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Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight in Jeopardy Over Drug Testing

It might not be that he is hiding anything. Maybe he just doesn't believe in testing so close to the fight. Its not like he is refusing the testing period. He said he would do the blood test after the fight. So if he is hiding anything it would be found regardless.

posted by aztlan78 at 05:03 PM on December 24, 2009

Barry Bonds to get an Asterisk in Record Book *

I hope he's kidding about that asteriks on the record book. No one else has that, Bonds is no different or special to get that treatment.

posted by aztlan78 at 09:24 AM on May 25, 2006

Pierre to Cubs

The Cubs are destined for another century of futility!!

posted by aztlan78 at 10:52 PM on December 07, 2005

For the second time in 87 years, the two Sox franchises won back-to-back championships in the same number of games

As a die-hard white sox fan I am very,very happy the Sox won. I started to get worried when they were blowing the lead in the central but they regrouped and put together one of the most dominating postseason runs in history and showed that their record was not a fluke. GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by aztlan78 at 01:57 AM on October 27, 2005

Game Over

good point greasepig. im watching espnews and sportscenter and it was only mentioned once and was brushed off.

posted by aztlan78 at 02:54 AM on October 26, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

thats 1919 WS they threw. They won in 1917.

posted by aztlan78 at 12:24 AM on October 26, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

thanks on that correction on ivy willthrill. But they should build another stadium, an exact replica of the wrigley's field and ivy but make everything else up to date. where did i come up with ivery?

posted by aztlan78 at 10:56 PM on October 25, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

Wrigley being the beautiful baseball mecca Hey melcarek, i'll agree with you that wrigley is a baseball mecca but not beautiful at all.(with the exception of the ivery outfield walls). Wrigley is old, falling apart, bad and always long restrooms, etc. but what do you expect its an old ballpark that needs to be redone.

posted by aztlan78 at 10:28 PM on October 25, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

Hey Shoalbaby, did you hear that a die-hard cubs fan did go to the game and made himself known he was a die-hard. He was wearing a Cubs jersey and an Astros hat at the game. Not sure if it was game 1 or 2. Talk about ignorance.

posted by aztlan78 at 10:20 PM on October 25, 2005

Red Sox

I cant imagine how tony graffanino felt after that error. it was costly.

posted by aztlan78 at 03:25 AM on October 06, 2005

Despite bringing his father back into camp

I couldnt agree with you more WeedyMcSmokey on both points.

posted by aztlan78 at 08:49 AM on October 03, 2005

Despite bringing his father back into camp

next week there's a lightweight fight Corrales Vs Castillo. The first fight was epic. I hope the rematch is the same. Experts say it was the best lightweight fight of all time. its on Oct 8th

posted by aztlan78 at 06:44 AM on October 03, 2005

Despite bringing his father back into camp

I don't have to explain his ugly ko's and his defeat last night said it all. people say its because he is 35 or 36 but look at b-hop he's 40 and still looked sharp. He never fought quality fighters like tarver that often or even if ever. he fought hopkins but that was before hopkins became the fighter he is now. So thats why I say he was overrated. He was never really tested. He has a questionable jaw. But of course that my opinion.

posted by aztlan78 at 08:26 PM on October 02, 2005

Despite bringing his father back into camp

well i said it before and i'll say it again roy jones was overrated.

posted by aztlan78 at 04:18 PM on October 02, 2005

And the witchhunt continues

Here's something else to think about when it comes to Bonds. He had never broke over 50 HR before he broke the record. His career high was 49. What a coincidence. Talk about a career year.

posted by aztlan78 at 04:35 PM on September 28, 2005

Ozzy is one big quote machine.

thanks on the correction for Hafner and ur right he does remind me of an orc.

posted by aztlan78 at 08:22 PM on September 23, 2005

Ozzy is one big quote machine.

when it comes to the Indians i feel like im watching a modern day movie of MAJOR LEAGUE. I dont know if its that they are playing great ball or just alot of luck. Look at Hefner. He just hit another homerun just now. I think he has hit at leat 1 homer in the past 6 or 7 games. Sorry but hes no barry bonds.

posted by aztlan78 at 08:06 PM on September 23, 2005

Tarver says he's ready to fight even if Jones isn't

roy jones is a burn out. people said i was crazy when i said he was the most overrated fighter of all time With Tarver's and Johnson's nasty K.O.s i was proven right. There was nobody in the light heavyweight division to fight. They were all bums. And no RJ didn't make them look like bums they were already that. I wish he would have fought Hopkins. It would have been better to watch Hopkins knock his ass out.

posted by aztlan78 at 03:26 PM on September 16, 2005

White Sox manger questions Marte's injury.

they would have to blame themselves, especially ozzie who has made some real bad decisions as of late. but its also only natural for them to try to blame someone else especially since their blowing a 10 to 12 game lead in the division. on a last note SCREW YOU CUBS FANS AT LEAST THE SOX STILL GOT A CHANCE. WHERE ARE THE CUBS, ALWAYS HURT AND BARELY AT .500. BUNCH OF BITCHES. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!

posted by aztlan78 at 05:21 PM on September 15, 2005

Buehrlie think that Texas may be "stealing" signs

This isnt the first time he's cried foul about something. he accused a cubs pitcher of putting a substance on the ball. buerle needs to forget about other players and concentrate on winning a game instead.

posted by aztlan78 at 04:04 PM on August 30, 2005

Griffey is back! Should he be traded?

i read that its up to JR if he would be willing to accept the trade. Even if this is true the white sox should try to get him. they need another bat to lift them out of this hitting slup. and they are contenders.

posted by aztlan78 at 06:53 AM on August 26, 2005