May 23, 2006

iJogging: Nike and Apple join to forces to create running shoes that communicate wirelessly with your iPod while you're running.

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dont get me wrong I like my gadgets and my pc but come on. Does everything need to be high tech? Just jog people!

posted by PGHTOS at 09:41 PM on May 23, 2006

Here comes a special boy

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posted by everett at 10:39 PM on May 23, 2006

Uh, did you guys even read the article? The Air Zoom Moire connects to iPod through the wireless Nike+iPod Sport Kit. With Nike+ footwear connected to iPod nano, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. That could actually be useful if I need shoes, like Nikes and already have an iPod. If I'm a serious runner, that's all information I need to have, and many would be happy to pay a premium to get it in real time through your existing audio system.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:45 PM on May 23, 2006

Here's the product sites at Apple and Nike. If it read my heart rate and let me program my weight and consequently calculate or program my resting and target heart rates, I might think of buying the shoes and iPod. (It would be a no-brainer then for the iPod to have alarms when I was at, above or below the target rate.) And start running again. (Note: For extra motivation, you can also plug in your stats to and compete in a virtual race w/ other runners.) Pretty cool.

posted by worldcup2002 at 10:58 PM on May 23, 2006

If I didn't hate running so much (thanks hockey and soccer fer what ya done to mah knees!) I would be very interested in buying this. I hope some form of this will find its way into bicycles, the audio cue would be helpful. Unfortunately it's technically illegal to bike in Ohio with headphones on, so maybe not.

posted by insomnyuk at 11:49 PM on May 23, 2006

Dr.John very good point. A lot of joggers wear some sort of music device. A lot wear pedometers. Why not combine the 2. If George Jetsons car can fold into a briefcase, why shouldn't my shoes count how many steps I take. For the price of nike shoes it's about time they started pulling their weight. Next the ipod will be in the shoe, thus eliminating strapping it to your arm or waist. At 100 bucks a pair, I want a weather report and sports updates ( should I patent these ideas?)

posted by Bishop at 11:53 PM on May 23, 2006

Awesome. I run daily and I'd buy it.

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 11:54 PM on May 23, 2006

I only run from the police and fat chicks. When they have one for mountain biking I might check it out. Til then my 60 gigger will only rock out with Journey and the Stray Cats and such.

posted by GoBirds at 12:14 AM on May 24, 2006

I don't need one. My feet already tell me how many steps I've taken. When they hurt, I've taken too many and it's time to put them up and pop a cold beer. Then again it's almost always the right time to put up your feet and pop a cold one.

posted by commander cody at 01:20 AM on May 24, 2006

One word..........stupid I dont need an ipod or any other techno thing to tell me my heart is racing when i am to me it is absolutely pointless

posted by skins fan at 04:14 AM on May 24, 2006

Two words.......Great marketing... Like DrJohn said, real time info would be great. GPS gives you comparable data but sounds like this updates on the spot. I prefer other running shoes but would actually buy Nikes just for this. But i'm curious, why only the Nano? Will it work with the Ipod video? Seems silly to limit it to the Nano.

posted by SummersEve at 05:20 AM on May 24, 2006

The assumption must be that runners use the lightweight/no-movable-parts iPod while running. And if they use another one, why it's the perfect occasion to buy a new iPod. rock out with Journey Oxymoron! But don't stop believing.

posted by qbert72 at 06:43 AM on May 24, 2006

When I was reading up about this story, I came across a blog post detailing a Nike patent application that features Apple as a reference.

posted by smithers at 07:45 AM on May 24, 2006

Cool. Completely unnecessary unimportant technology - but cool. I just like the paradox of the greatest running technology combined with the fattest most unactive populace. We can't even convince most people to take stairs. (Not that anyone but hardcore runners would buy this, but still - how many engineers were needed for this?)

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 09:48 AM on May 24, 2006

Are there any runners that think this is a dumb Idea? I'm just amazed that anyone would think this is stupid/silly.

posted by tron7 at 10:49 AM on May 24, 2006

Yes, I am a runner; I run roughly 25-30 miles a week. I'll tell you why I think this is dumb. First: Pedometers are notoriously inaccurate on their distance measurements. and Calorie measuring devices just plain do not work, unless it is hooked up to a fairly complex computer Second: A good Pedometer is freaking expensive. I would like it to outlive the 400 miles, or the roughly 3 1/2 months that I wear a pair of shoes. And third: unless Nike comes out with a whole line of running shoes, this is a very limited product. Many runners overpronate at least somewhat, and if you do, you want to just basically steer clear of the Nike section, because they don't make shoes for overpronators (they claim they do, but ask any runner over 200 lbs).

posted by everett at 11:47 AM on May 24, 2006

Very cool! Who likes to have all those wires from I-Pods, Cell Phones, Dicatation Recorders etc., and also who likes having to carry, strap, hold, buckle-unbuckle straps for walkmen or CD players etc. to their belt, arm, waste, etc.. This kills two birds with one stone. For running or tennis or any other non-contact sport that does not require presision hearing and/or those who listen to their I-pods while riding the train to work or walking from here to there, these devices are excellent. So to all you naysayers, blow me!

posted by bigdogsjd at 12:20 PM on May 24, 2006

Good points everett. Well maybe it's not a slam dunk but I still think it has potential.

posted by tron7 at 12:30 PM on May 24, 2006

Big dog, You still have to have a strap for your nano. and because of the added piece on the bottom, chances are that you are going to need to go out and get a totally new strap than the one you already have. Also, why the fuck would this be useful when you were playing tennis, or "riding the train to work"???? WTF?

posted by everett at 12:32 PM on May 24, 2006

why I think this is dumb Good points, especially the lack of support... at least i think that's what those big words meant. But i wouldn't go so far as to say "dumb". Especially without seeing or trying the product. I don't run as much as i used to, but i'm interested. Like i said, it seems like a cheaper alternative to GPS, and more fun than keeping pace with a pre-measured course and a stopwatch.

posted by SummersEve at 12:58 PM on May 24, 2006

everett, I also wondered where he was going with that. Then I read his last sentence, and realized he was a fucking idiot.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 01:15 PM on May 24, 2006

WOW that's awesome, but just how hard is it to strap your ipod to your arm or hang it around your neck? You have to give it up to the marketing people who came up with this. A few years ago I came up with a hands free headset for cellphone's long before blutooth.....There was no intrest from motorolla,nokia,etc.......If anybody is intrested I still have a few left....

posted by Grrrlacher at 01:16 PM on May 24, 2006

Also, why the fuck would this be useful when you were playing tennis If I ever see someone wearing headphones across the net from me, they're gonna get #$*#$ punished.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 01:17 PM on May 24, 2006

Great points, everett. It seemed to me from the release that they were planning on offering this option in many of their lines, but I'm not sure how broadly. Good call bringing up the durablity issue, though.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 01:25 PM on May 24, 2006

So it might be kind of useful... for the person not wearing the ipod

posted by everett at 01:26 PM on May 24, 2006

If you are having trouble finding a new ipod, look for the vending machine.

posted by MrFrisby at 04:11 PM on May 26, 2006

If you are having trouble finding a new ipod, look for the vending machine. "Excuse me, can i get $300 worth of quarters please?"

posted by SummersEve at 08:13 AM on May 30, 2006

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