September 18, 2006

Hidden: Nascar Needs To Tweak There Point System: With Johnson and young Busch crashing early in the race sunday, there chances of winning the Cup are very remote.I don't care if you like Hendricks Motor Sports or not, Nascar has to tweak there system. This could happen to Roush, Everham DEI or the Penske teams

posted by texasred to auto racing at 05:41 AM - 16 comments

If they're there and their system isn't there then they're not there are they?

posted by SummersEve at 06:38 AM on September 18, 2006

An easier solution might be for the drivers to tweak their non-crashing system.

posted by gspm at 07:04 AM on September 18, 2006

I recommend also tweaking punctuation and spelling.

posted by tieguy at 07:17 AM on September 18, 2006

From Section II, Paragraph 2 of The Guidelines:

A good FPP is a link with a brief description of what the link is about, and that's it. Don't editorialize on the front page. Biased posts make for biased discussions. Personal opinion belongs inside the thread.

posted by scully at 08:06 AM on September 18, 2006

i thought it looked good , :))

posted by texasred at 08:08 AM on September 18, 2006

How do they need to tweak it?Give those who crash out 100points.You say they need to change it but offer no idea on how to change.It probably doesn't matter cause as soon as they change it you'll find something that you still don't like about it.I probably misspelled or forgot a period or comma,sorry Tieguy.WE should think of you while were typing.

posted by kckurtbusch at 08:13 AM on September 18, 2006

but thanx terrapin, ill remember that

posted by texasred at 08:13 AM on September 18, 2006

They don't tweak the system if you crash in the Daytona 500. Wrecking is a part of Nascar and that is the chances everyone takes. The points are fine as they are. If there was no Chase, Kenseth would have a 150 point lead over Johnson and 300+ on everyone else. You would have 2 guys in contention and that is it. At least everyone still has a chance with 9 to go.

posted by dbt302 at 08:18 AM on September 18, 2006

Their, there, they're now, everything will work out ok.

posted by tommybiden at 11:13 AM on September 18, 2006

Good one tommytrump! You've got to love the English language, don't you.

posted by cbparish at 11:33 AM on September 18, 2006

Points after New Hampshire 1) #17-Matt Kenseth 3924 2) #48-Jimmie Johnson 3774 -150 31) #29-Kevin Harvick 3671 -253 4) #11-Denny Hamlin 3513 -411 5) #24-Jeff Gordon 3491 -433 6) #20-Tony Stewart 3473 -451 7) #5-Kyle Busch 3473 -451 8) #31-Jeff Burton 3473 -451 9) #6-Mark Martin 3471 -453 10) #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. 3462 -464 11) #9-Kasey Kahne 3434

posted by dbt302 at 01:01 PM on September 18, 2006

As a buisness model NASCAR has done very well. As far as the sport of stock car racing goes it is a complete failure. It is loosing a lot of its older fans and it won't be long before NASCAR will be suppling the complete car to make everything even with no incentive for the drivers and crews to try to win a race.

posted by rallen at 01:42 PM on September 18, 2006

that guys an idiot

posted by briredd61 at 01:43 PM on September 18, 2006

Could you feature the NFL changing their point system? Lets give 4 points for a field goal 8 points for a touch down. What's the point, if it's not broke don't fix it. NASCAR is doing this for the sake of making money. Oh by the way the NBA needs to give 4 points for a half court shot.

posted by loose nut at 02:44 PM on September 18, 2006

If someone wins 8 cup titles with a new point system, how could the compare them with Dale Earnhrt and Richard Petty?

posted by loose nut at 03:12 PM on September 18, 2006

For briredd61-You must be a younger guy that has never seen a real stock car race where you could actually tell the brand of car without having to read it on the front end.

posted by rallen at 06:28 PM on September 18, 2006

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