October 20, 2005

"...you've fallen victim to an anti-fan policy that boggles the mind...": I guess the old NHL is still alive and kicking. Or is it just Bettman's stink? [via]

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posted by sfts2 at 10:07 AM on October 20, 2005

This would drive me crazy if I was still living in the "black-out" districts. There are people paying for every possible service that would allow them to watch hockey that are still unable to watch hockey. While I have a feeling the NHL is not worried about losing these particular fans, it's added evidence that they pay only lip service to their ultimate customers. Alas, as the article points out, this incredibly stupid back-and-forth from the cable giants is not a problem unique to hockey. But it is one that this league in particular can not afford.

posted by 86 at 10:21 AM on October 20, 2005

I agree with 86 limited accesability to games is a big F U to all us loyal hockey fans. My special lady friend works for cabel vision and we have the center ice package so I am not really affected but if I was I would sure be pissed. I could not justify upgrading my cable for a fishing channel that occasionally shows hockey games.

posted by HATER 187 at 10:28 AM on October 20, 2005

Hater, could you ask your lady friend what happened to Cablevision's bid for the West Side yards? Just wondering...

posted by ajaffe at 10:58 AM on October 20, 2005

That noise all died down after we found we weren't getting the olympics (by we I mean NY) I wasn't for the whole stadium thing. Manhattan's congested enough leave footbal in Jersey where it belongs.

posted by HATER 187 at 11:04 AM on October 20, 2005

I was being somewhat facetious, but really, I'm curious, since I was antistadium (I live in Manhattan), as to the inner thinking going on -- was Cablevision prepared to proceed if somehow it had won the bid, or, as I think most people suspected, was it just a smokescreen?

posted by ajaffe at 12:33 PM on October 20, 2005

Cabelvision wanted to block the building of the stadium to protect thier MSG investments I would assume. I guess there plan was to drive up the price of that land so it would become unattainable to whatever group of investors wanted to build that eyesore. Wish I knew more ajaffe.

posted by HATER 187 at 12:48 PM on October 20, 2005

Thanks, as do I. What you've laid out is pretty much the way I see it as well...

posted by ajaffe at 01:04 PM on October 20, 2005

This explains it.. I tried to watch the Rangers game on OLN the other night, but there was some bullshit show about people growing pot in state parks or something. Even though my digital cable program guide said the Rangers game was on. And I'm not even in NY - I tried to watch in Maine. Comcast isn't available here, so I'm pretty much screwed.

posted by blarp at 02:48 PM on October 20, 2005

I tried to check out OLN to see what there coverage looks like and I haven't seen a hockey game yet. Also, that anti-pot documentry made me sooooo mad.

posted by HATER 187 at 02:54 PM on October 20, 2005

You prefer hockey to a show about growing pot???? What are YOU smoking?

posted by gloglu at 03:46 PM on October 20, 2005

Oh, I didn't see the last post... So it was an anti-pot thing. Damn!

posted by gloglu at 03:48 PM on October 20, 2005

Oh, I didn't see the last post Damn reefer addict.

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The Dish Network has now pulled OLN from their line-up of channels.

posted by 86 at 08:33 AM on October 21, 2005

Hey Gary, you might want to handle this pressing issue, rather than go through with all your contrived press engagements about how great the new NHL is. Bad news always gets much more play than good news. And what kind of shit deal did you sign?....and don't even try to tell me you didn't forsee this conflict.

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The Dish Network has now pulled OLN from their line-up of channels. On the plus side, Comcast is now airing weekly random HD games on their INHD channels.

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If you want to continue to follow this story, and you should if you're a tv watching hockey fan that has waited throughout the lock out to be impressed by the return of the NHL, hockeybird is doing a crack up job. The bird is even providing contact information for all misbehaving parties involved. Grassroot harassment of large corporate interests is my favorite kind. And its pronouced 'ha-rass-ment'.

posted by garfield at 02:04 PM on October 21, 2005

Hockey Name Generator [via]

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