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Patriots are perfect 16-0

Anyone that knows anything about football knows you go through the season and have 3 games that season, that could go either way for you. As good a talent as the Pats are, it was no different for them. You still need to get lucky sometimes to get those games under your belt. Ravens, Philly, and Giants are those games. Still need to get their monkey off their backs, and win the rest of the way or it's all for not. I wish them luck, because there is a game plan out there now to beat them. Preasure on the QB, and run the ball on them on your turns with the ball. You can't shoot it out with those guys. And mistake free football, or you shoot yourself in the foot!

posted by robi8259 at 06:16 AM on December 31, 2007

Patriots are perfect 16-0

It was a good game to watch, and I'm not a fan of either team. Yes it hasn't been done since 72', and it's something to be proud of. Having said that, the monkey isn't off the pats backs yet by any means. They lose any game now and it will be like they kissed their sister. If they don't run the table, what will the season be remembered for? I'll tell you, the one they lost.

posted by robi8259 at 07:51 AM on December 30, 2007

Nebraska Fires Athletic Director Steve Pederson

Kinda think his replacement was all ready contacted before Pederson was let go. Bring back the past to build a new future in Husker land.

posted by robi8259 at 08:05 PM on October 16, 2007

Tony Gonzalez breaks tight end touchdown record.

Been a cheifs fan for years, go Tony! That said, he will be finding a spot in the hall of fame. To bad he will need to go elsewhere to get a superbowl ring. Fan yes, but really Tony and Larry Jonhson are their only big stars on offense. Hurman is trying to get the Cheifs younger, but I can't see Tony G staying around long enough to get to a superbowl with them. Look for him to be their next big trade bait to get younger. Oh you put Brodie in there and he doesn't have the year he is having.

posted by robi8259 at 06:21 PM on October 15, 2007

New Panthers QB: Vinny Testaverde.

Ever notice how that the really great QB's retire from the game! It's seems that is getting harder to come by all the time. I doubt we see number 4 in Green Bay do this move. Look at Elway. Course Montanna didn't retire either when he should have. Oh heck let's bring Phill Simms out of the broadcast booth while we are at it. For some it's not about football anymore, it's about staving off that mid life crisis!

posted by robi8259 at 06:13 AM on October 11, 2007

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

Yea the lions are getting better, but easy people the Bears are not that good. The Bears finally are seeing a harder schedule, and their QB problems are just not going to improve the rest of the season. Mike Marks has some players to do something with finally. I hated him being promoted to head coach in St. Louis, but he makes a pretty good offensive coach. Lions won't make the playoff's , but they are getting better. And I don't see how Matt Miller can be responsible for this current years team results. I agree Ying Yang he sucks!

posted by robi8259 at 09:27 PM on October 01, 2007

More Trouble For Vick

I still say he hasn't even begun to see the end of this yet! I'm still waiting for the IRS to get involved in the dog betting also. I just can't see him back in the NFL anytime soon, if EVER! What a poor smuck!

posted by robi8259 at 06:35 PM on September 26, 2007

Greg Oden is out for the entire season.

Well to bad, Durant may get the rookie of the year award without to much trouble now. Just hope Oden doesn't become one of those well paid, for no play guys.

posted by robi8259 at 05:51 PM on September 13, 2007

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

This is so crazy, fine them and move on! How many other teams are doing this? And no I'm not a Pat's fan. They still are one of but a few teams that are the best of the NFL, PERIOD!!!!!

posted by robi8259 at 06:18 PM on September 12, 2007

Browns Trade Newly Benched QB Frye to Seahawks

jojomfd1, I totally agree that management has a lot to do with it. Heck, the old Browns ownership at least had some football abilities as far as direction and picking talent.

posted by robi8259 at 06:22 AM on September 12, 2007

Browns Trade Newly Benched QB Frye to Seahawks

This really wasn't a surprise, they had to give Quinn a chance. Sorry Charlie, but I don't see you gettin on the field soon. Cleavland is one football organization that's been hard to figure out ever since the NFL expanded and put a team back there. They don't seem to know what direction they are going in. Except maybe down in their division once again. They shouldn't feel bad, there are about four or five teams that are in that same position. Oakland, Houston Detroit, and Atlanta come to mind. Hey mabe Charlie can get out to Atlanta, lol.

posted by robi8259 at 09:02 PM on September 11, 2007

Division I-AA Appalachian State Upsets Michigan, 34-32

It just goes to show you that you gotta be prepared to play ALWAYS! This happens in sports all the time. If you look past any team, it can come back to bite ya in the butt. I say congrats to the other team. Take it for what it was, a wake up call. ALWAYS come prepared to play the game. Whatever the team, whatever the sport!

posted by robi8259 at 05:49 AM on September 02, 2007

Jaguars Will Dump Leftwich, Rely on Garrard to Start

Hey brainofdtrain that's funny, because when i heard the news I thought the same thing! I just wonder how long they will give Brodie before the come to their senses. Byron wouldn't be much of an improvement for the Chiefs though, not behind that revamped offensive line. Even Larry will have trouble running with that line in front of him. As far as Garrard goes, he is the best QB they had in camp. Not to say that they shouldn't still be shopping around for a better one though.

posted by robi8259 at 03:02 AM on September 01, 2007

Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty

I can't help but think that before everything is said and done, that the IRS will be on Vick yet too. Let's hope that the lier has started to grow up a bit through all this, and doesn't give the sentencing judge the BIRD when he's sentenced! I had to laugh on last saturday morning I heard something on ESPN. Someone had sent a bunch of Vick's jersy's to a human shelter in Atlanta, with a note "You can use these to clean up the kennels". Poetic justice I thought. What bothers me about his lieing about all this is that how can you put any trust in him as your QB any more. QB is a position that leads the team. Having said that, he shows no real good "lead by example", qualities now. I personal would just rather not see him in the NFL anymore. Maybe now the Falcons can move on now. Sadly all of this will come back to BITE him when it comes ballet time for the hall of fame.

posted by robi8259 at 05:54 AM on August 21, 2007

He's back.

As a Cardinal fan I couldn't be more happy for him. And it's nice to see a pro team not cut-and-run, giving him a chance. And maybe, just maybe, this could be the thing that pushes the Cards to the top of their division. Go Cards!

posted by robi8259 at 04:19 PM on August 10, 2007