November 29, 2004

We Suck: The plan: help Harvard proclaim their true school spirit by holding up signs that say WE SUCK.

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so, who punk'd Harvard. MIT?

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The term is "hacked", gspm ;-)

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I think it was Yale.

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Oh those ribald Yalies, I too remember my ivy league pranking days of yore - while it seems only yesterday that I convinced the Princeton coxwain to deliver the instructions to the eight on the downstroke, instead of the correct upstroke. Ahahahahahhahaha... sigh.

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I've got a friend who worked at Yale in the athletic department for a while. He and his fellow workers were always on look-out for the big prank during the Harvard game and they were charged with making sure it didn't happen. Well, a few years back he found it, in the form of a banner that was supposed to fall down over the scoreboard. He climbed up and unhooked the device. It was a small charge, rigged to blow the banner out and unfurl it across the scoreboard. He carried the thing into the parking lot and tossed it under the security/police trailer near the stadium. Anyway, word gets out and suddenly all hell breaks lose. The police find out that there was an explosive device in the stadium (now located under their trailer). The mayor is called. The press lay seige. Half the parking lot is closed down. Terrorism warning colors blink orange to mauve... or something. The game is delayed. Of course, nothing much comes of this except for traffic nightmares and troubles for my buddy who is just trying to get a football game played. I leave it up to you to decide if the prank was a success or failure.

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Well when the Terrorism Alert Color Code goes from Yellow to Orange i usually buy duct tape, gas masks and many, many cans of food that i then store in my...

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That is classic. What a great prank!!

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