July 26, 2007

Softball Practice Ground Ball Kills Girl: Michigan 12-year-old was knocked unconscious on field and died one day later.

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Great, another positive sports story. I think I'll just stop paying attention to sports news for a little while. It passed depressing a while ago.....

posted by DudeDykstra at 04:41 PM on July 26, 2007

It is depressing I guess. Perhaps too depressing. If so then I won't object if Gary wants to take it down.....

posted by commander cody at 05:37 PM on July 26, 2007

The events as they're related here sound impossible -- a softball grounder hit in a fielding drill kills somebody? Screaming line drive, maybe. But the softball's giving up so much energy with each bounce, I don't see how this happens unless there's an undetected pre-existing condition. Poor family.

posted by rcade at 06:37 PM on July 26, 2007

The autopsy was preformed today and it is just sad. There appears to have been no pre-existing condition but when the ball hit her head it caused her head to jerk and that is what caused the tear.

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This is the same way that girl was killed at a Blue Jackets hockey game in Columbus several years ago - high speed impact didn't kill, the snap of the head backwards. What a tragedy.

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Prayers for the family. .

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How many ground balls are hit every day in little league softball and baseball practices across North America? Sincere condolences to this beautiful little girl's family, and also to whoever the coach or player was who hit the ball. They have to live the rest of their life with this in their mind. Tragic.

posted by tahoemoj at 05:08 PM on July 27, 2007

The Funeral Home Memorial is here. Sweet kid. Real shame.

posted by commander cody at 10:07 PM on July 27, 2007

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