September 12, 2023

Aaron Rodgers out for the season: Aaron Rodgers tears his Achilles tendon fourth play into the Jets' season. Is this the most Jets thing to Jets in the history of the Jets? Well, since 1999, yeah. Does this mean that the Patriots will hire the Jets defensive coordinator, Jeff Ulbrich, after Saleh retires at the end of the season and appoints Ulbrich as the new head coach?

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If it was the Niners, the third string QB would step up, play well, and win the starting job. Zach Wilson would be traded to the Cowboys for a mid round pick.

This is a Tony Dungy / Tampa Bay situation. With that defense, Wilson just has to be put in a position to be competent, not dynamic, and the RB's have to pull more than their weight.

If I were worried about any coach's job, it would be McDermott's and Dorsey's. Josh Allen has regressed and so has the offense in general.

Rodgers' injury is indeed a Jets thing, but the loss of the game is also a Bills special teams thing.

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I've been trying to think of anything like this in sports before where a star athlete is going to be a season-long inescapable media narrative and the plans fall apart so quickly and completely.

Dan and Dave in 1992?

posted by rcade at 11:17 PM on September 13, 2023

The 2007 Patriots went 16-0 and lost to the Giants in a historic Super Bowl.

Folks figured that 2008 would be a massive Pats revenge and redemption tour. Tom Brady tore his ACL in the first quarter of Game 1.

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Wonder if he took an injection for the pain.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:46 PM on September 14, 2023

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