February 01, 2002

Who's Going to Canton?: They're meeting tomorrow to decide who gets into the Hall of Fame. Personally I'm pulling for George Allen and Art Monk. Has Parcells rubbed enough folks the wrong way to get a snub? Even without a Superbowl ring, I still think Jim Kelly should get in as well. Of course, it's kind of hard to top last years Montana/Rice/Long induction.

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Just FYI. If Modell makes the cut, I'm gonna puke.

posted by Wulfgar! at 06:03 PM on February 01, 2002

Just FYI. If Modell makes the cut, I'm gonna puke. We are as one on this. Modell is the antichrist, in my opinion. As for Parcells, I think they want to make sure he's really retired before they put him in the Hall, so give him another year or two.

posted by zempf at 06:12 PM on February 01, 2002

Wait...owillis is pulling for Redskins? I'm shocked. But I'm with you on both Allen and Monk. George Allen has been eligible for 24 years! I'd also like to see Ray Guy and John Stallworth go in. Modell is listed as "contributor"; I guess "motherfucker" would have been rude. Sign of the times: almost all of the players whose careers ended in the 1980s played for one team.

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The selection panel is entirely made up of sportswriters, so Modell will probably not make it. Can you imagine the induction ceremony in Canton, Ohio if he did? Ray Guy definitely deserves to get in. I can't believe Lofton isn't in already. He retired with the most yards receiving in history. Those two, Kelly (it's high-time somebody honored a Houston Gambler) and Donnie Shell would be on my ballot.

posted by pastepotpete at 07:25 PM on February 01, 2002

Wait...owillis is pulling for Redskins? I'm shocked Next thing you know I'll say that the sky is blue. Ha-ha. Tom Friend in ESPN says bad-boy 'Skin Dexter Manley should be in the HOF. Although I loved his play, I tend to be of the mind that folks like LT and Pete Rose shouldn't be in the HOF.

posted by owillis at 07:47 PM on February 01, 2002

Jim Kelly should make it.

posted by corpse at 08:27 PM on February 01, 2002

owillis, the LT comment reminded me a of jack-in-the-box commercial that is showing. Setup: Three guys in a boat, LT, Jack Mascot, and John Q Nobody. They all see a dollar floating in the water. JohnQ: "Hey look a dollar!" LT: "Yeah, but what can you get with a dollar anymore?" JohnQ: "Your autograph..." I always laugh at that commercial. But then I think LT's commentary for ToughMan is pretty funny.

posted by patrickje at 08:30 PM on February 01, 2002

Jim Kelly should make it, and that's coming from someone who nearly retched when he heard the 'Fins had acquired Thurman Thomas. And I think everyone except the idiots doing the nominating agree on Modell- I hope the voters do as well.

posted by tieguy at 11:12 PM on February 01, 2002

speaking of players possibly going to the hall of fame, Dan Hampton (one of the candidates) was just recently arrested for DUI in Arkansas.

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patrickje: Actually that "Nobody" is Brian Boitano - which makes "Sowcow!" the funniest tagline ever.

posted by owillis at 02:10 AM on February 02, 2002

I can't find a source for lifetime statistics to back it up, but I've always thought Drew Pearson deserves more Hall of Fame consideration than John Stallworth. (Disclosure: I'm a Cowboys fan who still gets weepy about Jackie Smith's dropped pass and the Fred Swearingen interference call on Benny Barnes.) Out of this Hall of Fame class, the two people I want most to see inducted are Jim Kelly and Ray Guy. With good numbers and four straight Super Bowl visits, Kelly deserves a spot. Guy should become the first punter in the hall.

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Guy should become the first punter in the hall Silly Rogers, kickers aren't football players... :)

posted by owillis at 10:27 AM on February 02, 2002

Even as a Clevelander, I'm ok with Modell making it in. Let me explain before the punches begin. Modell helped push the NFL to big television contracts and Monday Night Football, allowing the NFL to be flooded with more money and make the game better by.. oh wait..crap.. let me try another. Modell made Jim Brown choose between football and film when Brown was still planning on playing another year with the team.. This undoubtedly helped my Browns because.. crap crap crap.. ok let's try again. Modell fired Paul Brown which helped.. CRAP.. this isn't working. OK I found one - Modell moved the Browns meaning that while I had to go a couple of years without football, it also meant that I didn't have to root for a team that had Ray Lewis and Sharpe in it. Even a superbowl isn't worth that. So for that, he goes to the Canton.

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Who got in. Art Monk robbed, again.

posted by owillis at 04:59 PM on February 02, 2002

From the "who got in" article: "Ironically, Kelly's election comes a year after his Bills coach Marv Levy was inducted." "Ironically?" Do journalists just not know what this word means? And, now more than ever, isn't irony supposed to be dead, anyway?

posted by kirkaracha at 05:19 PM on February 02, 2002

Oy. No offense to Hampton or Casper but how do they get in over Monk and Lofton? Cris Carter has about 250 more receptions than Lofton and 2,000 fewer yds, I'll bet he gets in first ballot. Both had long fruitful careers. Monk stands out to me because he was a great player from the first time he stepped on the field. Any ideas why these two great WR's (I won't even start about Henry Ellard) can't get in?

posted by pastepotpete at 01:24 AM on February 03, 2002

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