April 02, 2020

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In the 2020 census year, it's worth knowing that demographics can be defined by factors other than sheer numbers. For instance, identifiable attributes such as luck and thrift can be used to measure population segments.

Based on this knowledge, it is quite obvious that there are more Scots and Irish in Chicago than there are in Jacksonville.

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That's crazy.

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I know players want to play but why would Foles give up so much money? Unless he has such self-confidence that he expects to opt out after an All Pro season and make even more, maybe?

posted by billsaysthis at 11:39 AM on April 02

expects to opt out after an All Pro season and make even more

That's it exactly. The example that comes to mind is Adrian Beltre with the Red Sox in 2010. He had been buried in Seattle with the Mariners, and he and his agent came up with the idea of a "let me show you" year in a more visible market. I think he played on a 1-year deal for $10 million. It proved to be a huge bargain for Boston and a good move for Beltre and Houston.
There was a recent article about the decision by Boston to let him go. Some in the Red Sox organization are still kicking themselves for it.

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rcade's presence as a stalwart Scot wasn't enough to keep the Jags from having to endure cap hits of $21 mil from Bortles and almost $19 mil from Foles.

With the intolerable rascal Coughlin having had a hand in both.

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It was $9million, but it was definitely a pay cut from his previous seasons.

It worked out in the end...

Year Age Tm Salary Notes/Other Sources
199819Los Angeles Dodgers$170,000
199920Los Angeles Dodgers$220,000
200021Los Angeles Dodgers$1,000,000
200122Los Angeles Dodgers$1,250,000
200223Los Angeles Dodgers$2,800,000
200324Los Angeles Dodgers$3,700,000
200425Los Angeles Dodgers$5,000,000
200526Seattle Mariners$11,400,000
200627Seattle Mariners$12,900,000
200728Seattle Mariners$12,900,000
200829Seattle Mariners$13,400,000
200930Seattle Mariners$13,400,000
201031Boston Red Sox$9,000,000
201132Texas Rangers$14,000,000
201233Texas Rangers$15,000,000
201334Texas Rangers$16,000,000
201435Texas Rangers$17,000,000
201536Texas Rangers$16,000,000
201637Texas Rangers$18,000,000
201738Texas Rangers$18,000,000
201839Texas Rangers$18,000,000
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 4/3/2020.

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I don't think Foles gave up much money. He had $20.1 million guaranteed under the Jags contract and has $21 million guaranteed. He gets years he can void and incentives that push up his current year and future years over the $8 million per year. The main thing he loses is a gaudy total number that he might never have collected anyway.

Here's one breakdown.

posted by rcade at 12:56 PM on April 03

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