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Alex Rodriguez to retire from baseball

He can always choose to play somewhere else, should the opportunity arise, though I doubt it will. The Yankees are going to continue looking at young players within their system for the remainder of this season. Apparently Girardi and Cashman wanted him released to open another roster spot but Steinbrenner doesn't like the idea of just letting a guy go when they're on the hook for so much salary. This scenario is the best option for all involved.

I have mixed feelings about the guy. Do I really like him? No. I think he lives in a different world and has a lot of issues. Money just isn't one of them. Looking at the ridiculous amount of money he was signed for, my opinion is nobody could ever truly earn that much money. Numbers-wise, his approximately 350 homers and 1,100 RBI as a Yankee is a lot of production. The PEDs are something I choose to ignore at this point in my life, with all players, because I just want to watch baseball (and the fact baseball itself looked the other way for so long). But I'm not going to hate him. I personally have no reason to. He's a flawed human being, but, just as with Barry Bonds, he's one of the greatest all-around talents the game has ever seen.

posted by dyams at 01:08 PM on August 08, 2016

Steve Williams: Tiger Woods Treated Me Like a Slave

Poor Stevie. Millionaire caddie feels like a slave because he has to go pick up a golf club. Go ask some West Virginia coal miners for a shoulder to cry on. Better yet, go carry a bag and shutup.

posted by dyams at 06:14 AM on November 02, 2015

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Collins can look at himself in the mirror for blame for this loss. While nothing and no move is guaranteed, it certainly appeared Collins had decided Harvey was not going to pitch the ninth. Harvey didn't agree, and certainly a huge number of fans wouldn't have either. He goes back on the decision, Harvey goes on to walk the lead off batter of the inning (a major sin for pitchers), give up a RBI double (after a practically non-contested stolen base) and then yanks the pitcher.

Was Collins managing to keep Harvey happy? To make sure the fans are happy? Either way the decision backfired. I definitely like the Mets chances with Familia starting with a clean inning, even knowing he had a few blips earlier in the series. Getting two runs across against him, especially the way he was sawing off bats, makes it seem Collins' initial plan should have been followed.

posted by dyams at 06:11 AM on November 02, 2015

Ernie Banks, legendary 'Mr. Cub,' dead at 83

The type of attitude towards a sport that made baseball such a great sport. Whenever some of the other story lines begin to be a drag, remembering players who loved the game so much is enough to swing my attitude back around to the positive.

I had a chance to meet Banks years ago and had him sign a vintage baseball card of himself. Collectors say signing a card decreases it's value, but it's something I'll always keep for myself.

posted by dyams at 01:22 PM on January 25, 2015

11 of 12 Patriots' Balls Deflated, ESPN Reports

The very idea we are supposed to believe Belicheck, the most controlling image in NFL football, knew nothing about this, is ridiculous. After him, believing that Brady, the biggest name in New England football and the most famous quarterback in recent NFL history, knew nothing about this, is disrespectful to the sport of football and everyone who follows it. I'm assuming the cowards will find some insignificant pawn in the organization to accept the blame.

Two things you can never trust: Cheaters and liars.

posted by dyams at 05:46 PM on January 22, 2015

Buckeyes Win College Football Playoff

Who starts for Ohio State next season, assuming all three QBs are healthy?

It appears Miller is set to transfer to another school (who knows, maybe Oregon). Apparently if he has graduated and still has football eligibility he can transfer without sitting out a year. Jones, having done what he did, as a freshman, on the biggest stage in college football, would have to be the favorite to be the starter next year, barring some unforeseen problem. Hopefully he keeps himself in shape. The media has talked about how large and out of shape he was when he arrived at Columbus.

posted by dyams at 05:32 PM on January 13, 2015

Buckeyes Win College Football Playoff

It's cool that the first winner is a team that wouldn't have gotten a chance to play for the championship under the old system. I didn't think Ohio State had it in them.

That is very satisfying, as a fan. The system seemed to work fairly well (even though TCU may not agree).

I was amazed how quickly Ohio State adjusted after Oregon's first possession and their own. If not for the turnovers the Buckeyes could have scored 60. The OSU running game beat the ducks into submission.

posted by dyams at 09:41 AM on January 13, 2015

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

So next week's conference final games has the early game being played as far west as you can practically get in this country (Seattle) while the late game is being played practically as far to the east as you can be in this country (New England)? I don't get it.

posted by dyams at 07:35 PM on January 11, 2015

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I guess the Bills wanted a head coach who has experience with a poor offensive team with no quarterback and a good defense. Mission accomplished.

posted by dyams at 11:37 AM on January 11, 2015

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

How do individuals who have played football their entire lives not understand the concept of getting the hell out of the way of a shitty punt they have no intention of fielding so it doesn't accidentally hit them, thus allowing their opponents to recover it and regain possession? Has it managed to escape them that a football, due to it's irregular shape, just may take a weird bounce? Carolina was in total control of their wild card game early on and a stupid decision allows Arizona back in it.

NFL coaches having to put up with so many players who can't think on their feet must be one of the most frustrating parts of the job.

posted by dyams at 05:18 PM on January 03, 2015

Ducks v. Bucks in Arlington

As more and more bowl games played out I began to believe Ohio State could and would beat Alabama. The SEC, if these recent games are any type of indication, may not have been as dominating as many have been conditioned to believe (at least this year) with Ole Miss, Miss. St, Auburn, LSU, and of course Alabama all losing. In each of those losses the team's defenses were less than stellar.

posted by dyams at 08:55 AM on January 02, 2015

Despite Vehement Public Claims of Innocence, A-Rod Admitted to DEA He Used Steroids

Studies have shown persons doing no exercise and no weight training experienced no significant changes. No surprise there. Persons doing steroids and no weight training were able to build about 7 pounds of muscle. Pretty amazing. Persons doing weight training and no steroids were able to build about 4 pounds of muscle. Finally, persons doing steroids and weight training were able to build about 13 pounds of muscle.

I believe McGwire did take steroids and also weight train heavily. His muscle and body growth became significant as years went on. Prior to his rookie year he probably used steroids to some extent, but likely didn't have the resources to advance that use significantly until he was established in the major leagues. Being able to benefit from professional trainers and facilities would obviously help this process.

One thing I do believe about McGwire is that he used illegal substances and trained very hard. I doubt all players who have tested positive had that desire to put in such work in the weight room.

posted by dyams at 06:26 AM on November 07, 2014

Despite Vehement Public Claims of Innocence, A-Rod Admitted to DEA He Used Steroids

I stand corrected on McGwire. Guess I stopped paying attention to the guy in the 13 years since he retired. Only took him nine years after retiring to come clean, something he refused to do in front of Congress. Never liked him, was only good at power which was brought on by steroid use (or base on balls which were in large part due to his steroid power), and teams still employ him as a hitting coach?

Not sure if it's A-Rod in general, his personality, his contract, or both those things that always make him more interesting in this long, boring saga.

posted by dyams at 11:33 PM on November 06, 2014

Despite Vehement Public Claims of Innocence, A-Rod Admitted to DEA He Used Steroids

"In a million years, in a million baseball seasons, I never would have dreamed I'd ever say this: I feel sorry for the Yankees."

This statement is fairly stupid. There's no reason to feel sorry for the Yankees. A-Rod is one of many players in this day and age who are signing contracts they'll never, ever live (or produce) up to (ex. Prince Fielder).

As for Rodriguez coming out and admitting to all this now, what's the difference? Everyone assumed he was lying all along. Do we feel differently about Clemens, McGwire, Bonds, etc. because they haven't come out and admitted what we all assume is the truth? Is Ryan Braun any less reprehensible because he chose to completely trash and ruin other people during his time of denial before admitting what we already assumed was the truth?

As grum mentioned above, A-Rod, health permitting, will still be more productive offensively than Jeter was this past season. That won't matter, though, because with him back in the limelight, on the field, it's once again open season to bash each and every move he makes. I don't like the guy, wish he would disappear, and enjoyed not hearing about him last season, but it seems we should stop acting as if he's the only one who was (and continues to be) untruthful regarding this topic.

posted by dyams at 07:04 PM on November 06, 2014

Giants Win World Series

Win, save, whatever the case, Bumgarner was THE pitching staff for the Giants, period. It's actually better if he is credited with a save because we can now view him as the Giants' best starter and reliever. He is the entire reason they won this series because no other pitcher on their staff would have done the job in this game.

posted by dyams at 05:44 AM on October 30, 2014

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Colt McCoy is now 2-0 as a quarterback in Washington.

Kirk Cousins is somewhere weeping.

If Kirk Cousins isn't better than Colt McCoy, he needs to find a new line of work immediately, if not sooner.

posted by dyams at 06:46 PM on October 28, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

At least we won't have to listen to another Snoop weed-induced rant about Todd Haley and the Steeler offense this week.

posted by dyams at 07:49 PM on October 26, 2014

DeMarco Murray Ties Jim Brown Record

He's having a nice season. Too bad he's overdue to go down for several weeks with an injury.

posted by dyams at 07:38 PM on October 13, 2014

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Joba Chamberlain is not having a good post-season.

The guy looks like shit. Total slob. Doesn't even look like he can walk comfortably.

On another note, Kershaw parlayed his amazing regular season into a piss-poor playoff showing.

posted by dyams at 10:16 PM on October 03, 2014

Video of Ray Rice Elevator Punch on Partner Released

AP: Law enforcement official says NFL had Ray Rice video in April

See you, Goodell. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

posted by dyams at 06:53 PM on September 10, 2014

Area Man Buys Bills for $1B

This is really good news for western New York.

posted by dyams at 07:29 PM on September 09, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I never predict a team repeating in the NFL, but I can't get over the Seahawks opening win versus a solid Packers team. Even with the offensive weapons Green Bay can throw at opponents, Seattle beat the hell out of them. I remember being worried for the physical safety of Eddie Lacy as he struggled to gain extra yards while Seahawk after Seahawk took turns smashing into him. He's almost fortunate a concussion was all he came away with from that game.

With very few teams able to even come close to the firepower of the Packers and Broncos, Seattle's last two victims, I can't see anyone competing with them at this point, especially in the NFC. A healthy Percy Harvin makes the offense far more dynamic too.

Anything can and does happen, but a healthy Seattle is going to prove difficult to beat this year.

posted by dyams at 10:07 AM on September 07, 2014

Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

Clarifying my statements, I in no way believe Stewart meant to harm Ward and seriously doubt there could ever be criminal charges filed against him. Stewart, however, is the only one who knows why this may have happened. I fully expect him to say he didn't see Ward, and the driver's dark suit and helmet do nothing but strengthen that possibility. If true, what a disastrous coincidence.

I just don't know how a driver fishtails his car during a caution lap.

posted by dyams at 07:34 AM on August 11, 2014

Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

I guess it's just ironic that the guy who put him into the wall happens to plow him over. Several other cars avoid him but the guy who this driver is pissed at happens to run him over? Not a chance. The most experienced driver on the track didn't comprehend the caution flag and slow enough to avoid killing a person? I'm not buying it. Stewart was pissed that some little prick was calling him out, wanted to show him up and fucked up.

posted by dyams at 09:26 PM on August 10, 2014

Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

I really have no idea if Stewart was invited or what. I just don't think he has the ability to pull back on his competitive juices, regardless of who he's racing against. His punk move didn't work the way he planned and now he has to be accountable.

posted by dyams at 06:58 PM on August 10, 2014

Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

Stewart is a hothead who was pissed this kid was calling him out. He tried to show him up with that dick move and killed the guy. I'm sure he didn't mean to hit him but he messed up big time. There was a caution out on the track and every other driver was slowly going past the wreck and the driver on the track. How horrible when a millionaire driver does this to a young dirt track driver. He needs to be banned from motor sports for life, charged, and sued for everything he has. His temper finally messed him up. How horrible for the people at this small track.

posted by dyams at 03:36 PM on August 10, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Yeah, Goodell started out bold and strong. He now seems overwhelmed and confused. How he arrived at two games for Rice is a complete mystery.

posted by dyams at 08:08 PM on August 03, 2014

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Pirates suffer devastating injury


posted by dyams at 08:06 PM on July 24, 2014

LeBron James Returning to Cleveland

I didn't like LeBron prior to this move either. But I think a hometown hero doing this is a pretty special moment in sport. I hope he's able to pull it off.

I agree completely. As the best basketball player in the world, James should be able to do what he wants with regards to where he plays, how long he plays for, and pretty much name his terms. Regardless of what actually happens down the road, it can't be denied he loves his home, as does his wife. In this day and age, an athlete choosing Cleveland over the warm, glitzy places like Miami is pretty rare. We just recently had other young players say they wanted nothing to do with Cleveland. A player of this stature choosing to.go back there is a nice story.

posted by dyams at 09:10 AM on July 13, 2014

LeBron James Returning to Cleveland

I can't even imagine all the LeBron Cavaliers jerseys (the ones that didn't get burned) being dug out of drawers, boxes, etc. all over Ohio. Goes to show you, never throw anything away.

posted by dyams at 10:47 AM on July 12, 2014

LeBron James Returning to Cleveland

Nothing in the NBA really gets me excited, but this comes close. I'm happy for Cleveland, and I'm happy LeBron made this decision. The only thing that ever really turned me against LeBron in the past is the ridiculous way he announced his "decision" when he left for Miami. That was enough to make many NBA fans, as well as the entire city of Cleveland, very pissed. And as has been mentioned, Cleveland's championship history in all sports makes the city's anger understandable.

LeBron left because he wanted to win championships. He won a couple. I will never fault him for that. He seems to understand a bit better, with perspective, what his hometown means. There will always be a large number of LeBron haters, but Cleveland should be happy. They now have some of the pieces in place to make a strong move towards a championship of their own.

There's a lot of excitement in Cleveland right now, but I hope people don't equate LeBron (the best player in the world) with Manziel (who I truly feel will be a HUGE bust). The Manziel thing may crash and burn sometime towards the end of September. LeBron, hopefully, will finish his career in Cleveland and give the city an NBA crown.

posted by dyams at 04:12 PM on July 11, 2014

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Between situations like the one grum linked and the on-going replay debacle, major league umpires keep looking worse and worse.

On another topic, hopefully we're done with the media shoving microphones in Donald Sterling's face (like the interview with Anderson Cooper). It's like watching an animal die a slow, painful death. The guy is a complete idiot with some real issues, but setting him up to say one more stupid thing after another is ridiculous. Sterling could refuse to speak, but I don't see that happening. His legal team would have to shhot him with a tranquilizing dart. Now we have to start defending Magic Johnson again? Wow.

posted by dyams at 12:22 PM on May 13, 2014

Video: Ryan Braun Hits Jean Segura with Bat in Dugout

How stupid. I can see stretching a bit with the bat, but swinging it around like that? Ryan Braun has shown in his past to only be concerned with himself and this is another example. And no, I'm not making too much of this. It's the first things little children learn when they pick up a bat to begin team baseball: Watch where you're swinging the bat.

posted by dyams at 11:11 AM on April 27, 2014

Bench-Clearing Brawl Between Pirates, Brewers

Or Cole could have kept his mouth shut, been glad a runner didn't score, and gone back to the mound. Instead his taunt was all about someone showing him up.

posted by dyams at 02:29 PM on April 22, 2014

Exceptionally Small Crowds Greet New Baseball Season

Baseball is becoming one-dimensional. All position players think they are home run hitters, and the days of players knowing how to actually hit, especially hit to all fields, is practically gone. I can't believe the number of shifts defenses play against opposing lineups this year. Everyone from outfielders and first basemen to shortstops have drastic shifts put on against them, leaving half the field wide open. They ignore this, however, swing from their heels, and try to hit through the shift. Starting pitchers fan at least 10 batters per game because contact hitting is a lost art.

It's all making an already slow game very boring. Not a great scenario to attract fans.

posted by dyams at 09:17 PM on April 10, 2014

New Home Plate Rule Confuses Yankees

Yeah, that rule is going to be a problem. A real issue I had was that the replay seemed to show Cervelli was actually safe, but Girardi thought the run would count due to the catcher blocking the plate. He would have had to challenge the play to have them check to see if the actual safe/out call was blown.

It's strange that a play can still be reviewed for something (in this instance the blocking of the plate) but even if it's apparent the actual safe/out call was missed, it won't be changed unless the manager challenges it. Here I was under the assumption the goal was to get calls correct.

posted by dyams at 07:04 PM on April 06, 2014

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Last night, the Yankees' opening day roster had a different position player at each spot than a year ago. Brett Gardner moved from center to left. Everybody else was new.

Sabathia was the same, too. The way he pitched, however, made me wish someone new was in for him, too. The Astros didn't hit balls harder in pre game batting practice.

Sorry about the above blank post by me. I hate when I'm posting something from an iPad and, when trying to hit one of the buttons for Bold, Italic, or Link, they are hidden under the adds on the right. I tried to fix it, couldn't, dinner was ready, gave up, blah, blah, blah.

posted by dyams at 06:26 PM on April 02, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Glad Cincinnati has such beautiful weather for their Opening Day festivities, tahoemoj. It's what this day in Major League Baseball should be about.

It used to be all teams were even in the standings on Opening Day. If not for a late Padres rally, the Dodgers would have been 3-0 by Opening Day.

posted by dyams at 12:45 PM on March 31, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

Maybe someday the Premier League will start its season with Manchester United playing their first two games in Pittsburgh.

posted by dyams at 01:00 PM on March 30, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

"The other side of the Earth"?

Depends where you are standing, I suppose.

Point is, opening day used to generally mean the first game and pitch took place in Cincinnati, Ohio. Even though I haven't walked off the distance, Sydney, Australia (where the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened their regular season) is a long damn way from there.

posted by dyams at 10:49 AM on March 30, 2014

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

It's difficult to either figure out or get excited for major league baseball's opening day when the Dodgers will have three regular season games already played a few days before most teams even see the field. The fact two of those games took place on the other side of the earth ruins the buzz too. I used to look forward to opening day (and even take the day off from work), but now I just say "Whatever."

posted by dyams at 10:11 AM on March 30, 2014

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

The Midwest bracket in the NCAA basketball tournament turned out to be as crazy as expected. I said it at the start, though, that there is no reason a Kentucky squad should ever be a number eight seed. They fill their roster with the best young talent in the country each and every year and, like we're witnessing, generally have the capability to win and advance against anyone. It really seems the committee wanted to throw the kitchen sink at Wichita State in order to have to give them a number one seed. A few of the teams in the Midwest should have been placed elsewhere. Wichita State was a very strong team, played one of the most entertaining games of the tournament against Kentucky, but came up short. Granted a loss can happen to anyone at any time but I would have liked to have seen them a bit longer.

posted by dyams at 07:46 AM on March 29, 2014

Maurice Jones-Drew Inks 3-Year Deal with Raiders

Quickly glancing at the Jaguars current roster, if they sell 10 season tickets, it should be considered a miracle. Instead of being considered for a possible move to LA, maybe they should ponder a move to the SEC.

posted by dyams at 07:38 PM on March 28, 2014

DeSean Jackson released by the Eagles

Unless he's in prison, there's no WAY he's not playing NFL football next season.

posted by dyams at 07:32 PM on March 28, 2014

DeSean Jackson released by the Eagles

Sounds like a perfect pickup for either the Patriots or Raiders.

posted by dyams at 01:43 PM on March 28, 2014

Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera agree to 8 year extension

The Tigers were lucky enough to get out of the stupid contract they gave to Prince Fielder, so what do they do? Give this kind of money to Cabrera. Brilliant.

posted by dyams at 12:30 PM on March 28, 2014

Ralph Wilson, founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills, dies at 95

Owners like Wilson don't exist anymore. He was a class act, through and through. Sports miss true gentlemen like him when they pass, leaving behind the nitwits with bucks to carry on in their absence. RIP, Mr. Wilson.

The NFL will soon go the same route NASCAR went when they decided to eliminate all the smaller venues where they held races throughout it's history in favor of larger areas; it's popularity will start to slowly diminish. Eliminating the smaller cities from having NFL teams in favor of larger cities with population, but that don't really give a damn about the team, will cost the league down the road. Thinking the league will start crossing borders into other countries won't work out the way the NFL thinks it might.

posted by dyams at 08:13 PM on March 25, 2014

Enter the SportsFilter NCAA Bracket Contest

Is there a way of getting into the pool without entering a cell number and agreeing to bullshit marketing text messages? Yahoo is garbage.

posted by dyams at 09:46 PM on March 18, 2014

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

I figured Decker, being a glamour boy, and his model girlfriend, were seeing the Big Apple as more than a place to play football.

posted by dyams at 06:08 AM on March 14, 2014

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Eric Decker goes from being Peyton Manning's number 3 receiver to Geno Smith's number 1. Wonder how that will work out for him?

posted by dyams at 06:03 AM on March 13, 2014

ESPN's Stuart Scott Fighting Cancer Since 2007

I never really cared much for Scott, mainly due to seeing him in person once and witnessing how rude he was to people. I do, however, respect him for how he has approached this terrible disease.

posted by dyams at 08:52 PM on March 11, 2014

Miller & Ott traded to St. Louis; Sabres get Halak and Stewart, prospect and two picks

Really glad the Sabres were able to get some value in return for Miller. As time went on, I was afraid nobody would bite, Miller wouldn't resign, and Buffalo would get nothing.

Miller worked hard through several inept attempts the Sabres made at rebuilding. He played well for years with terrible, underachieving defense in front of him, as well as poor offense. He deserved better, and hopefully St. Louis can give him some much deserved success.

Ott is the type of player and leader any team would love to have. The Blues did well picking up both.

posted by dyams at 10:37 PM on February 28, 2014

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

With the way my dislike for A-Rod has grown in recent years, I am amazed at where he ranks in lifetime stats, and where he could have moved up to if he would have handled his issues and gotten on the field. He would have easily reached the 3,000 hit milestone (61 away); become only the third player in history to drive in over 2,000 runs (needing 31 RBI, leaving him behind only Aaron and Ruth); and with seven HRs passed Willie Mays to fourth spot behind Bonds, Aaron and Ruth.

Oh well. It's actually appropriate a douche like him be banished from the game before he reaches those grand plateaus.

posted by dyams at 12:44 PM on February 28, 2014

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Both very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing those rcade.

posted by dyams at 09:59 AM on February 17, 2014

1,000 Texts Between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito

I'm of the opinion they are both idiots and should stay out of football.

posted by dyams at 05:47 PM on February 09, 2014

St. Louis Rams Owner Buys Land in Los Angeles

I can't even describe how tired I've become over the years with talk of shoving a team, or teams back in Los Angeles. Give the city another chance for an epic failure. Cater to the elite crowd with prime boxes and seating, while ignoring the common folks who are the life-blood of any franchise.

Sounds just like the current Yankee Stadium.

posted by dyams at 07:16 PM on February 06, 2014

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Rams fans like myself can't help but be concerned, seeing as how the team can improve year to year but being able to leap over Seattle, San Francisco, and a very good defense in Arizona, all in their division, is frustrating to say the least.

It seems a defense like Seattle matches up better with a QB like Manning, who doesn't pose the threat of taking off and running with the ball, than with someone like Colin Kaepernick of the Niners. The Seahawks defensive sipped allows them to move and adjust to practically any receiver, or group of receivers, but when a QB needs to be watched so he doesn't take of for 20 or so yards, that's a huge challenge for any squad.

posted by dyams at 12:46 PM on February 03, 2014

NFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Super Bowl-a-Geddon Edition

I'll call this one beginners luck as this is the first time I've participated in any SportsFilter Pick 'Ems. Just wish the SB itself could have been as competitive.

posted by dyams at 06:24 AM on February 03, 2014

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

Can't really overlook how Wilson played, though. He made some great throws, kept drives going, and didn't make costly turnovers. But yes, the Seattle defense made the game a joke.

Speaking of jokes, I can't get over that snap screw-up/safety to begin the game. Everyone talks about nerves and jitters players have when a Super Bowl starts, so what does Denver and Peyton do? Instead of calling and running plays, allowing their team to settle into the game, Manning has to start his (often) ridiculous wandering around, yelling out calls, etc? For gods sake, it's the first play of a game you've been preparing for for two weeks! Get up to the line and run the damn play.

It's also scary to think how much better Seattle could have been this year with a healthy Percy Harvin. He adds a dimension Seattle lacked (if you can actually say their team lacks anything).

posted by dyams at 06:19 AM on February 03, 2014

Seattle Wins Super Bowl 0x30

You're not playing the Chargers or Raiders anymore, Peyton.

posted by dyams at 09:28 PM on February 02, 2014