April 29, 2021

Aaron Rodgers Wants Out of Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers told the Green Bay Packers he doesn't want to return, ESPN reported hours before the NFL Draft. The San Francisco 49ers called Green Bay Wednesday night. The weirdest line in this story: "Rodgers also has hosted Jeopardy! and said it would be a dream to become the full-time host."

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Tom E. Curran, talking head and New England Patriots beat reporter for NBC Sports Boston, uses the metaphor of a "quarterback tree" in the back yard, from which quarterbacks drop like ripe fruit into the hands of teams wishing to partake. He uses this to illustrate the movement of quarterbacks in the pre-draft weeks, the number of quarterbacks available via the draft, and those who might be moved after the draft. Would Aaron Rodgers be one of the tastiest plums to fall?

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When rumours started swirling about the Packers trading Jordan Love a few days ago, some of the young man YouTube pundits began joking that Rodgers would ditch Green Bay and take the Jeopardy gig the day after Love was out the door.

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Vegas now taking odds on which ESPN NFL live talent is going to go into oxygen deprivation or cardiac arrest first.

Can you imagine if these shouters did the pre-flight aircraft safety sermon? Every passenger would want to grab two beers and pop the emergency slide before the plane left the gate.

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It's pretty weird for Rodgers' team to let this out -- presuming it was them -- hours before the draft. There'd be no time to make a deal. Were they hoping it would keep a team from drafting a QB?

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No trade, now what?

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Pick a team that will most certainly earn a top 10 draft pick next year and more than a good QB away from having a lower draft pick and deal Aaron to them for picks

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accidental repeated comment

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I'm struggling to believe this was anything more than Rodgers attempting to bully the Green Bay front office into drafting a weapon for him on offense. And, since they took a corner instead, I guess it failed.

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Rodgers has had a stellar career playing for an organization that seems to intentionally piss away any opportunity it has. Bad drafting, brutal coaching, and somehow the guy still delivers wins. Hard to blame him for wanting out.

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