May 05, 2006

Dolphins' Taylor stabbed in road rage incident: Taylor refused medical treatment after suffering a minor stab wound in his forearm following a near-accident. The incident has been classified by police as a "hate crime," due to the use of racial epithets by the attacker.

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No knock intended on Taylor, but there aren't a lot of good things that can happen after you get out of your car to confront a hot-headed driver. He's lucky young Lex Luthor didn't have a gun.

posted by rcade at 08:58 AM on May 05, 2006

The Miami Herald has more details, including the claim that the arrested guy is a soft-spoken electrician.

posted by rcade at 09:28 AM on May 05, 2006

flat headed or phillips?

posted by steelcityguy at 11:24 AM on May 05, 2006

LMFAO!!!! "Taylor drove after the truck, calling 911 in the process, after it fled but lost site of the vehicle inside a trailer park" You see folks this is what happens when brother and sister have sex!!! Just look at the kids mugshot, you can't tell me that kid ain't inbred. LOL!!!!!!!!!

posted by Big Dookie at 11:46 AM on May 05, 2006

i love that this kids lawyer says he was "just protecting himself". no kidding........he realized, after taylor got out of the car, that this wasn't going to be your average, everyday midget wrestling, road rage experience- he was gonna get his a$$ kicked. why not grab the first sharp object you can find, considering the whole incident came about because you don't know how to pull your head out of your a$$ while driving.

posted by ksb122 at 12:06 PM on May 05, 2006

I never knew that Taylor's wife is Zach Thomas' sister. You learn something new every day.

posted by wingnut4life at 12:37 PM on May 05, 2006

Yeah, the Argonauts have alread put Taylor's kids on their negotiation list.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 01:05 PM on May 05, 2006

yes, she is zach thomas' sister and she's ridiculously hot!

posted by ksb122 at 02:12 PM on May 05, 2006

Bismarck, you owe me a new keyboard.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:39 PM on May 05, 2006

I just looked at that mugshot.....I thought it was Kevin Harvick.

posted by raiderfan922 at 09:46 PM on May 05, 2006

rcade, youre absolutely right, because here in florida we had a new law recently passed that states if you are in fear for your life and are in involved in a an incident such as the one described in the story, you have the right to shoot. If that had happened, and Taylor had been killed, then Mr. trailer park could feasibly gotten away with it.

posted by MNJ1193 at 09:16 AM on May 06, 2006

including the claim that the arrested guy is a soft-spoken electrician. seems like a nice young man...our society needs to rely more frequently on the insight of neighbors...they seem to have those serial killers pegged every time...yep nice mild-mannered windshield kicker this guy...

posted by bar_mangled_banter at 09:53 PM on May 10, 2006

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