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NBA star Manute Bol dies

He was on of the greatest humanitarian's that I have ever read about. May God bless.

posted by Doehead at 08:05 AM on June 20, 2010

Orlando Magic lose, Boston moves on to NBA Finals

Looks like the oldguys still can dish it out!!!

posted by Doehead at 12:49 PM on May 29, 2010

Hanley benched for lack of hustle

I couldn't care less what he did last year. His actions make him a loser in my book. ENOUGH SAID!!!!

posted by Doehead at 08:23 AM on May 19, 2010

NFL Suspends Roethlisberger for Six Games

Sorry rcade but (The stuff that's not in dispute -- he bought drinks at a bar for college girls who could not legally drink and had sex with one of them while his bodyguards kept her friends from intervening )

I agree that he is a lowlife, but sorry but it has not been proven that he had sex. And the girls were not wearing the armband that is issued at the door for people under 21.

posted by Doehead at 07:46 PM on April 21, 2010

NFL Suspends Roethlisberger for Six Games

Big Ben will lose 1.9 to 2.8 million due to the suspension. I sure hope he enjoyed his few minutes with that girl, because she was expensive. And who knows how much more he may have given her for her latest silence.It would have been better if he was suspended for the whole year. He definitely needs counseling.

posted by Doehead at 04:24 PM on April 21, 2010

Roethlisberger Accuser Claimed Forced Sex in Bathroom

First of all, let me say that Ben is a real a-hole. But, a bunch of young girls that are following Ben from bar to bar are hunting trouble, and they found it. So they are no angels either. As far as Ben goes, the Rooney's will punish him as much as they are allowed by the players union. They have not said he won't be traded, but they have not received any offers.

posted by Doehead at 08:32 AM on April 16, 2010

DA Says Roethlisberger Won't Be Charged

I feel the Rooney's have informed Ben that he has two strikes against him, one more and he is out!!! I personally met his exgirlfriend (she's from Pittsburgh) and she said that he is an overgrown a-hole. It's time for him to grow up and act like a professional.

posted by Doehead at 06:36 PM on April 12, 2010

EA Sports, Nike Play Up Tiger Woods Sponsorship

I personally will never buy another Nike product.How can a company that large stick with a lowlife?

posted by Doehead at 06:26 PM on April 09, 2010

96-Team NCAA Tournament Increasingly Likely

Why don't they increase it to 334 teams with the best two high school teams playing for the 334th spot. Isn't these the same people that said they didn't want a a football playoff because the players would miss too many classes. It looks like they will miss at least 2 weeks of classes, because they want the games to be on every day of the week.

posted by Doehead at 08:52 AM on April 03, 2010

Rangers Manager Tested Positive for Cocaine

I guess Washington will use the old saying for his team ( Do as I say not as I do)

posted by Doehead at 08:29 AM on March 18, 2010

NY Post: Tiger Woods Will Return to Golf March 25

Tiger is a self centered player who throws his clubs when he is not happy and uses a lot of profanity in front of the onlookers. So rcade if this is your kind of hero, God bless you. He is not my hero, so tha's why I couldn't care less if he ever showed up anywhere!!!

posted by Doehead at 06:34 PM on March 12, 2010

NY Post: Tiger Woods Will Return to Golf March 25

I think Atheist said it all; WHO CARES

posted by Doehead at 07:54 AM on March 12, 2010

Police in Georgia Investigating Ben Roethlisberger

I'll wait till all the facts are in to base my final opinion,but he has to be smarter and not put himself in these situations.

posted by Doehead at 08:20 AM on March 06, 2010

Canada captures gold

I was rooting for USA, but since they lost I'm glad that Crosby scored the winning goal.

posted by Doehead at 08:04 PM on February 28, 2010

Tiger Woods sorry, admits all: 'I had affairs. I cheated'

Never liked him from day one,and now I actually hate him. He is very deceiving and acts like the world owes him. I hope his wife puts him in the poor house.

posted by Doehead at 03:19 PM on February 19, 2010

Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, 5 Others Join Hall of Fame

LeBeau deserved the honor as a player and also as a defensive coach. He is one of the greatest.You can't find a coach that is better liked by the players on his team.

posted by Doehead at 08:26 AM on February 08, 2010

Oakland A's Phenom Quits to Join Priesthood

I'm sure he did what's right in his mind. Lets all wish him the best.

posted by Doehead at 01:12 PM on January 24, 2010

Jets Advance to A.F.C. Title Game

Although the Jets are a good team, they backed into the playoffs and lady luck is on their side. They will not be so lucky against the Colts. Expect a blowout.

posted by Doehead at 12:12 PM on January 18, 2010

Favre, Viking defense rough up Romo, Cowboys 34-3

I loved the outcome of this game. My favorite team is the Steelers(now and forever), and second favorite team is whoevers playing the Cowboys.

posted by Doehead at 08:42 PM on January 17, 2010

The Hoser's NFL Playoff Picks 2009, Week Two

I think the Ravens will beat the Colts. If it wasn't for an interception and a fumble at the end of the game during the regular season,the Ravens would have stopped the Colts win streak. And I'm definetly not a Ravens fan, but it's a gut feeling.

posted by Doehead at 07:20 PM on January 15, 2010

McGwire Admits Using Steroids

Now that M.M. has come clean, I wonder how long it will take for Sosa,Bonds and others to also tell the truth.

posted by Doehead at 08:09 AM on January 12, 2010

Gilbert Arenas suspended indefinitely.

Arenas was stupid in the whole situation. His suspension is deserving.He should be thrown out of the NBA, to prove the stupidity of these people that think they are above the law!!!

posted by Doehead at 08:45 AM on January 07, 2010

Admissions exemptions benefit athletes

Let's face the facts. It is not about smarts, it's about how much money the school can make from sports exposure. If the kid can run a football, it really doesn't matter how smart or stupid he is. Not all colleges are guilty of this. But look at Alabama if you want to see the guilt. That's just one of many.

posted by Doehead at 08:21 AM on December 31, 2009

Urban Meyer Quits as Florida Coach

What a shame that he has changed his mind and putting the team ahead of his health and family.How can anything be more important than your family?

posted by Doehead at 02:27 PM on December 28, 2009

Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight in Jeopardy Over Drug Testing

What is Pacquiao and his trainer trying to hide?

posted by Doehead at 08:30 AM on December 24, 2009

Bengals Receiver Chris Henry Dies After Car Accident

What a shame, but he died just like he lived his life.( Doing stupid things). God bless those that he left behind.

posted by Doehead at 02:21 PM on December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods Fined $164 for Careless Driving

It looks like Tiger was PUTTERing around. Elin threw him the BIRDIE. Elin told him he will never get it in the HOLE again. And it will cost him alot of EAGLEs.

Moral of the story, Never use your #1 WOODie on other women when you are married.

posted by Doehead at 08:37 AM on December 02, 2009

Bobby Bowden retires

Another icon bites the dust. May his retirement years be kind to him. He will be missed. He tried ,but couldn't keep up with the real legend( Joe Paterno).He will go down as the second winningest coach.Goodbye and God Bless.

posted by Doehead at 07:50 PM on December 01, 2009

Mangini wonders if Lions faked injuries

I'm sure teams fake injuries to slow the opposition. But I think Mangini is faking that he is a coach.

posted by Doehead at 10:53 AM on November 24, 2009

Titans Owner Bud Adams Flips Off the Bills

Looks like dimentia has set in!!!

posted by Doehead at 08:13 AM on November 17, 2009

Allen Iverson Leaves Grizzlies

Thank you cjets for pointing out what I've been saying all along. He was good at basketball but is still an asshole.

posted by Doehead at 06:09 PM on November 10, 2009

Allen Iverson Leaves Grizzlies

Jordan and the Bulls won titles. Iverson and the Sixers didn't. He is still an asshole.

posted by Doehead at 03:23 PM on November 10, 2009

Allen Iverson Leaves Grizzlies

Give me a break. Iverson has been an ASSHOLE since day 1.

posted by Doehead at 02:48 PM on November 10, 2009

Mark Cuban says he'd be interested in buying the Dodgers.

Lets hope he never gets a chance to buy the Pirates. That could screw up their run of trying to go 25 years of below 500 ball.

posted by Doehead at 02:44 PM on November 10, 2009

Larry Johnson Released by the Kansas City Chiefs

He looks like a perfect fit for the Bengals.

posted by Doehead at 07:31 PM on November 09, 2009

NFL's Dirtiest Player: Hines Ward

What a great honor to be an offensive player that is that good on playing defense for the running backs and other receivers. It shows that the other defense is scared of him. With all the dirty players on defense,he has made them feel like wimps.Anybody that watches him play knows that he gives 100% and always has a smile on his face because the defensve players can't handle him.That's why he was the recipent of this vote.

posted by Doehead at 09:26 AM on November 06, 2009

Chiefs' Larry Johnson Flips Out on Twitter

Great college running back that got big bucks and became a flop. Nobody said he was very smart.

posted by Doehead at 03:50 PM on October 27, 2009

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle


Triplet girls play for a soccer team at Penn-Trafford high school(near Pittsburgh,Pa.) The ABC's are Ashley, Bethany, and Christy. Ashley is the undefeated teams goalkeeper. Bethany a forward is the leading scorer with 11 goals. Christy is a defender. They have shut out 7 of thre first 10 opponets.

posted by Doehead at 08:59 AM on October 02, 2009

Plaxico Burress Begins Two-Year Prison Sentence

OJ shot his wife and got nothing. Burress shot himself and got 2 years. What's wrong with this picture?

posted by Doehead at 07:44 PM on September 22, 2009

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Cubs tied a major leauge record against the Pirates last night. The first eight batters got hits.Show again how bad the Pirate pitchers are.

posted by Doehead at 08:28 AM on September 09, 2009

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Pirates for attaining their 17th straight losing season. Keep up the good work and shoot for 20.

posted by Doehead at 08:05 AM on September 08, 2009

Burress Pleads Guilty in Weapons Case

Tell me why Burress gets 2 years in prison for carrying a gun and shooting himself, and Stallworth spends 24 days for killing a man while driving drunk.Don't get me wrong,I don't approve of either. Apparently Roger Goodell saw it different too.He suspended Stallwoth for the season and was suspending Burress for 8 games. I think a drunken driver behind the wheel is a bigger weapon than a pistol.

posted by Doehead at 07:18 PM on August 20, 2009

ESPN: Favre Reaches Deal to Join Vikings

I used to love this guy, but now he makes me sick to the stomach. He doesn't know when enough is enough. The best thing that could happen to the Vikings is he pulls a hamstring in preseason and is out for the year.

posted by Doehead at 02:45 PM on August 18, 2009

Woman Accuses Ben Roethlisberger of Rape

My money's on Big Ben. Given his demeanor and background, I think he knows better. I feel this girl is a gold digger.

posted by Doehead at 04:37 PM on July 21, 2009

NFL Won't Let Players Use Twitter During Games

Twitter would be an upgrade for him. He has been playing
with something else for too many years.

posted by Doehead at 10:31 AM on July 10, 2009

Steve McNair Killed in Nashville

Your comment works better if you said "When you play with silly putty, you usually get burned". Because that makes no sense,

I'll still stick to my original statement. He was playing with a hot chick(at least he probably thought so) and it looks like she burnt him!!!!

posted by Doehead at 04:54 PM on July 05, 2009

Steve McNair Killed in Nashville

Great football player. Not a great husband. When you play with fire you usually get burned. He got scorched. What a shame.

posted by Doehead at 10:27 AM on July 05, 2009

Penguins hold off Red Wings to take third Stanley Cup

Congrats to the Pens,they deserved the cup. Lest we not forget that after losing the first two, they won four of five. Sorry you can't blame Bettman or the officals on that. They were the better team. It was nice to see Hossa get cooked after he dumped the Pens, so he could be on a winning team.

posted by Doehead at 08:28 AM on June 13, 2009

SI Writer: LeBron Snubbed Magic to Send 'Clear Message'

He showed why he was a loser in more ways than one.

posted by Doehead at 07:39 PM on June 02, 2009

Huey Richardson: Draft Day Bust, Wall Street Success, 9/11 Near Miss

Huey never learned how to be a good football player,and he never learned how to get to meetings on time. How lucky can you be?

posted by Doehead at 04:03 PM on April 26, 2009

Giants release Plaxico Burress

Another player that has a lot of talent, but not enough of common sense.

posted by Doehead at 08:30 AM on April 04, 2009

In the future, I see...

I'm not sure about some of the picks,but I agree that the Pirates will have the worst record in baseball.How can they improve on their pathetic record when they do nothing to improve their team.

posted by Doehead at 08:26 AM on April 04, 2009

Report: Stallworth Drunk When He Killed Pedestrian

Don't let the cell door hit you on the ass on the way in Donte!!!

posted by Doehead at 03:14 PM on March 21, 2009

NFL Player Kills Pedestrian in Miami

I agree 100% with BoKnows.

posted by Doehead at 03:19 PM on March 14, 2009

With Nine Mouths to Feed, Travis Henry Says Heís Broke

If he would have worn his cup off the field, he wouldn't have nine kids. With the money he made,I show no sympathy for him. He deserves everything the child support judges throw at him.

posted by Doehead at 08:27 AM on March 14, 2009

Jerry Jones Slaps Muzzle on Head Coach

Jerry Jones is an idiot when it comes to owning a football team. Phillips is just another puppet for Jerry to munipulate.The team is so screwed up,Jerry don't know what to do.He could probably screw up a glass of ice water.He deserves all the bad things that happen to him.

posted by Doehead at 08:20 AM on February 22, 2009

Report: Brett Favre to retire -- again

One hell of a quarterback. It's a shame he didn't mean it last year. Lets hope he means it now.

posted by Doehead at 08:34 AM on February 12, 2009

Steelers Win Sixth Super Bowl

Holgrem still can't accept the lose to the Steelers in Superbowl XL. He has to be the biggest crybaby coach ever. Good Riddance. As far as MVP,Holmes with 9 catches and his great catch to win it should have been co MVP with Harrison. His amazing 100 yd interception, and he also forced 3 holding penalties that killed drives. I guess the NFL didn't want to give out 2 Escalades. Tomlin is a laid back coach that gets the job done w/o clammering for the limelight. Great coaches like Noll,Dungy and Laundry were from the same mold.

posted by Doehead at 10:19 AM on February 02, 2009

Steelers Win Sixth Super Bowl

I can't believe how many are crying about the lack of a review on the fumble. Do you really believe they would of scored with 5 seconds left. Warner does not have enough arm to throw the ball around 60 to 65 yards, which he would of had to do. They played a great game,but the better team prevailed in the end.Give credit to Holmes for a great catch when it counted.

posted by Doehead at 08:42 AM on February 02, 2009

Fan's streak will hit XLIII today

Being a Steeler season ticket holder,I am so jealous.

posted by Doehead at 10:30 AM on February 01, 2009