July 26, 2007

Wake Forest Coach Skip Prosser Dead: Prosser collapsed while jogging, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

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For those who asked, "How can this sports week get worse?" here's your answer. Not a big ACC fan (I'm in Big Ten country), but I've heard nothing bad about the man, and my best wishes to his family and the Wake Forest community.

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The hits keep coming. See previous. Condolences to both families.

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I switched allegiance from UC to Xavier when he coached there becase I thought so much of him. .

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The Black Hand's link.

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I'm just in shock. I do a lot of work for Wake Forest athletics and happened to meet Coach Prosser his first day on campus. I always liked to think I might have been the first Wake Forest fan (who wasn't on the payroll) he met. I can't say I knew the man well but every time I saw him he just seemed so happy to be doing what he did. There are lots worse ways to live your life.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is how he got into coaching. Skip's ambition was actually to be a history teacher. When he got his first job the principal told him he needed a history teacher and a basketball coach. Could Skip do both? Well, he needed the job, so yeah he could do it. Found out he was pretty good at it.

But, at heart, Skip Prosser was always a teacher first. I wish there were more like him. Godspeed.

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If anyone wants to know how to be a coach, look no fruther then Skip. A fine example of what a college coach needs to be. Respected by players, other coaches, and many fans of basketball. He will be missed, but he he has left the Wake program in good shape. Condolences to all.

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Great story, Gradioc.

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Big loss to college basketball. Thoughts and prayers to Skips' family.

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