February 13, 2002

Monday is the expansion draft: Should Houston try to build a team that can somewhat contend (Jacksonville), or slowly build (Cleveland)? The players on the table are here. Realignment became official Tuesday, and while my team stays firm in the NFC East - how is it affecting your team?

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Jacksonville built for the long haul in its expansion draft, and as a result nearly reached the Super Bowl two years ago. The team that took the idiotic strategy of drafting veterans for a quick playoff run was the Carolina Panthers. Now, of course, both teams are mediocre. I still can't believe my hometown team is dumping Tony Boselli. I guess I've eaten my last Boselli Burger at McDonald's.

posted by rcade at 07:18 AM on February 13, 2002

Though he plays very hard, I wouldn't mind seeing Romanowski leave Denver for Houston, (though he's hinted that he'll retire if called on to do that). I get sick of his cheapshots. From the looks of things, Houston could build a pretty impressive defense right off the bat. There are some quality D-linemen, and linebackers for the taking there. If they concentrate on Defense early, and build the offense more slowly, then they'll be in the same position as alot of contending teams right from the get-go. As for realignment, I'm sad to see Seattle become just another whipping boy for the Rams. Other than that, the hardcore rivalries of the AFC West remain intact, as it damn well should be.

posted by Wulfgar! at 08:48 AM on February 13, 2002

As far as realignment goes, the Fins seem to have made out OK- we lose the Colts, but otherwise the teams I grew up hating and mocking (Bills and Jets, respectively) are still there, so all is good.

posted by tieguy at 09:50 AM on February 13, 2002

I think it's a terrible strategy for an expansion team to contend immediately. Use the first couple of years, when the fans are so happy to have a team they don't care about the quality, to develop a solid foundation of young players. Like other new and recently moved franchises, Jacksonville was jobbed in realignment. With Houston, Tennessee, and Indianapolis, there's no regional rivalries and only one rival from the old AFC Central. Like a lot of people here, I had unrealistic hopes that the Dolphins and Jaguars would end up in the same division.

posted by rcade at 10:19 AM on February 13, 2002

wulfgar!: i'm actually very happy the seahawks are returning to the nfc. i was in sixth grade when seattle and tampa joined the league, and i've been a casual fan of both teams (the 'hawks, more so) since. also, i had two gorgeous posters for each team, that were issued that year. i'd appreciate a link if anyone knows where on the web they might be viewed. as for houston, it's all about the qb. they need someone mobile, who can escape a portion of the pounding that will inevitably occur. i'd make that, like aerosmith tickets [ref.], the top priority of the summer. (maybe randall 'pink' floyd is available)

posted by lescour at 11:28 AM on February 13, 2002

owillis: When someone is picked up in an expansion draft, is a new contract negotiated or is their current contract just being picked up by the new team? I would like to see a column/post explaining salary cap also; I just can't seem to get it, specially when it comes to trades, defered salary, etc. thanks

posted by Mack Twain at 11:54 AM on February 13, 2002

The current contract is picked up by the Texans and it is wiped off the books of the team that loses the player. Which is a great deal because most other methods of player movement still cause charges against the salary cap. Here's a sensible FAQ about the salary cap.

posted by pastepotpete at 12:18 PM on February 13, 2002

my understanding is the a new contract needs to be negotiated for each player taken in the expansion draft, but that their cap hit remains the same (or possibly can go up but not down). this is why jacksonville and others leave top players like boselli vulnerable to the draft.

posted by danostuporstar at 12:27 PM on February 13, 2002

The Vikings will benefit by not having to play the Buccaneers twice every year. I like the NFC North division: it basically keeps the old NFC Central division together, the teams are geographically close, and Chris Berman can keep saying "NFC Norse."

posted by kirkaracha at 01:03 PM on February 13, 2002

Texas could build a team with enough quality players to be a contender from the expansion draft... but they probably wouldn't be able to afford it under the salary cap. Many of the players on the table, such as Jessie Armstead or Bill Romanowski are exposed because their cap prices are quite high. I think the Texans would be much better off a few years down the line if they pass up on most of the expensive veterans, and build a team around a few solid drafts and selected tactical free agent pickups...

posted by andrewraff at 01:04 PM on February 13, 2002

nice link about the salary cap, pastepotpete. my eyes are still glazed over from all the details.

posted by lescour at 01:16 PM on February 13, 2002

Chris Berman can keep saying "NFC Norse." kirkaracha, are you sure he isn't saying "Norris", refering to the Hockey-like smash-mouth style of play?

posted by Wulfgar! at 04:46 PM on February 13, 2002

You're right, but they way he says it, it sounds like "Norse." And what a wonderful web page.

posted by kirkaracha at 05:57 PM on February 13, 2002

The Texans announced today that they will not draft any players over age 30. Apparently the Red Sox don't subscribe to the same theory.

posted by holden at 07:59 PM on February 13, 2002

holden: that made me laugh out loud

posted by pastepotpete at 04:54 PM on February 14, 2002

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