears schedule for every game but they played a lot of teams that couldn't score many points to begin with."

They held Carolina, Atlanta, and Washington to a combined 13 points! All three are in the top-half of the league in scoring.

posted by redsnare at 03:53 PM on January 16, 2006

Panthers Bury Bears

"Their defense amassed impressive stats against terrible teams in the worst division." They only allowed 13.4 pts/game against the playoff teams they faced during the regular season - - that's still good for #1 in the league.

"Also they play a big portion of their games in horrific weather which impedes most offenses anyway." Well, you're entitled to your opinion regarding bad weather impeding offenses, however, I'd say the games against San Francisco , Atlanta, and Pittsburgh were the only ones played in "horrific" weather (and Pittsburgh was a loss for the Bears). On preview -- well said, melcarek.

"What a make money weekend!"Glad you made money on two of the dogs.

posted by redsnare at 01:30 PM on January 16, 2006